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Dark Lord Helm


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A fully up to date version of the guide is now available in the gRO wiki!




Dark Lord Helm



All stats + 10, Max HP & SP + 10%

New DLH Ingredients:

  • 1 Nightmare
  • 12 Skulls --> actually i only used 6 for each cauldron, the first 6 won't be deducted, just in case, bring 12
  • 1 Helm of Darkness
  • 10 Mithril
  • 10 Will of Red Darkness
  • 666 Crystal of Darkness
  • 1 God Anvil

1. Start: @warp niflheim 189 121. You'll find a Tombstone. In order to start the quest you must have 1 Nightmare in your inventory which you can find in the Comodo Digging Quest. Once you have your Nightmare, Click the Tombstone and..


Eerie eeh? It's just the beginning. ohmy.gif


2. Click: Return to save point, But then you'll be warped into a different dimension.
3. Here, you need to click the Statue and you must present 6 Skulls (I used skulls I got from PVP)


4. After that you'll be warped to another room, where you'll find 6 cauldrons. In each cauldron you need to offer 1 skull.


5. After sacrificing the skulls... Untitled-1copy7.jpg... Defeat Dark Lord and a portal will open in the center of the room. It will lead you to another room.


6. In the next room, you need to kill all the ghosts and break the barriers.


7. After breaking the barriers, Walk straight ahead and you'll find the Dark Saint and bring all the requirements he asks.


Then..... /grat, you've made your long awaited Dark Lord Helm! Untitled-3copy4.jpg



You'll only need 1 Nightmare and it will be your access to the Dark Dimension. Your access will last until you finish the quest. But whenever you go inside, You must offer the requested skulls and kill the monsters.





Written & Posted by: Kevs
Screenies by: Kevs
Edited by: Cranberry :3




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If you mean Wanderer, the monster, then no. That doesn't work.

You need skulls from other players.

really? i thought it is easy to get to that monster?

hehe btw.. i have so many skulls..( before 3rd job ) wahaha..

thx.. for the guide.. *thumbs up

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Questions sirr/ma'am:

does ygg allowed when fighting the summoned mobsters??

well I'm planning on making this as soon as possible but I dunno how to get the skulls of the ppl I've killed, 'coz I sometimes enter pvp arena and when I kill someone no skull drops(well, most of the times it was me who's dead).

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