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Luxury & Pimp Hat Quest


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63027.png Luxury Hat & Pimp Hat Quest 63033.png

Note: There was an outdated version, pretty much upped the anti and updated this one instead of deleting all of Toad's hard work.


Gear Requirements:

  • 63027.png You must be Female if you want the Luxury Hat
  • 63033.png Must be a Male if you want the Pimp Hat

To make one you will need:

  • 7052.png 50 Old Papers
  • 7405.png 50 Crushed Cans
  • 7279.png 50 Vita500 Lids


You don't have to talk to the Volunteers at the start of the quest, you can always do it at the end i find it better, but if you prefer talking first then I don't mind ^^

The trash only drops in Althea, gRO's Capital City!

(Every full hour, there's a 40% chance that the announcement and item drops will trigger)
When you see this announcement message:
Let's do our part in cleaning the environment.
Pick up the trash that you will see around your surroundings.

It means its time that the trash (Crushed Cans & Old Papers) drop around Althea, as marked on the map below.
They spawn randomly, however only within the marked, red area.

Althea Trash Spawn Area.png

After you've collected enough of that trash, you will also need Coins to buy 565.pngVita500's from the Vending Machine.


Where do Coins come from?

Kill Goldrings at alt_fild03, they drop them.
Remember to have @aloot rate 100 activated, because they drop valuable Gold too!



Once you've done all that make sure you drink the vita500's to get the lids from them.
Now you can go and make your Luxuty Hat/Pimp Hat, at the Volunteers located at: 
althea 113 158


Now you're finished 🙂


Credits to: Toad.

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There's always a map announcement in Althea right before they drop.
And there'ss a 40% chance every full hour that the trash drops.


The map accouncement says:
"Let's do our part in cleaning the environment."
"Pick up the trash that you will see around your surroundings."

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