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Elemental Ragnamon Card Event

Kenzie Riann

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Elemental Ragnamon Card Event

You think your trash cards are of no use?

Think again! You'll be saving them for this event!

Please be sure to read all game mechanics and rules.

Ignorance of the rules will only result to you being disqualified sooner or later.


5:00 Server Time

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Registration closes When 26 people have signed up OR ONE HOUR before the event starts!

How to Register: Please use the following code and post here, to register. Of course, replace my name with yours.

Forum Name: [b]Zie[/b]
Character Name: [b]Ziezie[/b]


  • 1st Place: GM Box of your choice.
  • 2nd Place: 10 Bloody Branches.
  • 3rd Place: 1 Castle Invite.


  • The registered players shall form a line. Two players will be randomly selected from the finalists, and shall card-duel each other. The loser shall be considered out of the competition, but can stay and watch the event.
  • The last player left in the competition wins.

How to Card-Duel:

  • Player 1 deals me a card. Then immediately I'll deal Player 2 for his card. The cards dealt to me should be a card of a monster of either Fire, Water, Wind or Earth element ONLY.
  • The winner will be determined by the element table. If it is a draw, they deal another card.

Element Table:

  • Fire beats Earth
    Earth beats Wind
    Wind beats Water
    Water beats Fire
    Fire + Wind = Draw
    Earth + Water = Draw
    If they draw the same element, obivously, it's also a draw.

Rules and Punishment:

  • Only up to 26 players per event can join, so it'll be first come first serve.
  • If a registered player is offline when I summon him/her, he will be given a grace period, which is 60 seconds to log into his registered character (I will broadcast this). If he's still not on his registered character after the grace period, he will be disqualified.
  • During the card-duel, only deal me a card of a monster of either Fire, Water, Wind or Earth element. Dealing me a card of a monster of any other element will mean that the player doesn't understand the rules, and therefore will be disquilified. (Better luck next time!)

Easy cards to obtain:

Fire = Pasana

Water = Swordfish

Wind = Dokebi

Earth = Sandman

Registered Players:

1: Forum Name: micmic

Character Name: iMirana

2: Forum Name: Leyo

Character Name: Ice l Yelo

3: Forum Name: Kiridan Kanan

Character Name: ollo

4: Forum Name: DanPaul

Character Name: ll DanPaul ll

5: Forum Name : Retsuya

Character Name : Retsuya

6. Forum Name: rav

Character Name: luti1

7. Forum Name: Key

Character Name: Keybie

8. Forum Name: Hazama

Character Name: Hazama

9. Forum Name: Goo Opz

Character Name: Opz

10. Forum name: Volley Boom

Character name: Stryke

11. Forum name: jpmhdbezt

Character Name: Sora l Golden Sun

12. Forum Name: Strobe

Character Name: Strobe Hunts

13. Forum name : Van Hellsing

In-game character: Sinxvan

14. Forum name: Papadom

Character name: FidO DidO

15. Forum name: x J i n x

Character name: Ctrl

16. Forum Name: im just nobody

Character Name: absent minded

17. Forum Name: Zeneralx

Character Name: ll Gold Roger ll

18. Forum Name: CreeD

Character Name: CrEeD

19. Forum Name: ClarionLotus

Character Name: Ventus Moergen

20. Forum Name: Max Marian

Character Name: Max l Marian

21. Forum Name: playrgaul

Character Name: NoEnergy

22. Forum Name: Abaddon

IGN Name: Ergo Proxy

23. Forum Name: unnamed

Character Name: Riding In The Beat

24. Forum Name: Jerose

Character Name: Nurse Jerome

25. Forum name: P r a i r i e

Character name: an Orange

26. Forum name: Raziel

Character name: Stefan l Scarlet Moon

Note: Credits to Chadwick, for this event. <3

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