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Aya & Triad's Fashion Event!

Doktor Z

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Presenting...Aya & Triad's Fashion Event!!!


Think you have an eye for fashion, or at least Ragnarok fashion? Come join our event, where you can show off just how cute you are!

2747.gif?nocache=857245685INFO & BACKSTORY2747.gif?nocache=857245685

My friend and I love designing characters. We make up stories, personalities, relationships, and other stuff for each of our characters in Ragnarok (and other games that we have played, though RO is definitely our favourite medium!) and we are always daydreaming new possibilities for new characters and such when we're in RO. We're constantly on skype with each other when we play (and when we aren't) and idle in town a lot, just watching other players. We comment a lot on how cute certain ones are, and compliment other players a lot to each other and have discussions about how some characters look (We're big nerds) But normally don't say anything to anyone, since we are both pretty shy, haha. So this got us thinking. A lot of players are underage, and cannot donate for themselves, or just don't have money or access to paypal, and that we would love to reward them for having a character with style with a donation. That's a way we can help the server we love, and reward a player. So, we decided that we want to host a event of sorts, about fashion and character design, that we judge, and of course, give out prizes!

2747.gif?nocache=857245685WHAT THIS EVENT WILL BE2747.gif?nocache=857245685

Five rounds of themes to dress your character up to! This event will probably take from thirty minutes to an hour, so we wanted to give fair warning that it will be a bit long. Each round will have a theme, then you will be given five minutes to change your character to this theme. We will then judge your character on a scale of 1 to 5 on five different categories. These categories you will be judged on will be as follows:

  • Hair (this includes style, and dye)
  • Clothes (this includes dye, and class)
  • Accessories (this includes headgear, pets, and anything extra)
  • Name (self explanatory - this isn't as important, but it does add to character design)
  • Overall Design Flow (just how well the name/clothes/hair/accessories go together)

The first five rounds will be very simple themes that anyone can fit into easily. The five players with the highest score will move onto the last round, where the score is reset to 0, a sudden death round. The theme for these five players will be a little more complicated to test their style.

You will -NOT- need "rare" headgears to do well in this event. I want to stress this. A new player that joined yesterday with a good eye for fashion could completely win this event.

2747.gif?nocache=857245685WHEN THIS EVENT WILL BE HELD 2747.gif?nocache=857245685

Saturday, September 11th @ 12:00 Servertime.

2747.gif?nocache=857245685WHERE THIS EVENT WILL BE HELD2747.gif?nocache=857245685

We will meet everyone in Rachel, and I will warp-portal people participating to our special place we have for the event.

2747.gif?nocache=857245685RULES FOR THIS EVENT 2747.gif?nocache=857245685

No Red Bags, Wedding, or Bottled Water. Symbols are okay, since those are normal outfits anyone can obtain by making that class. Gryphons/Wargs/Dragons/Falcons/Pecos are allowed, but they will count towards your 'Accessories' score. The most important rule is, please be nice and courteous. We are doing this to reward players and help the server. We aren't really friends with anyone other then eachother, so there will be no 'favorable' players to us.

2747.gif?nocache=857245685PRIZES FOR THIS EVENT2747.gif?nocache=857245685

Grand Prize

$10 Donation to the Kafra Shop! + Stuffed Panda

We would like you to get a new shiny donation hat for your character with this donation, but we really can't decide whatever the winner buys, of course.

Runner Up Prizes (Two Runners-Up)

Symbol of Beginning (Second Prize)

Blank Eyes (Third Prize)

Angel of Ghost (Fourth Prize)

Deviruchi Rucksack + Balloon Hat (5th Prize)

Consolation Prize

Golden Gear & Sunglasses

(...This is really an inside joke between us)

2747.gif?nocache=857245685ADDITIONAL INFO2747.gif?nocache=857245685

I will be watching this topic for people interested in joining, I also have a few megaphones to use when I'm holding the event. If less then ten people show up for this event I will postpone it. I need at least ten people, I would like a lot more! Also, I would appreciate it if a GM could tag-along just to watch over, and help us if anyone is harassing or trying to mess up the event, as I obviously have no GM powers to warp people out of my area. Lastly, in-case people are wondering, I have already discussed this with Everade, and he gives his permission for me to hold this event. Post and tell me what you think, and if you're interested!

*Stuffed Panda, Symbol of Beginning, Blank Eyes, & Angel of Ghost donated by GM-Yohan for this event! Thank you so much!*

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Wow! You're finally making the event! :D

I could donate a donates headgear for the Grand Prize for this event, Aya. You're a cool friend. ;)

Oh, that would be awesome. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what hats to give for the prizes that are still wanted, and rare... But not so rare like GM box hats, which even I don't have XD

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I can donate if I want to myself..!

A lot of players are underage, and cannot donate for themselves, or just don't have money or access to paypal, and that we would love to reward them for having a character with style with a donation. That's a way we can help the server we love, and reward a player.

- got it?.. it's for the people who are interested.

@Aya - Wow Event! :lol:

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