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Chicken Hat Guide

Kenzie Riann

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Chicken Hat

Long ago, before our time, was the Great Chicken War. Many brave chickens lost their

lives, in this bloody feud among the feathered ones. One survivor, has taken up residence

in the local Cow enclosure in Althea, resting his wary body and enjoying his retirement.

Rumor has it, that if you bother him enough, he may give you something. Are you

up for the challenge?

Well hello. :3 I'll be showing you how to obtain a Chicken Hat


Headgear Info


A chicken is on your head! It might have an alarm option for waking you

up in the morning! Adds 1% chance STR +3 for 10 seconds when dealing physical

damage. Adds 1% chance INT +3 for 10 seconds when dealing magical damage.

Class: Headgear

Defense: 0

Equipped on: Upper

Weight: 100

Required Level: 30

Applicable Job: Every Job


Items Needed

100 Feather of Birds (Item ID: 916)

1 Bill of Birds (Item ID: 925)

30 Clock Hands (Item ID: 1095)


The Quest


First, we need to warp to this old war veteran, named Cluckers. ( @warp althea 181 286 )


Speak to him. You'll see the following dialog:

Cluckers is asleep and seems to be starting to wake up, it's best to not disturb him.

Obviously, you need to speak to him again.

Cluckers looks at you with mad eyes!


Bwok bwok bwok!

Cluckers will kill you and warp you to one of six maps:

Lighthalzen Dungeon Level 3

Thanatos Tower Level 1





Endless Tower Island

Return to Cluckers. You may not be able to talk to him. Don't worry. Just sit

and wait for a minute or two, and you will be able to talk to him again.

Speak to him again. He -should- give you a very long dialog box. If he does not, just warp back and

keep trying until he does. The dialog box will be as follows:

Oh, you're that youngster from before.

I'm sorry about hurting you, I always do

that when waking up.

Say kid, why did you need to wake this

old war veteran?

I came here to hurt you 21 times

I came here to die

I challenge you to a duel to reclaim my honor!

No particular reason, care for tea?

Actually, I had this letter from your son

There's this really cool game I wanted to show you

So I was going around the park the other day...

I don't understand why you're so mean

I have some love advice for you!

I want you to cuddle with me

Let's just get this over with


Go through the list, and choose each and every option, until you get this dialog:


Well, if it isn't another one of those over-ambitious adventurers.

You are here for the chicken hat, right?

At least, that's what every one of you wants.

I'll make this short since I'm really sleepy, here goes the ingredient list:

...Cluckers fell asleep! (Speak to him again!)


He will ask for 100 feathers, 1 Bill Of Birds and 30 clock hands.

When Cluckers finally tells you the items he wants, go collect them if you have not already. Bring

them back to the old chicken, and receive your hat! Congrats! /wow




Note: A big thanks to Osmy for scripting the quest. :3 You cute little script monkey, you. /pat

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