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Fashion Ribbon Quest


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Fashion Ribbon Quest

1. Warp to: lhz_in02 94 156 and talk to



She'll talk about her designer life, but you have to say that "I like shopping too!" to start the quest.


2. Now for the requirements QQ.jpg



You need:

  • Coins_250.png 100,000,000 Zeny.
  • 2250.gif5 Cute Ribbons : Dropped by Eclipse 1093.gif, open OBB, OPB or you can buy them off people.
  • 981.gif25 Violet Dyestuff : Can be made by: Dyestuff Quest
  • 983.gif15 Black Dyestuff : Can be made by: Dyestuff Quest
  • 1059.gif250 Fabric : Can be bought in the Black Market, using a Alchemist Class.


3. Once you're done, go back to Alessa

*just incase you forgot coords: lhz_in02 94 156

And give the items to her and she'll give you the Purple Fashion Ribbon.




Thanks to: Jon, Everade & the Mysterious Guy who sold me his Ribbons :P

and Andy

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Aww don't worry about it. The quest isn't going anywhere, so you can just slowly work up to it. :D (At least, that's what I tell myself usually... o.o)

hmm.. you are right :))

just that i want all, gonna be expensive :DD

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25 Violet Dyestuff : Can be made by: Dyestuff Quest

Here's the different coloured sprites, that will be available through the Headgear Recolourer in Alberta later on.

And of course its purple since its the default colour and Violet Dyestuff IS the requirement for the ribbon in the first place.

& no they don't have different effects or anything.

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