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Real Life Chicago/ny Meeting


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Yea that's right,

Lipton and Me will have a little trip to Chicago and New York this month.

The old known Lipton is the Co-Founder of GatheringRO and my real life friend.

We thought, if we're already there, maybe there are some people interested to meet us live and have a beer or a cake together ;)

So everyone who lives nearby and wants to meet us, you're welcome!

New York - 20 July ~ 25 July

Chicago - 25 July ~ 05 Aug

If there are people interested, please wright it down right here, so we can check the possible dates and locations to meet.

We're looking forward for some interested.

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damn, cud u go to Manila (Philippines), nxt tym??? hahahaha, a lot wud be more than willing to share a beer w/ u :D

its like a 3hour bus+2hour plane+taxi(lol) trip for me, but i wudnt care, id go...hahahahaha

and if u like beach~ weeeeee areeeeee goooonnaaaaa take u theeeeeeeeeeeeere :D

not too soon tho, maybe on xmas? hehehe

need to get it scheduled, and for us(especially for me) also to allocate a lil money...ahihi


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