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Skill Fixes And Rebalancing


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[old news - 10 May 2011]

  • Re-balanced several skills [Detailed List]
  • Fixed Ray of Genesis Skill
  • Fixed Sling Item Skill
  • Fixed Aesprika not reducing incoming damage
  • Damage output of all bolt spells increased
  • Damage of FAW Silver Sniper & FAW Magic Decoy increased
  • Changed the behaviour of berserk giving you full hp after being dispelled
  • Kafra Shop Updates - This and last weeks new headgears 5550.gif 5690.gif

Some of the Skills are still under testing, you will be notified if changes are planned.

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Can you maybe make ninjas more practical to use? in pvp the only skill i can defeat anyone with, and believe me iv tried different builds, is Final Strike...i cant FS every person i wanna fight that blows..Iv used keil n tried other mvps to make them more useful but..unless i was fully equipped with MVPS there's no point to making one.

Just a suggestion, lower damage on there magic attacks in exchange for less after cast??

I just want to pvp with a ninja..whats the point if they can only depend on one offense skill..

I'm just a big ninja fan..

IGN: HaVoK ( lived 2008~2010)

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