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Golden Dragon Helm Guide

Kenzie Riann

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A fully up to date version of the guide is now available in the gRO wiki!






Golden Dragon Helm

Finally, we've been given permission to write a guide on the God Helms.

So, I'll be showing you how to make the Golden Dragon Helm.

Helm Info:


A helm created with the golden blood of the Aphiral dragon.

STR +10

DEX +10

VIT +10

AGI +10

LUK +10

Impossible to refine this item.

Item Class: Headgear

Defence Rate: 7

Equipped On: Upper

Weight: 80

Required Level: 80

Applicable Job: Every job except novice



Items needed:

Legacy of Dragon

Dropped by Mutant Dragonoid(10%)

9 Dragon Breath Cocktails

Dropped by Detale/Detardeurus(100%) and Gopinich(100%).

Obtained via Cooking Quest.

400 Dragon Canine

Dropped by various monsters.

( I personally suggest that you use @aloot for Dragon Canines and Dragon Skins,

and spam Jack Frost with a warlock. )

500 Dragon Skin

Dropped by various monsters.

5 Peridot

Dropped by Ungoliant(100%).

Dragon Soul

Obtainable via Quest.

555,000,000 zeny

~How to obtain the Golden Dragon Helm~

The Quest


Make sure that you have your "Legacy of Dragon" book in your inventory!

Otherwise, he won't speak to you!

We're going to start off by warping to Drakon ( @warp ra_in01 236 381 ),

some crazy guy who love dragons. I don't know. Lol. Speak to him, and

do not spam through the dialog.

Drakon will ask you, "Are you willing to help me test some stuff?"

Select, "Of course!"

Drakon will then tell you to find Erutis, his assistant, in Morocc.

The Items


We're going to find Erutis at ( @warp morocc 225 105 ). Speak to her,

and she will start listing the items you need, for your helm. If you

have not already done so, then collect these items. They're also listed

at the beginning of this guide.

The Helm


Warp back to Drakon ( @warp ra_in01 236 381 ), and simply speak to him,

to receive your new Golden Dragon Helm.


63017.png Congrats! And enjoy your new helm. :D


Thanks to the scriptor, and Everade. P:



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why is that i cant create the GDH. i already have all the requirements but the npc says thah i dont have all the requirements.

there is something in the dragon soul quest .. te quest gave me "Dragons Spirit" is that correct. coz according to the guide it is named as "Soul"

i really need help ryt now :(

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try the DBC from the website,. buy it.. you can buy it with credits..

or maybe you may have gotten the dragon scale/canine mixed up or maybe short on ingr or zeny as zie suggested..

i made it with n problem.// as you can see i was the latest person who made it that commented here,..

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You could possibly have the wrong type of Dragon Breath Cocktail. Or maybe missing a little bit of zeny?

thnx ur right .. i have the wrong DBC :) thx for the info helped alot

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