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Using Bm In Renewal.


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How to enable or use Battle Mode for Renewal


First: Setting your Hotkeys and BM up.

Press ESC, which will then come up with a window like this:


Select the: BM/Shortcut Settings.

Which will then come up with a window like this:


Click on the first Hotkey 1-1 and it'll look like this:


You can then start assigning keys, depending on which order you want your F1, F2, F3, F4 bars in.

But make sure you click each line to change or assign a key.

eg. Hotkey 1-1 : Z

Hotkey 1-2 : X

and so on.

Hotkeys 1-1 to 1-9 are bar 1

Hotkeys 2-1 to 2-9 are bar 2

Hotkeys 3-1 to 3-9 are bar 3

Hotkeys 4-1 to 4-9 are bar 4

Once you've done that, make sure the "Enable Battlemode" box is clicked, and then press Ok.

Mine looks a little like this:


Second: Setting your bars.


You have 4 F bars, all you have to do now is drag your skills over, and you're done.

You can also either drag the corner of the 1 out to see all 4 bars or just press f12 to open them one by one.

And voila! you're done and ready to pvp or do whatever you do on gRO usually :P.

(It should work or you can get a refund of your 5mins or more).

Peace =]


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