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Shafka / Chullos Hat

Kylie Marie

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Shafka / Chullos hat!


So, what is a Shafka?

A hat made from various animal fur. It can function

as earmuffs, keeping your ears warm in the cold.

Its said to be worn traditionally in cold areas.

Increase resistance to the Freeze status by 10%.

To make this hat you will need:


1022.png 20x Nine tails

7038.png 10x Yarn

7166.png 10x Soft silk

7065.png 20x Sea-Otter fur

7217.png 1x Spool

Now your probably thinking, " My goodness gracious! Where am I supposed to get all these things?!"

I will answer that!

1180.gif See this cute little guy? Your gonna kill it! It's called a Nine tails and it drops.... Yarn. No not really. The Nine tails drops the nine tails that you need 20 of. You can find them in pay_dun04.

1514.gif This is a Dancing Dragon. It drops that yarn that your gonna need 10 of and is in Lou_dun03.

1416.gif This monster is a Wicked Nymph. She drops the soft silk and you'll need 10. She is in gon_dun03.

1323.gif Here's a sea-otter~ kill 20 of them, and they are located on Cmd_fild04, along the beach. Don't get confused and try to hunt the on the grassy part of the map.

1510.gif And last but not least, a Hylozoist! You'll need the spool they drop and you only need 1! You can find them in Niflheim or in Nif_fild01 or Nif_fild02.

So you have all the materials? Now it's time to go to the NPC! And you know the best part of this quest? NO ZENY REQUIRED!!!

Okay, so you can go to her before or after you gather the materials. it doesn't matter. I prefer to go after but that's just me~

So you get to talk to a beautiful young lady who is in Moscovia! oohhlahlah~

she lives at Moscovia 211,93

Sooo now you have your very own Shafka hat!


hmm not too bad for my first guide (:

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