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Triple "B" Event


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alright folks, today is my Birthday (yay for widdle Beasty) but you guys are getting the Gifts.

your task is to write down the item you wish for the most and i will fulfill some of the wishes randomly.

the form of your post has to look like this :

Name :

Wish :

Reason why i want the item :

i will select the winners by random so no hard feelings if you didnt receive anything.

you can wish for anything except godlike items (i.e. Megingjard,Mjolnir,Sleipnir,Brisingamen,Brynhildr or Asprika)

Additional Note : thanks to all the peeps who congratulated me on my profile, you will all receive a small gift since you didnt forget my Birthday D:

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Name :xcutioner (IGN)

Wish :i wish i could have a lord knight card

Reason i want the item: the only item i want in this gro...i hunt it many times already yet still got nothing...:(

& HAPPY BIRTHDAY...hoping u will get a better & much happy life....u r the "MAN"....:P

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Name : oDany

Wish : I Wish I Could have a Drooping Garm !

Reason Why I Want the Item: Mostly the only headgear that I really like, and besides that its really cute *____*

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Name;Zaim IGN (kiridan kanan)

Wish:any stuff that price more than 100 mith(u choose since its UR BIRTHDAY)

Reason:i need mith to buy my equip well right now im totally equipless well i got few weap but still not complete yet

oh one last thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!againXD

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Happy Birthday! :D

Name :Vorgy

Wish :I want a tao gunka card plox :D

Reason why i want the item : It's because one time i saw it for the first time and just stared at it hovering my mouse lol XD and also wanted the card XD

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Name : Sam

Wish : A Lord Knight Card

Reason why i want the item : I really want this card long time ago, since i played gatheringRO :) i guess, its really rare and of course the most expensive card in gRO :blush:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beast :) More powers, you're the BEAST i mean, you're the BEST ;)

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Name : Omstrippable

Wish : Symbol of Valor

Reason why i want the item : My guildmates has a symbol and I have nothing. I am really jealous to those who have symbols, My friend said he won it from event, and I tried to join on any event sadly I always lose.. T_T

by the way. Happy Birthday.!!!! XD More birthdays to come. Godbless.

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Name: Leon / LeonSkywalker

Wish:I Wish For A Tiraya Bonnet

Reason Why I Want The Item: Coz My Wife Has Been Wanting This Item

And I Dont Have Enough To Buy Something This Expensive. And Also These Would Be My Gift For Our

Wedding Anniversary And Late Valentines. ^^m

If It Was For Me I Would Wish For LK Card.. haha

But My Wife Really Likes It And Shes Always Giving Me The Puppy Eyes Everytime She Sees Someone With Tiraya Bonnet. ^^, I Hope Santa Beast Will Give Me A Chance To Get One Of These

For My WIfe.

Happy Bday Beast!! Hope U Wont Leave Us In The Server!

Wish U Nothing But Great Life And Good health.


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Wish:Lord Knight Card

Reason why i want the item:because this is so hard to hunt so i'll just try my luck for this. and i badly need this for woe :D


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Name: ll Legassi ll

Wish: Tiraya Bonnet

Reason: I realize it's one of the most popular hats on this list, and i'd prefer something more original, but this isn't for me, it's for my love. So! It'd be really nice if i could get her a hat like this. Thanks.

Also, Happy Birthday, Beastboy

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IGN:R a i n J y n e

Wish:I want LK and TAO for my gx

Reason:I admit I am a newbie I want tao and lk because I want to be strong !

I admit that before I became strong I am a scammer but all mistakes i regret !

and I'm grateful because I met this game !

thank you Master <GM> because you thought that make this game !

I've never sought to please the requests I get! I'd just sign it grow long on this gatheringro!



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