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City Picture Used: Perth♥

Event Hosted by: Alexaa & Zie.

Event Starts: March 29th.

Event Ends: April 20th.

Categorized Winners:

  • Best Vocals: windhover
  • Best Instrument Player: Nautilus
  • Best Dancer: ChibiSasuke
  • Funniest Video: NiKo l Okin
  • Community Choice: --

Rules & Conditions:

  • Must be you, you can't submit someone else and pretend its you.
  • You must say "Hi GRO, this is ______ & this is my submission" before your video, you don't necessarily need to show yourself throughout the whole video.
  • Entries must be posted in video form.
  • You can post more than 1 video submissions.
  • You can have little profanity, but not OTT.

What you can submit as a talent:

  • Your unusual unique talent
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Instrument playing


Singing: (Can be without backing music, or professional stuff, just you, but he's my favourite youtube artist so <33)


Dance:(Doesn't have to be in a group)

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Wooooohooooo!!! NIKO, Guerilla's GM, FOR THE WIN!! I mean, who could follow that, seriously?!

I still can't get over that vid no matter how many times I watch it! Is it on Youtube yet?!? It has potential to go viral! Whahahahaha.. Too funny!

@Alexaa: what's the prize though? Maybe I'll force my husband (LeonSkywalker) to join this.. OOOHH TEMPT ME! Heheheheheh! ;) ;)

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LOL niko, since he got you guys err.. kind of started I'll post a start off video =]

I'm singing justin bieber (fml) DON'T JUDGE HAHA:

<link has been removed>

HAHA!This is really cute. :lol: *cough*skinnybeesh*cough*

What if i'm to be in a group video, can that be an entry for this event?

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Okay. Here's my Submission:

Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls (Angelus Domini a cappella)


Good luck to poi! Learning how to play a Piano (or is that an Organ since it's electric?) is more difficult than learning how to sing, IMO.

My 2nd Entry/Submission:

Hold it Against me by Britney Spears (Sam Tsui Cover)

Another a capella. Hold it against me by Britney Spears. This is me trying to do the Sam Tsui version but his voice range, singing style, and speed, I couldn't reach or catch up with, thus, the out of breath breaks in between verses once in a while.


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