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Holly Enix

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Note: I decided to modify my guide to sorcerer and totally change my build.

This is just a guideline, modifications regarding equipment and stats are possible.

Hybrid Offensive/Support Sorcerer

Yes, it's possible. I am using a 1 DEX build with which you have the same cast time as if you had 150 dex.

>> Note

This build is only for the rather rich, who can afford MVP Cards. Without MVP cards this will most likely not work.

>> Stats

STR 87+XX - for carrying your equipment


VIT 185+XX - HP



LUK 197+XX - Perfect Dodge / Higher immunity to Howling of Mandragora and Freeze

>> Equipment

Top Headgears:

5308.png?nocache=592932333+10 Brazil National Flag Hat [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Kathryne Keyron Card] for Speed or

5446.png?nocache=1635499477+10 Cat's Footprint Hairpin [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Kathryne Keyron Card] (Kafrashop, if you have the will/patience to upgrade it)

Mid Headgears:

2201.png?nocache=1553407499Sunglasses [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Maya Purple Card] and

2201.png?nocache=1553407499Sunglasses [4168.png?nocache=197983089 High Wizard Card] and/or

2201.png?nocache=1553407499Sunglasses [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Gemini S-58 Card]

(or any other slotted Mid Headgear from the Dating Quest)

Lower Headgears:

30023.png?nocache=1575933072Sage Ring [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Mistress Card]


2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Kraben Card] and

2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Ghostring Card] and

2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Marc Card] and

2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Pasana Card] and

2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Dokebi Card] and

2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Angeling Card] and

2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Evil Druid Card] and

2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Swordfish Card]


2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Tao Gunka Card]


1223.png?nocache=183126907Fortune Sword and

1624.png?nocache=927556069+10 Lich's Bone Wand [2]


2123.png?nocache=324384554 Orleans's Server [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Golden Thief Bug Card] and

2123.png?nocache=324384554 Orleans's Server [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Maya Card] and

2123.png?nocache=324384554 Orleans's Server [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Medusa Card] and

2123.png?nocache=324384554 Orleans's Server [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Flame Skull Card] and

2123.png?nocache=324384554 Orleans's Server [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Thara Frog Card] and

2123.png?nocache=324384554 Orleans's Server [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Horn Card]


2123.png?nocache=324384554 Orleans's Server [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Goldring Boss Card] [if possible!]


Note vManteau: The higher +, the better. +7 is much better than +4.

2524.png?nocache=703751105+7/+8/+9/+10 Valkyrie's Manteau [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Assassin Cross Card] and

2524.png?nocache=703751105+4 Valkyrie's Manteau [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Dustiness Card] and

2524.png?nocache=703751105+4 Valkyrie's Manteau [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Hode Card] and

2524.png?nocache=703751105+4 Valkyrie's Manteau [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Jakk Card] and

2524.png?nocache=703751105+4 Valkyrie's Manteau [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Marse Card] and


2524.png?nocache=703751105+7/+8/+9/+10 Valkyrie's Manteau [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Deviling Card] - Not really necessary, but quite useful. You can survive without it.


2440.png?nocache=1219654670 Sprint Shoes [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Fallen Bishop Hibram Card] and

2440.png?nocache=1219654670 Sprint Shoes [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Moonlight Flower Card]


2701.png?nocache=1291217010 Glove of Orleans [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Berzebub Card] x2

2701.png?nocache=1291217010 Glove of Orleans [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Phen Card] - use it only when really needed. Does not work in WoE/Battlegrounds.


2701.png?nocache=1291217010 Glove of Orleans [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Errende Ebecee Card]

2701.png?nocache=1291217010 Glove of Orleans [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Obeaune Card]

2701.png?nocache=1291217010 Glove of Orleans [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Poporing Card]

or simply use 506.png?nocache=34643147 Green Potions if possible.

Custom Combo:

2124.png?nocache=1650267192Thorny Shield [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Thara Frog Card]

2702.png?nocache=708119336Horn of the Buffalo [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Berzebub Card]

2701.png?nocache=1291217010 Glove of Orleans [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Berzebub Card]

1601.png?nocache=566783888 Rod [4] [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Valkyrie Randgris Card] [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Valkyrie Randgris Card] [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Valkyrie Randgris Card] [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Valkyrie Randgris Card] - or just use a +10 Lich's Bone Wand with 2 Valkyrie Randgris Cards

2357.png?nocache=1369571858Valkyrie's Armor [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Ghostring Card]


2524.png?nocache=703751105+7/+8/+9/+10 Valkyrie's Manteau [4168.png?nocache=197983089 Deviling Card] - It's a bit risky, but yet useful too.

More Informations about this combo later.


>> Skill Tree

Fire_Bolt.png Fire Bolt Lv 1

Sight.png Sight Lv 1

Increase_SP_Recovery.png Increase Spiritual Power Lv 10

Napalm_Beat.png Nepalm Beat Lv 7

Soul_Strike.png Soul Strike Lv 5

Safety_Wall.png Safety Wall Lv 10

Cold_Bolt.png Cold Bolt Lv 5

Frost_Diver.png Frost Diver Lv 10

Stone_Curse.png Stone Curse Lv 10

Lightning_Bolt.png Lightning Bolt Lv 1

Energy_Coat.png Energy Coat Lv 1

Study.png Advanced Book Lv 9

Dragonology.png Dragnology Lv 5

Endow_Quake.png Seismic Weapon Lv 4

Cast_Cancel.png Cast Cancel Lv 5

Magic_Rod.png Magic Rod Lv 5

Endow_Tsunami.png Frost Weapon Lv 2

Endow_Tornado.png Lightning Loader Lv 5

Endow_Blaze.png Flame Launcher Lv 2

Earth_Spike.png Earth Spike Lv 5

Heaven%27s_Drive.png Heaven's Drive Lv 5

Spell_Breaker.png Spell Breaker Lv 5

Deluge.png Deluge Lv 3

Whirlwind.png Violent Gale Lv 5

Volcano.png Volcano Lv 3

Magnetic_Earth.png Land Protector Lv 5

Hindsight.png Auto Spell Lv 1

Dispell.png Dispell Lv 5

Fiber_Lock.png Spider Web Lv 1

Soul_Exhale.png Soul Change Lv 1

Blinding_Mist.png Wall of Fog Lv 1

Indulge.png Health Conversion Lv 5

Double_Bolt.png Double Casting Lv 5

Soul_Siphon.png Soul Burn Lv 5

Mind_Breaker.png Mind Breaker Lv 5

Elemental_Change.png Elemental Change (Water) Lv 1

Elemental_Change.png Elemental Change (Wind) Lv 1

Elemental_Change.png Elemental Change (Earth) Lv 1

Elemental_Change.png Elemental Change (Fire) Lv 1

Create_Elemental_Converter.png Create Elemental Converter Lv 1

Extreme_Vacuum.png Vacuum Extreme Lv 5

Striking.png Striking Lv 5

Fire_Walk.png Fire Walk Lv 5

Killing_Cloud.png Cloud Kill Lv 5

Warmer.png Warmer Lv 5

Earth_Grave.png Earth Grave Lv 5

Diamond_Dust.png Diamond Dust Lv 5

Varetyr_Spear.png Varetyr Spear Lv 5

Arrullo.png Arrullo Lv 5

Psychic_Wave.png Psychic Wave Lv 5


Battle Mode

In order to be a good Sorcerer, you have to get to know your skills and your keyboard. You can set your own shortcuts ingame: Press ESC - Shortcut Configuration - Skill Bar

You can arrange your skills as you wish.


>> How to use the Equipment

Mid Headgears

Depending on the enemy you use different Mid-Headgears. Usually you should have Maya Purple on.

High Wizard Card:

Warlocks / Arch Bishops / Sorcerer / Ninja / Shadow Chaser usually use a lot of INT, which adds MDEF. Also the MDEF Equipment of enemies is disturbing. So you use the High Wizard Card to deal more damage (Ignores the MDEF)

Maya Purple Card:

Royal Guards / Guillotine Cross / ... usually don't have as much of MDEF as the Magic Classes. You try use the High Wizard, then the Maya Purple, see which one deals more damage. You might want to permanently use Maya Purple if your enemy hides and cloaks a lot, even if it is a INT based class.

Gemini S-58:

For example against Ranger who Silence, Stone Curse, Sleep or Stun you.

Tip: If you want the enemy to lose SP but you don't want to use Soul Burn, because you might lose all your SP and maybe are overweight, just swap between MayaP and HWiz Card, the HWiz card drains SP everytime it is unequipped. Then you can simply Soul Change.


Depending on the enemy you also have to wear different types of armors. And switch during the fight.

Kraben - Blind Status. Helps to evade Attacks. Useful when the enemy has GTB on and the Dispell-Combo doesn't work. Together with Wall of Fog = win. More infos on this combo a little down.

Ghostring - you theoretically use it all the time. Sacrifice misses on Perfect Dodge and does less damage with Ghostring - prevent randoming.

Marc - once you notice your enemy wants to freeze you to Soul Burn, Dispell, Poison, ... You use this.

Pasana, Dokebi, Swordfish - the 4 elemental armors. You might want to check out this Property Table. Just watch the first table. You can see which element is good against which. You have to try to figure out your enemy's element.

Angeling - mostly used against Priest Class, to prevent the Holy Light/Adoramus/Judex. If you play together with a Priest, he/she can aspersio the melee-enemy and so the enemy misses on you as well.

Evil Druid - prevents freeze, stonecurse and poison attacks (Guillotine Cross). Be warned - Once the Guillotine Cross notices it, he might uses an Yggdrasil Leaf to kill you. You can use Golden Thief Bug with this to prevent any damage from Resurrection, you can use Maya to reflect the resurrection damage and possibly kill the enemy.

Tao Gunka - you can use this until you reach half HP, then switch to another armor. Basically double life.


Depending on the enemy you also have to wear different types of weapons. And switch during the fight.

+10 Lich's Bone Wand - You usually use this wand to kill the enemies with strong Magic Power.

Fortune Sword - This Sword is used to increase your Perfect Dodge. Evade Attacks.


Depending on the enemy you also have to wear different types of shields. And switch during the fight.

Golden Thief Bug - to prevent Coma, Stone Curse, Dispell, any magic attacks,... Be warned - if someone uses Goldring Boss immediately switch to Maya Card.

Maya - to reflect Single-target Magic Damage back to the enemy. Does not work on AoE like Earth Grave, ....

Flame Skull - mainly to Stone Curse the enemy and get some distance

Medusa - to prevent being Stone Cursed

Thara Frog - against Sacrifice, ...

Horn - against Long Ranged Attacks from example Ranger or Shadow Chaser. Best shield card against Acid Demonstration.

Goldring Boss - if you're in possession of this card, you don't have to worry about GTB users anymore. Just spam them to death. If you do low damage, try finding out if they might wear an Elemental Armor and use the weakness.

//EDIT: Seculiar Mission - Thara Frog seems to be bugged against Asura Strike, as far as I saw. Asura is also not ranged, so use Seculiar Mission to reduce its damage (for now)


Depending on the enemy you also have to wear different types of shields. And switch during the fight.

Assassin Cross - your main Manteau. You'll need cloak very often. To prevent being Sacrificed, get near to a Ranger, to flee, to get a little pause to switch equipment, ...

Dustiness,Hode,Jakk,Marse - you use them if you face an element. If a Guillotine Cross uses a Converter, try which one helps.

Deviling - good against Sacrifice, Asura and neutral attacks. Be warned - it's a bit risky if someone uses an elemental attack.


Depending on the enemy you also have to wear different types of Accessories. And switch during the fight.

Berzebub Card - Must have with this build. To reach the goal to have Cast Time like you have 150 DEX.


Obeaune/Poporing - Cure/Detoxify.

Wikebine Tres - to strip the armor of the enemy.

Errende Ebecee - against Ranger/Shadow Chaser who use a Bow


>> Dispell Combo

This card combination bases itself in survival. It is set to make the sorcerer last longer than usual and take on

many foes at the same time. Can be quite useful during woe if used properly. PS: requires good reflex from user.

The reflect autocasts dispell from Randgris Card on the enemy. GR+Devi reduce damage to minimum.

Combo General Idea:

The idea as stated previously is survival. For it to be most efficient it requires the sorcerer to be alert of incoming foes (Maya P for Guillotine X or Shadow Chaser or Sinx Card users) and constantly dispell. The tactic is to remove any buff but

most importantly any element endowment the foe might have. This way gr + thara frog + deviling card will greatly reduce the incoming dmg.

The best first step to take though is to cast wall of fog and safety wall and sight (if the enemy might be a Guillotine X). In this scenerio you have the advantage. While the enemy tries to come close to you, you constantly cast all the AoE spells you have and Varietyr - putting your opponent through some pain before they get to you. If by chance they reach you, you cast dispell on them.

It is a given fact all classes will have a bonus of their own so taking these away is a must and a plus for you.

after you've dispelled them, immediatly cast stone curse to cancel out any skill or melee usage by their part.

After stone curse has successfully been casted upon thy miserable foe, proceed to kill them.

>> Combo Scenarios

1)After stone curse has been successfully cast upon thy worm there might be a chance that they possess a

Mirror Shield or a maya card. In the case of mirror shield, the effect of reflecting all incoming magic only lasts

for 2 seconds. So it is best to stop using magic and count to 2 before attacking again.

2)If they have Maya, just don't use Varietyr anymore.

NOTE: For both cases. If the enemy runs off, do not run after them wait for them to come to you. This will increase your survival rate. However, should you decide to go after them keep in mind you must be alert of their whereabouts (use mayap) and have dispell ready. There is such situations where the foe will ambush you. In this case it's better to dispell rather than cast safety wall. The movement lag will make it difficult for you to pin point your exact location thus wasting the safety wall cast. In the other hand if you cast dispell this will ensure your hp does not suffer a great hit due to gr+devi+thara combo and you can resume the Combo General idea tactic.

>> Further PVP Scenarios

If the opponent turns out to be an RuneKnight or a RoyalGuard, expect them to have maya ready for you. Their hp amount is great than yours by far. So forget about casting Varietyr.

In the Case of an Rune Knight: Wall of Fog will be your priority. Their skill "Dragon Breath" will often miss.

combo: stone curse + soul burn + spam all your AoE Skills.

(use soul burn before enemy completely petrifies)

Also use Spell Breaker - once you spellbreaked the RK he has to move first to cast DB again, so this is your chance to stonecurse or whatsoever.

Take away all their sp and make them an easy target to kill. Should the soul burn fail and take your sp away, do not panic. Wait 10 seconds for your recovery sp passive skill to kick in. Once you have gain some sp. Proceed to cast Mind breaker on the enemy repeatedly, even after the skill is successfully cast. The reason behind this is, the skill will consume your sp every time you cast it. Before you use soul change you want to waste as much as sp as u can.

You usually heal 400 sp with recovery sp passive skill. Keep in mind to save 5 sp, this is the required amount to cast soul change.

Once you have sp around 100 or less, proceed to cast Soul change on the RK, leaving him with close to nothing of sp.

After this is done proceed to use heaven's drive until the opponent is dead.

In case of a Royal Guard: Be most aware of their movement. It is recommended to cast dispell on them since sacrifice can be dispelled. Always stand on a safety wall tile to avoid certain death. A tao paladin could do you in just a few sac-hits, this is why you must keep an eye on their movement. Reason why you have to watch closely is that they could go off your screen and cast sacrife all over. If this is the case then as soon as they come back to your screen use dispell. If your not standing on a safety wall tile do not lose time trying to cast it, chances are you'll die of sac. Remember that movement lag can be your worst enemy. It is safer to use dispell and then take a little time to cast safety wall on your tile.

If the Royal Guard does not possess a maya card then his as good as done. Take not that Royal Guards tend to use Stormy Knight Cards, which will freeze you in a Safteywall tile as well. It will not protect you from the 20% chance to freeze. It would be wise to switch to an unfrozen armor (marc card) to avoid this.

As for the other skills from Royal Guard, Wall of Fog and Cloak is your friend, like always.

NOTE: be patient, do not be desperate and spam attacks right away at them. Remember you hp is not as high as theirs and you could die easily. Always use Earth Grave to cause bleeding and do not chase after them. If you want to chase then cast a safety wall near you ( about 3 or 4 cell tiles away ) then proceed to move to that secured tile. Repeat until you reach

the target.

One of the most annoying classes currently ingame: Minstrel!

Siren's Voice along with Tarot and Poem of the Netherworld and so on can be seriously annoying.

Before they cast siren's voice try to take their SP, soul burn! They can not only not cast spells, also the healing song which permanently heals their HP is cancelled. Just attack them to death then.

If you're affected by siren's voice and poem, cast wall of fog on yourself. This will cause the tarot to fail like... most of the time. Always wear GTB. If the foe has a GTB on himself, you have to switch between GTB and GRB rapidly everytime you cast a Spell. The Wall of Fog helps you not to be coma'd as fast, but basically it's just a matter of luck.


Visual Trick/s

#1 - Safe Volcano


First off you cast Saftey Wall on yourself, after that you cast


Volcano on yourself. You'll notice that you cannot or barely see the Saftey Wall anymore. So can the others, only when you switch to a very awkward view:


If a Royal Guard comes to you he thinks you're easy killable and then Sacrifices you - but OMG. He missed.!

NOTE: The Volcano effect will not work as long as you're in the precasted Safteywall. If you want to be in Safteywall AND have the volcano effect, you have to cast Volcano first, and Safteywall after. But remember, then everybody sees your Safteywall :P



I will try to further increase this guide. Hopefully I could help and you guys like it.


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