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Rebalancings And Fixes


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We have been working very hard to fix the client implement new stuff and take care of some skill issues.

The following changes have been made :

  • Released a new, more secure client.
  • Implemented a lot of database updates (including secret equipment which is only obtainable trough the Beastboy surprise box)
  • Anti cheat system update
  • Nydhogger's Nest instance implemented
  • GM castle update & fix for missing castle guardians
  • Added all Brasilis Quests plus their NPC's
  • Updated a lot 3rd class and other official content
    These are the skill fixes and balances that have been made :
    • Placed weapon restrictions on spear only, sword only and shield only skills
    • Rebalanced RG's spear skills so they profit more if they use a 2hand spear instead of shield + spear
    • Fixed Lightning Walk warping the caster away instead of to the enemy.
    • Increased whitesmith cart boost speed
    • Rebalances for RK & RG plus reverting of a few cast times and delays.
    • Also fixes for poem of netherworld and GRB card

    We are also trying out a new fix which will hopefully solve the issue with the map crashes. Please start your game trough the patcher. If you're still having crashing issues then please report them including the crashlog.

    Thanks for being patient all the time and enjoy playing

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Beast, Tiger Cannon will stay that way? being Elemental is just too op because:

No one fights alone anymore, and by the time you try to figure out which element is the Sura using, their TC already killed you or their gang did.

I know there are ways to reduce it, but unlike most of other elemental attack skills, this one deals a lot of damage.

Well.. just sayin'

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