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Team Pvp Event ~


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When: 1st December

Time: 00:30:00 Server time.

How to register: The Party Leader will have to PM me Here on the forums, telling me the party name, the character names and their Classes.

Registration Limit: at 22:00:00 Server time, November 30th.

Once the Registrations done, I'll post up the teams Right here, and the schedule of which team you'll be facing.

[Keep yourselves updated, might add some things up]

The rules? Simple ~ Team PvP Event Consist of :

* 5 Players in each team.

* Not allowed to have 2 characters of the same class.

* All skill/equipment allowed.

* NO usable Items allowed[healing/buffing].

* Cannot be Ressurected.

* Each participant will have to give out 5,000,000z (5Mz) Which will be devided equally to the winning team.

[To proceed with that, the team will give their part to the Party Leader who will end up giving me 25,000,000z (25Mz) in total.]

*Will be done in the 2 hours delay before the event*

As for the prizes, Still deciding what will be given out ~ (out of the zenies, of course.)

Any questions ? Just ask them here.

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It starts at a pretty awkward time for most, dont ya think? I mean, the server is mainly European players and this seems to be favouring the USA - SA timezones. Ah well...

Nothing to do with Favoritism. To be honest, I'd go with european time, but I'd like to remember you guys that I live in canada and I work at night, The server time is like 6:30pm for me, just when I actually wake up or well.. few hours after.

I'd move it into weekend, but once again, I'm working and not much time to hold it there.


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