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[old news - 03 May 2011]

Server Maintenance finished.

  • Fixed connection and lag spike issues from the past days (we thank you for your patience)
  • Improved Server security by numerous bounds
  • Improved Control Panel security with several updates
  • Fixed several control panel bugs (including reset position)
  • Updated Guide NPC with an express warp function for Althea specific locations
  • Updated Unknown Fighter for faster Battleground access
  • Removed all Althea warp locations from the Warp Agent


Our Server will be moved to a new switch!

Due the recent flooding attacks on our network tree, we're forced to move to a new one. This move will fix the currently ongoing lag spikes and complete network disconnections. Make sure to start gRO through your patcher after this maintenance, to download all the new configs which are required to connect to the server's new location.

We will be performing Maintenance for the GatheringRO Network as follows.

Maintenance Schedule:

Start time: May 3 (Tuesday) 21:45 GMT+2 [servertime]

End time: May 4 (Wednesday) 00:25 GMT+2 [servertime]

Impact: GatheringRO will be offline.

Patcher will be offline.

Control Panel will be offline.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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