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Ok... This will be my 3rd Guide. hope it goes well ~.~

And I thank Ventus Moergen for the typical build informations ^^.

Warlock Guide

Ok. Lets get started..

The typical Warlock uses full and soooooo expensive equips such as:

~Any Godhelm 63011.png?nocache=55110770163001.png?nocache=109017072730164.png?nocache=873709981 (prism is the easiest to have I promise) (or Brazil National Flag Hat 5308.png?nocache=1520264) [HW]

~Noble Mask 63086.png?nocache=1430865549 / Nebula Aura 63026.png?nocache=1451311361 [MayaP]

Combo 1 for armor (The "minus delay" combo)

~Sprint Set 2387.png?nocache=16510786412440.png?nocache=17105829262744.png?nocache=68282454, with [Entweihen] for armor [FBH] for shoes (this is ideal if you don't want delay)

~+7-10 Vmant 2524.png?nocache=1227949149 [sinX] or [choco]

Combo 2 for armor (The "Sayonara, Low HP" combo)

~Orlean's Set 2123.png?nocache=4739728372365.png?nocache=328407052 with [Entweihen] for armor [GRB] for shield

~Tidal shoes 2424.png?nocache=606557120 with [FBH] and [moonie] + Whool Scarf 2528.png?nocache=1251530105 with [sinX] and [choco]

~+10 Staff of Destruction [1] 2000.png?nocache=319077004 or +10 Eraser 1637.png?nocache=948876039 or +10 Lich's Bone Wand [2] 1645.png?nocache=1771451386 with [dopple]

~Orlean's Gloves 2701.png?nocache=1798973975 with [shinobi] or [yoyo] or [erende] or [berze]


~vit 100-120

~more agi (if you want faster CL XD)

~200 int

~150 dex

~luk depends on you

~20 str

If you are a pro at warlock then this will be the ideal items for you.

(ultra way part done ^^.)

If you aren't a donor and can't afford such things, you can Warlock the easy way . :D

You will need this "not expensive Items"

~Brazilian Flag Hat Brazil National Flag Hat obtained via quest click (--,)\m/,

~Skeggiold Hat Skeggiold Hat dropped by skeggiold on odin_tem03 (Toviana's favorite)

~Any slotted mid gear obtained via Dating Quest, click (--,)\m/,

~Gentleman's Pipe Gpipe obtained via Headgear Upgrade Quest click (--,)\m/,

Note: On Gpipe, I fully recommend not to buy because there is 10 easy quests to complete to have 2 coupons, then the other 2 you can buy for 72 vote credits. That what I actually did on my Gpipe. You can also hunt Eddga. For the list of coupon quest list, click (--,)\m/,

~The Legendary Sprint Set Sprint MailSprint ShoesSprint Ring

(I recommend you to have as many sprint mails as you can. You'll find out later on)

(Also, you could substitute Combo 2 for armor from the ultra part a while ago since its easy to hunt~ and it should boost your HP, not a lot hehe.)

~Valkyrja's Shield Valkyrja's Shield (the cheapest amongst Valkyrja's Drops XD) and Orlean's Server Orlean's Server, dropped by Aliza abundant on kh_dun01

You will also need this "not so cheap" Valkyrian Manteau +7 Valkyrian Manteau

~Lich's Bone Wand +10 Lich's Bone Wand , you can hunt then on necromancers at abbey03

~plus the famous Fortune Sword Fortune Sword

~Expert Ring Expert Ring, Eye of Dullahan Eye of Dullahan

Ok, since the items I suggested is not the Killer Type to see, survivability is it's specialty.

The chance you will survive depends on how pro you are at playing warlock.

Ok here are the cards you will need:

~Card Icon Grand Peco Card

~Card Icon HW (this is the only card left I could suggest that will work. Any suggestion will be appreciated :lol: )

~(armor cards) it is better to complete all elements; Card Icon Evil Druid Card, Card Icon Dokebi Card, Card Icon Pasana Card, Card Icon Sandman Card, Card Icon Swordfish Card, Card Icon RSX/Cornutus Card.

Note: Completing element cards is an alternative to maya card.

~Card Icon Agav card is a substitute to Entweihen. It still works but not as effective.

~Card Icon Frus Card + Card Icon maya card (I highly recommend Maya card, T.T)

Note: add frus card on a +7 sprint mail. It doesn't cost that much, but it will have a great effect ^^

~Card Icon Hodremlin Card, Card Icon Thara Frog Card, Card Icon Flame Skull Card.

~Card Icon Moonlight Flower (another MVP T.T)

~Card Icon Choco Card

~Card Icon Phen Card , Card Icon Erende Card, Card Icon Yoyo Card

~Card Icon Golem Card, Card Icon Dopple Card (Another MVP)

The skills you will need most.

~Soul Expansion Soul Expansion (This will be your most offensive skill)

~Sight Sight + Sight Trasher Sight Trasher Combo (To reveal hidden enemies)

~White Imprison White Imprison (Your number 1 holder)

~Summon Stone Summon Stone (You surely need this)

~Frost Nova Frost Nova / Heaven's Drive Heaven's Drive (An alternative to reveal Hidden Enemies)

~Chain Lightning Chain Lightning (An alternative to Soul Expansion)

~Marsh of Abyss Marsh of The Abyss (The most helpful skills against

~The Common Warlock Buffs, such as Recognized Spell Recognize Spell, Energy Coat Energy Coat etc.

~Ice Wall Ice Wall + Drain Life Drain Life Combo (your greatest regen)


~ remaining STR

~1 Agi

~200 Vit

~200 Int

~150 dex

~90 Luk (to add +10 PD)


~No Earth Strain, never use Earth Strain on PVP. Use it only on WoE. If you use earth Strain It will hit mostly of the people on PVP room and they'll get angry at you XD. And if in case you use Earth Strain, I prefer you to use only lvl 2 because the cast time is less and the MATK range is not that far per lvl.

~You won't bother anyone when you reveal Hidden Enemies. Sight Trasher doesn't damage that well so they won't mind it.

~When you are on reflect mode, it will be easy to let magic hit you.

~Whenever you don't like reflect mode, you can make a round of elemental armors.

Note: I always see Sorcerers to use this skill pattern:

Vacuum -> Grave -> Cloud Kill -> Psychic Wave -> Diamond Dust -> Varetyr Spear.

But it can always be reverted to any pattern so I fully suggest reflect mode.


~You should have enough PD to dodge most of the attacks switch to hodremlin shield and if it activates it should add 30 PD

~The Skills I recommend to use have the least on casting time so no need to worry about HW card.

~Since you don't hit and run, you won't be a public enemy on Hellbox :) but it is always up to you if you will hit and run. XD


~Angeling Card. hahahahaha!!!!!!

The actual sum-up of expenses is not that expensive but your overall survivability rate will increase, well this is it! Good luck on your WL! Enjoy your stay at gRO


I think there it is. A survivor mode warlock 😃

PS no heart feelings if I suddenly distort and weakened the original offensive build.

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fuck, you won't let me loose my hope eh~ I got some few adjustments with the disadvantages and the thing with reflect mode ~.~ but It seems now that reflect mode will be useful, opz told me that spell fist sorc is getting popular now and maya increased its price, still maya is useless to the original sorcs coz it can only reflect single targeted magics! that's my fucking mistake XD

Darn I'm such a noob hahaha! making guides without asking enough information ~.~

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yea, ventus really rocked on using megaphones, specially when he's teasing someone =þ

Eye of Dullahan doesnt protect of gx poisons and hwiz and grb do stack

ooooh, well thanks noil~

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