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The Titles says it all, This will be the place where I, and some other Game Masters will post some Screenshot/Pictures from some event.

Also, I know some people just tend to doubt when there is event like :


*Guess the monster


*And alot more...

which the answers are Whispered to the GM(Even tho I know we have an Amazing team that play Fair, and are Active either on forums like ingame).

Either way, I just wanted to be able to share the Screenshots with the Whole server because I thought it would be nice to let them see how we enjoy ourselves to make events ~

I'd also ask, If you post in this thread, to :

Only post Event ScreenShot

Thank you. This thread is the same as "Post your pisture" but for Event screenshots in other words ;)

Here are some Screenshots of some of the last event I made ~

September 19th : Dice event

First round.


2nd Round.


September 22th : Little MvP invasion

Gloom & Beelze are giving players a hard time.


This is what I call Team work.


September 23th : Trivia/Riddles

(I know the screen shot aint quite accurate, Forgot to take them right after I did the Riddle for the "First who get answers")

Round 1 "Answer was *Meow*"


Round 2 "Answer was *Time*"


Round 3 "Answer was *None*"


Round 4 "Answer was *Zipper*"


Round 5 "Answer was *10990*"


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