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Apocryphos' Guide To Sura


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Welcome to Hell, home to the infamous Sura!

Requirements into playing this class.

● Ability to tell when you are in danger.

● A Keen sense of what to do when you are in danger.

● Knowing when to give up.

● Practice Makes Perfect and Patience

Tiger Cannon Build!

This Build is strictly reliant on Tiger Cannon unlike the official server attack effects total damage as well in iRO

SkillMod(%) = [(current HP / 900) + 2000 + BaseLv/100 (currently, Sp are not taken into account)

SkillMod via Combo(%) = [(current HP / 900) + 2000 + BaseLv/100) * 1,5

also, if your skillmod is higher than 52000% total, it is capped at 52000% (which means 1,5m hp is sufficient to reach the maximum possible skillmod.)

This damage formula is the currently working formula on gRo, so what we need is the an equally high amount of attack and HP!

Ideal MVP Cards would be.

● Tao Gunka Card

● Thanatos Card

● Turtle General Card - this card has level 10 magnum break which gives a 20% attack bonus.

These cards are all you need to dish out a ton of damage!

Ideal HP Equipment

● Naght Sieger Flame Manteau [Aliot] - Dropped from Naght Sieger 10%

● Variants or Sleipnir 20%

● Any Shield with Andre Egg Card 5%

These cards give you HP by the % which is ideal for high rate servers with high hp modifications like gRO.


Skynet Blow Build!!!

Not much to say about this build isn't very nice but I like how you can attack and knock back your enemy, skynet blow can be effective against unknockable players and It can also serve as a line of defense sort of like Sight Blaster but instant. Not to mention the high flee you get by having 200 agi.


Universal Build!!!!! (no foods)

This Build Consists was made for a high damage output on most sura skills this is what I used when I lacked food, with food I guess my performance would be 50% higher I guess...


The Battle Guide!!!

How To Play Sura!

Playing Sura like me is difficult because I have experience so its all a matter of experience when it comes to equally equipped sura's. This Battle Guide will include possible scenario's on what to do.

First before knowing what to do in a battle you must know how to do it so performing the skill comes first before applying it in battle!

Offensive Skills!

Tiger Cannon!

This move is a simple press to use it requires you being in critical explosion and have at least 2 orbs.

Tiger cannon dishes out a ton of damage based

SkillMod(%) = [(current HP / 900) + 2000 + BaseLv/100 (currently, Sp are not taken into account)

SkillMod via Combo(%) = [(current HP / 900) + 2000 + BaseLv/100) * 1,5

I would only use this at its fullest potential at 100% hp the rest I can do with combo's.

Its close range AoE work very well in close quarter combat and in gangs.

Gate of Hell

Gate of Hell is practically the exact opposite of Tiger Cannon its damage is reliant to how much HP you've lost rather than how much HP you sacrifice.

Gate of Hell 50*Skill Level+(1*Max Hp [all 5% one more time] / 16000)

this formula doesn't seem to be accurate from what I'm looking at Gate of Hell is also influenced by attack I dish pretty high damage even at full hp.

*use this move when you feel confident about your damage and when you are low on hp, great reversal skill, ohh and beware of your SP.

Knuckle Arrow

This move is a super useful skill it works like dark illusion but more range and it always deals a good 10k+ it consumes 1 sphere each use. Would use this anytime, and I follow it up with skynet blow one of the follow up combos (unofficially but it works well)

Skynet blow

This move is down right useful! like magnum break but with minimum delay, this move is best used after knuckle arrow not to mention it can deal some serious damage if you manage to corner them. Plus!, its effected by agility so not only does str dex luk effect the total damage but also agility!

Dragon Combo!

This infamous move used by a lot of shadow chasers is a great move indeed but what you want is the move after it! this move has a big delay after it so its practically impossible to spam unless!!! you get lucky with triple attacking it can be used when autoattacking (no ctrl) just simply spam the button while your autoattacking to get maximum DC spam. The other way to achieve it is to get your character into a frozen animation by deplete all your opportunities to use fallen empire with raising dragon the amount of Fallen empires required for DC spam is 7. With out it is only 2.

Fallen Empire!

This move is downright strong!!! with the right weapon of course. + its a prerequisite for frozen animation. This move has several down sides. One down side is the difficulty in achieving this move its like pre renewal beast strafing but instead point blank(range 0), very difficult to use against auto guard + shrink and parry. Its an official follow up move. Some people give up on sura just because of this moves difficulty. But in the end this move also gives a bonus to your next moves such as tiger cannon or gate of hell, which can only be used if fallen empire was performed under raising dragon and you still have the right amount of spheres required for gate of hell.

Gentle Touch (Quiet)

This move is totally useless. maybe if it was a self buff that gave a chance to silence your opponent but other than that its downright useless.

Support Skill

Now that we have covered all your offensive skills, no we cover support skills!

Gentle Touch(Revitalize)

This move is strictly for recovery and if you aren't a Tiger Cannon build then use it for Tiger Cannon

If you are Tiger Cannon Build then use Gentle Touch (Change). Revitalize also stacks with 2 Arcangeling cards.

Gentle Touch (Energy Gain)

This version of Gentle Touch is for recycling very useful for those who don't want to waste money just to achieve uninteruptable cast. It gives a 35% chance to gain a sphere every time you are hit and every time you hit.

Gentle Touch (Change)

I have no idea what the formula for this is but it seems that but with the equipment shown from the build I happen to just get an additional 87 attack from this buff alone. Move is great when you are going on the offensive with raising dragon.

Gentle Touch - Change (Pressure Point: Change)

Max Lv: 5

Prereq: Pressure Point: Silence 4

Type: Active / Self Buff

Desc: Using special presure points you take your own physical and magical defense and instead turns it into attack power and attack speed. Casting the skill takes 2 spirit spheres and drains some HP. Cannot be used in combination with Pressure Point: Energy Gain and Pressure Point: Revitalize.

[Level 1]: 1% HP Cost / 60s Duration

[Level 2]: 2% HP Cost / 120s Duration

[Level 3]: 3% HP Cost / 180s Duration

[Level 4]: 4% HP Cost / 240s Duration

[Level 5]: 5% HP Cost / 300s Duration

Raising Dragon

This move is for all out offensive it provides you with instant fury meaning no need to use critical explosion just press this button you have instant fury + 15 spheres meaning 15 knuckle arrows or 7 fallen empires this skill is for all out assault Sura. This move is the only way to achieve the Dragon Combo-> Fallen Empire -> Gate of Hell Combo for additional damage.

-construction paused-

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Tiger Cannon is capped at 1,5m hp

Gate of Hell 50*Skill Level+(1*Max Hp [all 5% one more time] / 16000)

Tiger Cannon 2000+((remaing hpx(10+2xskill lvl)/960)) [ But i think that it changed with last patch ]

Yours Noil

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From what I've learned about this class this class is great for facing every class except Rune Knight

Mechanics- can avoid major damage with front side slide and back side slide - no complaints

Genetic- well howling kinda hard but its a pain but once you get fallen empire on them they're finished if you can complete 4-5. - no complaints

Guillotine Cross Oblivion is the only hindrance but its you can wait it out and counter attack - no complaints

Royal Guard - they're long range attacks like banishing and cannon so I can pnuema off most skills multiple pnuema's for overbrand. - one complaint all skills are reflectable i'd kill myself before i could kill the opponent w/ defender.

Ranger - With Dracula's its possible to ward off those dangerous sp sapping traps like electro shocker and shockwave trap.

Minstrel / Wanderer - With Ride of Lighting cake walk and raging blaster dangerous if the sp card hits q-q. - no complaints

Shadow Chaser - FCP and GTB and just play like normal- no complaints


Ninja - one complaint its to hard to get rid of cast of cicada

Gunslinger - not much of a threat.

Warlock - Difficult but not impossible.

Sorcerer - Difficult but not impossible. Impossible w/o Dracula's.

Sura - other than those fleeing people no complaints.

Rune Knights, However...Ohh and before reading this please focus on the topic Sura vs Rune Knight, will ignore all comments on other classes.

Ive played this class for about a month now there is no way a Sura can beat a well equiped skilled RK at all.

1.Parry Blocks 50% of my main damage skills ,which are multiple hits, thus blocking all damaging skills like fallen empire.

2.Parry Blocks 50% of my finishers asura at most hits 999k on a well equipped RK with any build gets at least 1.6mhp with full vit 2m+

3.Not to mention the runes, 1minute cool down for refresh 25% of 2m is 500k, lets say im lucky and land 7x Fallen empires doing 30k a pieces 630k with fallen empires Okay now lets say it was fair and parry blocked 50% of that 315k done. 500k > 315k.

4.Plus the body relocate's global delay I get screwed over and can't even cast pnuema with spiral doing 45-55k each 2 seconds destroys your HP.

5.With Ignition break with fire armor on they can simply use a water converter and dish out 120k's or even 300k with crush strike with the right weapon.

6.With RK's insane HP mod deathbound's reflecting fallen empire is crazy basically reflecting 90k sac.

7.All 3rd job skills except gate of hell is reflectable with vmant.

8.Whats the point of stone cursing when they regenerate as well.

Sura is basically lunch for RK's.

And yes I know that RK's are prone to these as well.

1. I know they are prone to magic. -Maya + Detale is enough and a damaging weapon of course.

2. I also know they are prone to shadow chasers. - GTB with a damaging weapon.

3. I also know that they are prone to pyrexia. - Dragon howling,fixes that,Ohh wait the GX used hallucination walk wait it out.

4. I also know that they are prone to magic mushroom with sp DP sapper, then again who isnt?. - wait it out use refresh rune. Attack with runes such as storm blast and crush strike.

5. I also know that they are prone to sorcerers with wall of fog and skoll. - Crush strike with water converter.

6. Howling of Mandoraga? what a joke use devi + parry thats enough to tank AD.

requesting for ride of lightning to be aoe long range like arrow shower. or finger offensive to have reduced cast time.

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thx for this guide but since sura isnt playable without tao and thana...(gtb) so.... extreamly high eq it will be the last seen cls in pvp as a single fighter maybe in a party to curse cycle the opponent but :D for what its worth pala does higher sacri dmg then 1 tiger canon shot... and sacri has 0 cast time and 193 aspd and lower hp consume :D so sura isnt balanced at all... (with tao its realy sick) so its sick for ppl with sick eq and unplayable for ppl with notmal eq i mean without mvp cards that cost 450mith :D

and btw is it normal that vit doesnt reduce the duration of the GX new poison?!

ty for reading

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sura might be under powered but you seem to only have your eyes on tiger cannon its not the only skill there plus if you read the requirements you would know to test if the opponent has reduction before using such a reckless move. anywho until they rebalance this class i'm not playing it.

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