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New Item Effects


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This Topic will be an information board to inform you about upcoming item changes

as always there are some rules regarding posting in this thread :

* no flame or abusive language

* no spam and/or drama

* stay on topic with your posts and be reasonable

Item changes in the future :

*Slotted Tjungkuletti Slots increased from 3 to 4

*Slotted Brionac slots increased from 2 to 3

*Slotted Longinus's Spear slots increased from 1 to 2

*Slotted Kaiser Knuckles atk increased from 110 to 155

*Slotted Gatekeeper-DD atk increased from 200 to 220

*Slotted Huuma Blaze Shuriken atk increased from 185 to 205

*Slotted Huuma Bird Wing Shuriken atk increased from 150 to 160

*Improved Bow thimble [1] will be obtainable trough mid_camp enchanter

- Improved Bow thimble increases ranged atk by 10%

* Lord Kahos Horn will be slottable trough Marybelle NPC

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@Beast Boy The NPC seems to be bugged. I gathered all the requirements that she said on slotting the LKH (300 kaluniums and 150m) after i talked to her and picked "Continue without keeping the refinerate" or "Continue and keep the refinerate" this message box shows up "Marybelle - Very well, let's begin. You'd better pray for a successful result." Then after i clicked the next button the close button suddenly shows up. Been trying it for multiple times. Help please


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This Topic will be an information board to inform you about UPCOMING item changes

Item changes in the future :

Meaning not yet.........

Well I just asked if it already happened cause this post seems to be old. So it maybe changed already before and I just don't see the update.

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