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Prism Helm Guide

Kenzie Riann

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Prism Helm [1]

Finally, we've been given permission to write a guide on the God Helms.

So, I'll be showing you how to make your own Prism Helm.

Note: I suggest using a Blacksmith class character (Blacksmith, Whitesmith, Mechanic)

to do this quest, because you need to forge an item later on.

This can be done with ANY character, but you chance for success is raised with

a Blacksmith class character.

Helm Info and Ingredients


Prism is a very unique headgear. We are given three sets of different

Stats, that we may choose to apply to our headgear. Prism also may

take the look of any headgear you want (you must already own this

headgear, though).

Effect #1

Uninterruptable Casting. +7 all stats. HP +3%


80 Masque of Tutankhamen

20 Citrin

20 agate

20 biotite

Effect #2

All stats +10. Increases resistance against Demihuman by 7%


80 fragment of rossata stone

20 turquiose

20 phlogopite

20 peridot

Effect #3

Enables its user to detect hidden enemies. All stats +7


80 shining spear blade

20 muscovite

20 pyroxene

20 rosequartz

Effect #4

Enables use of Level 4 Resurrection.

[Priest/High Priest]

Increases the amount recovered by Heal when wearing this headgear.


10 Ba Gua

70 Old Papers

70 Crushed Cans


Onwards to the New World Quest

Items Needed

Note: You will need these at the beginning of the quest.

The required items listed with the Prism effects are needed

in the final step of the quest.

220 Metal Fragment

Dropped by Apocalypse (100%)

25 Flame Heart

Dropped by many monsters

Also purchasable via the Tool Dealer in

Althea, with a Blacksmith class character.

Shiny Hammer

Obtained from the Vote Shop.

Shiny Furnace

Obtained from the Vote Shop.

1 Headgear

You may use any headgear you wish. Be warned though!

Your headgear WILL be consumed! However, your Prism will take

the look of that headgear. For example, my prism consumed my

Ashura Fairy Hat. I no longer have Ashura Fairy Hat, but

my Prism looks like one!

75,000,000 zeny

~How to obtain the Prism Helm~

The Quest


We're going to begin, by warping to ( @warp althea 121 121 ) and entering the portal in front of you.

You may need to turn your camera angle, to see the portal.

Once inside the house, walk towards the bookshelf, and find the speech bubble.


You may need to click the bookshelf many times, before it brings up the dialog box,

and will tell you about Prism's, and something about Einbroch.

Rocket Constructor


Warp to ( @warp einbroch 150 55 ) and find the Rocket Constructor. Speak to him, and he

will mistake you as someone named Maria. Keep speaking to him, and he'll tell you about

building a rocket, and give you a list of items and zeny to bring him. Gather the items, and

bring them to him.

When you bring the items to him, he will need 20 minutes to construct the rocket.

Yes, you need to wait 20 real minutes, lol.

Once the 20 minutes have passed, speak to him again, twice. The second time, he

will ask if you're ready to go.

Select the option "Yes!"

Outer Space, and the Moon


Oh dear. We're lost in space. Kind of. This part can be annoying, but not NEARLY

as annoying as the step after this.

Yes, you are in Space. Around this map, there are many randomly placed portals.

Only ONE portal is the right one, and will take you to the Moon.

Simply run around like a madman, until you find the right one.

Wrong portals will only warp you to a random spot in space.

When you find the right portal, you'll be warped to the moon, and see

a dialog box like this one:


I'm sure you're wondering what that means? It's simple, really.

Around the Moon, there are many, many rocks, like this one:


Some of these rocks will drop something called Moonlight Particle

and Starlight Particle. You need 5 each of these. Run around the map

and click on any rock you see, that has a speech bubble.



When you have all 5 of each (this can take awhile) enter through the portal

that you came in through. You'll find yourself in Space again. Just find

the right portal, until you're warped back to the Rocket Constructor.

Do not forget to speak to the Rocket Constructor again. You cannot

continue, if you don't.

Moonlight and Starlight

This is where you need the Shiny Hammer and Shiny Furnace. Speak to

the Rocket Constructor again, and look in your inventory for your

Shiny Hammer. Click it, and pray that you succeed. Should it fail,

simply get another Shiny Hammer and Furnace, and keep trying until you

do succeed.

When you do succeed, you will have two new items. Moonlight and Starlight.

They look like this.


As you succeed though, a dialog box will appear. You can spam through

this, if you'd like. Something about Manuk will be mentioned. Be sure to

have the Onwards to the New World quest completed, to continue on.

The Blue Crystal

We need to find the Blue Crystal, now. This is located in a Manuk Field.

To get there, we need to first warp to ( @warp mid_camp 335 171 )

Once you're inside the first field, jump to ( @jump 369 230 ) and enter the portal.

Then jump against to ( @jump 194 149 ) and there, you will find the Blue Crystal.


Speak to it, and do not spam through the dialog.

Wait until you see this dialog box:


The numbers shown, represent the the Prism Effects.

If you're interested in Effect #1, then choose 1.

If you're interested in Effect #2, then choose 2.

If you're interested in Effect #3, then choose 3.

If you're interested in Effect #4, then choose 4.

If you don't have the items yet for the Effect that you wish to have,

then collect them and come back later. If you DO, then equip the headgear

that you wish to use as a Prism, and give the items to the Crystal.


Then, Congrats! You have a new Prism! Enjoy your helm. :D

Notes: Thank you, to a few people who helped me get the items for my Prism.



ApK Sinnn X


And to those who listened to me gripe while I wrote this, LOL.

And thank you to Holly Enix for scripting, and to Everade. ;D



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The entire headgear is consumed. The only thing that remains is the way the headgear looks.

Do you see the headgear I'm wearing in the guide screenshots? That's my prism.

The headgears effects are completely lost, and replaced with the Prism effects that you choose.

And no, you cannot ever change the effects, or the headgear.

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Ah okay, i wanted to double check. And yea, in a way sort of sucks for that. But then again can't complain for that, and more so if its a headgear that has no effects. So i guess basically have to be careful and choose carefully for the headgear choice.

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