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Cute Rabbit Hat Quest


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Rabbit Hat


A fluffy hat representing a white rabbit. Just seeing someone wearing it makes one want to show affection towards them. [1]

Where to start: @warp ayothaya 128 223


Talk to Caroline, She's asking help for her bunny, injured by Choco.

In order to save her bunny you'll be needing a Giant Band Aid.

5063.gifGiant Band Aid

Items Needed: Rotten Bandage x500, Alcohol x1

NPC Name: Arjen

Warp: geffen 129 148


You need to bring this to her within 48 hours! To save her bunny.

After bringing her the Giant Band Aid, She'll tell you the other requirements to complete the quest:


14430.gifChoco Card (um_fild02)

104430.gifYoyo Card (prt_fild03)

54430.gifLunatic Card (prt_fild01)

54430.gifSpring Rabbit Card (tur_dun01)

12214Bunny Band

Items Needed: Feather x100, Four Leaf Clover x1, Pearl x1, Kitty Band x1

NPC Name: Kafra Corp. Rep.

Warp: alberta 23 232

10622Rainbow Carrot (dropped by Lunatic, droprate10%, prt_fild01)


Bring all the items to her and you'll receive your own Rabbit Hat



Holly Enix
Official Headgear Guide

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