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Easy way to get a Deviling Hatty!!! :D


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It's a guide about getting the items you need!

I added some links at the end of the guide, they're about the quests.

Okay, let's start with the Chef Hat. 5026.png5026.png (You'll need it for the cooking quest)

What do I need?

450x Dragon Scales 1036.png

330x Feathers 949.png

120x Pieces Of Cake 539.png

1x White Dyestuff 982.png

Took some like 30 minutes to get the stuff. (a friend helped me, thankies. <3 :3)

Okay, where to get the Dragon Scales? 1036.png Abyss_01 or Abyss_02

You can find the 330 Feathers at gld_dun03 from Sasquatches!


Now, there are two ways to get the cakes.

Either you kill Smokies at pay_fild09 and get the Raccoon Dolls. 754.png

You need exactly 40 to exchange them into 120 Pieces of Cake.

Where to exchange them? At the Doll Girl (alberta 117 135)


It takes you like 5 minutes to exchange them all.


The second way is killing Myst Cases at xmas_dun02.

The chance to get one is 100% so you don't have to worry. ^_^

You can find White Dyes in Old Blue Boxes or Gift Boxes.

If you are too lazy to get them, just do the quest. xD

(Scroll down to find the link)

Now the stuff you need for your Deviling hat. :3 (or a Pumpkin hat, just stop if you got 30 Mousse Cakes and 300 Candies.)

Done? Okay.

After you did the cooking quest (link is at the end of the page), you have to get a level 2 cookbook.

To get it you need 5 Sushi. 551.png

You can get them from the Sushi Master Magumagu at ama_in01 162 17 for 700(=10 Sushi) or 74 zeny(=1 Sushi)

(Scroll down to find out who gives you the book)

Now the things you need for a Chocolate Mousse Cake. 12062.png /rice

10x Cacao 7182.png | Obtainable from Yoyos. (prt_fild03 and prt_maze01 are my favourite ones. :3)

1x China 736.png | Obtainable from the Prontera Gift Merchant.(prontera 105 87)

1x Milk 519.png | Obtainable from the Hugel Milk Merchant.(hugel 105 169)

1x Piece of cake 539.png Obtainable from Myst Cases. (xmas_dun02)

The best cooking item to use is a Royal Cooking Kit 12128.png, you can get it from Dimiks at jupe_core.

You'll need 400x Cacaos, 40x Chinas, 40x Milks and 40x Pieces of Cake to make exactly 40 Chocolate Mousse Cakes.

The quest changed!

The girl wants 300~400 Red Thorn Fruits!

Holy.. that's alot D: ..lucky me I already did the quest before. :3

You get those Fruits at ra_san03 from Hodremlins and Seekers. (there should be 60 Hodremlins and 40 Seekers)

Okay, you're done you've got all the items to do these quests:


~Special thanks to xXCidXx, Riz Zelle, Amour and Rhiann.

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