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  • Fixed a major bug which crashed the server recently. Thanks allot to LilaLauneBear for reporting the bug and Beastboy for his support by fixing the issue.
    LilaLauneBear will recieve a reward for his effort.
  • Fixed Hahoe Mask / Mythical Lion Mask Quest
  • Reimplemented Ray of Genesis, Sling Item and Hesperus Lit
  • Reverted the 15% nerf of Cross Impact
  • Reverted Berserk to its old behaviour (full hp after dispell)
  • Updated Skoll card with it's final effect
  • Reorganized the Tourist Attractions of the Warp Agent
  • Limited the time for players to stay inside the GM castle due abuse and with that also stucking the script. Time limit will be given through a new quest log entry.
  • Kafra shop has recieved a little re-design to work with more browsers and is now displayed directly on our website.
  • Did you know that we have a custom Channel system ingame?
    Fore more information, please refer to this guide. [link]

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Because you need to install the Full Client, not the Lite one, your installation is completly wrong, otherwise you wouldn't have to update so much stuff.

As described on our download page, don't even think about to install the Lite Client if you've no idea what you're doing.

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