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Server Status: Online

The latest patch is required to play.

In excuse of this unfortunate event we've decided to run several special events.

  • Rate Event (Ends 18 August at 23:59)
    • Double exp and double droprate (boss-monster excluded)
    • Double droprate in mine
    • Triple chance to summon mvp with abra cadabra skill

    [*]Special Event (Ends 23 August at 23:59)

    • Free decarding
    • Free gender change
    • +25% Goldring spawn
    • +40% Rewards on ranked battlegrounds
    • +50% Pollution (+50% amount of crushed cans and old papers dropping)

A complete list of all the updates which have been applied will be released later.

In the meantime, enjoy the game ;)

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The patcher is included in our FullClient.

Simply start gRO through the patcher to get the latest updates.

sir.. when i reset my stats.. why is it only goes up to 120.. maybe theres a bug on it.. pls check it.. tnx in advance :D

Yea just noticed, i will look into this matter by tomorrow, i've to get some rest now.
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