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Guide To Renewal


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This guide will be updated further later. Please don't hesitate to post about any mistakes in the guide.

Introduction about Renewal

Renewal is basically an almost complete redesign of the Ragnarok gameplay mechanics in order to adjust them to current MMORPG standards. Ragnarok was developed many years ago and since then the gameplay mechanics of MMORPGs have drastically changed, you might say they've evolved. In order to possibly attract new players and keep older players Gravity introduced the Renewal system.

The new gameplay mechanics

There's quite a large number of changes with the gameplay, hence I will only be discussing those which I believe players will be primarily concerned with.

The full list of renewal changes can be found HERE

Additionally, Mahrze has also compiled a renewal guide which you can use in conjunction with this guide.

Physical and Magical Attack Formula

Both of these have changed however these formulas may be quite overwhelming for some players so I've left this out. For more information go HERE


A player's attack speed no longer takes into account weapon delay, instead a shield penalty is applied, (ASPD decreases when shield is worn). Each class has a different shield penalty. The full list can be found on the link above. Additionally all ASPD potions now only increases ASPD by a fixed amount, rather than a percentage of ASPD.


Like ATK weapons, upgrading MATK weapons now increase MATK per upgrade. The amount of increase depends on the level of the weapon.

  • Level 1: +2 per upgrade
  • Level 2: +3 per upgrade
  • Level 3: +5 per upgrade
  • Level 4: +7 per upgrade

% Damage Reductions

Critical attacks are now also affect by racial reduction such as Thara Frog, Beret etc.

Cast Times

Cast times have changed drastically. There are now two variables to consider that affect cast time.

  • Variable casting time: makes up 80% of the cast time
  • Fixed casting time: makes up 20% of the cast time

Variable Cast Time

Variable casting time is basically the casting time that you can reduce normally with dex and other casting time reducing items like Wing Staff, Beelzebub card etc. However variable casting time is no longer fully reduced by 150 dex. Instead a new formula is used to determine the variable cast time.

  • Variable casting time = DEX * 2 + INT
  • To completely reduce the variable cast time it must be AT LEAST 530

So based on the formula above, here are some examples of variable cast time.

  • 170 INT and 180 DEX: 180 * 2 + 170 = 530 << 0% VARIABLE CAST TIME
  • 190 INT and 170 DEX: 170 * 2 + 190 = 530 << 0% VARIABLE CAST TIME
  • 200 INT and 150 DEX: 170 * 2 + 190 = 500 << 6% VARIABLE CAST TIME

This would mean MAJOR adjustments in players' build in order to reduce the variable cast time, if they wish. A more suitable option would be NOT to reduce it completely and find other means of playing with the cast time.

Fixed Cast Time

To further add to players' instant cast struggle there is another part of the cast time called the "Fixed Cast Time". This cast time consists of 20% of the total cast time for a skill and it cannot be reduced via normal means such as: dex or int stat, wing staff, Beelzebub card etc.

The ONLY KNOWN WAY of reducing this portion of the cast time is via:

  • Sacrament: Arch Bishop skill, reduces fixed cast time by 50% for 180 seconds.
  • Radius: Warlock skill, reduces fixed cast time by 20% max, only affects the Warlock, passive skill
  • Enchanting equipment: random, reduces fixed cast time by 1%

So what does this all mean?

It's quite simple you'll never be able to achieve instant cast through any means. You can get VERY close but never instant. Let's take a look at some examples:



Warlock: 200 int, 165 dex, Radius maxed, Sacrament Buff, -5% fixed cast time from enchants.

Storm Gust Lv 10:

  • Total cast time: 15 seconds
  • Variable cast time: 15*0.8 = 12 seconds
  • Fixed cast time: 15*0.2 = 3 seconds

With the Warlock's stats, the variable cast time is reduced from 12 seconds to 0 seconds. With Radius, Sacrament and equipment enchant the fixed cast time is reduced from 3 seconds to 3*0.25 (75% reduction) = 0.75 seconds. Total cast time = 0.75 very fast cast time but still requires some help from an arch bishop. Without Sacrament you're looking at double that which is 1.5 seconds cast time.



Guillotine Cross: 150 int, 150 dex, no other buffs.

Soul Breaker Lv 10:

  • Total cast time: 0.7 seconds
  • Variable cast time: 0.7*0.8 = 0.56 seconds
  • Fixed cast time: 0.7*0.2 = 0.14 seconds

150 * 2 + 150 = 450/530*100 = 85% reduction of variable cast time

With the Guillotine Cross' stats, soul breaker would have a 0.56*0.15 = 0.08 seconds variable cast time and a 0.14 fixed cast time, totaling: 0.22 cast time for level 10 soul breaker.

MATK Equipment Changes

Several pieces of equipment have been changed. Instead of giving a MATK%, most now give fixed MATK increase. for the full list refer to the link above.

Skill Changes

There's quite a few skill changes made but again I will only discuss those which most players will primarily be concerned with. The full list can be found HERE


The recovery formula of heal has changed. On average it's lower than before. MATK now directly affects the amount you heal. However the weight of MATK in the heal formula has been lowered (new update)


The skill has been completely changed. It no longer reduces damage directly but instead doubles physical and magical defense.

Safety_Wall.pngSafety Wall:

It no longer blocks 10 hits, instead it will block (3*caster's HP) damage, if the damage dealt is higher than this the caster will absorb the remaining damage.

Energy_Coat.pngEnergy Coat:

Now reduces damage from both physical and magical attack.

Now has an unreducable 5 second cast time

Fire_Bolt.pngCold_Bolt.pngLightning_Bolt.pngBolt spells:

Casting times have been halved.

Thunderstorm.pngThunder Storm:

Now deals 100% of MATK instead of 80%

Storm_Gust.pngStorm Gust:

Damage increased from 500% MATK to 575% MATK at level 10.

Its chance to freeze has now changed, it has a 70% chance to freeze per hit at Lv 10.

Lord_of_Vermilion.pngLord of Vermillion:

Damage increased

Heaven%27s_Drive.pngHeaven's Drive:

Damage increased

Meteor_Storm.pngMeteor Storm:

Damage increased

Stave_Crasher.pngMagic Crasher:

Now takes into account both physical and magic attack power. However it is only reduced by the target's physical defense

Volcano.pngDeluge.pngWhirlwind.pngVolcano, Deluge, Violent Gale:

The skill no longer requires the character to be wearing the respective elemental armour to gain the bonus

Soul_Exhale.pngSoul Change:

The skill has been changed, it no longer absorbs 100% of SP but instead split the SP 50/50, from the target.

Grand_Cross.pngGrand Cross:

Now deals both physical and magic damage, and is reduced by both physical and magic defense

Holy_Cross.pngHoly Cross:

Damage dealt is double when using a Two Handed Spear

Soul_Destroyer.pngSoul Breaker:

The damage is no longer from Physical attack and INT, but instead both physical attack and magic attack. This means it can be reduced by both the target's physical and magical defense


The influence of the target's defense is not as large as before, meaning it has been weakend. Also applies to items/cards which use this formula = ice pick and Thanatos card

Mental_Strength.pngSteel Body:

It no longer modifies physical and magical defense, but instead it reduces all incoming damage to 1/10

Fury.pngCritical Explosion:

Sp recovery is not disabled anymore, but instead reduced to 50%


The evasion increase granted has been tripled.


The hit increase granted has been doubled.

Acid_Bomb.pngAcid Demonstration:

The skill is now influenced by both physical and magical attack power as well as the target's VIT. However this also means that it can be reduced by the target's physical defense and magical defense.

Acid_Terror.pngAcid Terror:

The skill now deals double damage, and is influenced by MATK, stats, equipment and target's VIT.

Throw_Huuma_Shuriken.pngThrow Huuma Shuriken:

The attack is now ground targeted, and hits all targets in a 3x3 area, damage is not split.

Lightning_Jolt.pngLightning Crash:

Is now a ground-targeted attack, rather than a self-centred attack

Flip_Tatami.pngReverse Tatami:

Increased attack power and pushback effect

Killing_Stroke.pngFinal Strike:

When cast HP is reduced to 1% instead of 1, the damage is also improved proportionate to the number of Mirror Images remaining. Approximately 2.5x more damage with 5 images remaining. This is from the skill Illusionary Shadow.

Wind_Blade.pngWind Blade:

Increased attack power


Here are some common questions players may have about Renewal:

Skill X is not working as stated or is not working at all

  • There have been a few known bugs and we are currently working on a fix for these bugs. Refer to THIS THREAD to view the current bugs or to report a bug.

Since there will be a cast time for most skills does that mean the price of Beelzebub cards would increase by a lot?

  • Not really, beelzebub card only affects the variable cast time NOT the fixed cast time. In other words it only affects the part of the cast time which can be reduced by DEX and INT. It may be worth more for classes looking to reduce this without int and dex, but it won't be expensive.

What about the price of kiels? With the cast time wouldn't kiel cards be useless now?

  • Kiel cards will be as useful as before. Kiel reduces the after-cast delay of the skill so that means if you take it off you will have your usual delay BUT you'll also have the cast time. For most skills it will look something like this: CAST > SKILL > DELAY. You shouldn't think of cast time and after cast delay as the same thing. If you wish to use skills as fast as possible then both should be reduced. Also note that some skills will have a fixed delay which cannot be reduced by kiel cards.

I'm still a little confused with the cast time, so you're saying even non-magic classes will have a cast time for their skills?

  • Yes, all skills which had a cast time (if dex < 150) will have a cast time now even if you have 200 dex. 150 Dex no longer gives you instant cast. Even 200 Dex will not give you instant cast. Instant cast is not possible at the moment (unless Gravity adds fixed cast time reductions). To achieve the same variable cast time reduction as pre-renewal you'd have to increase both dex and int stats.
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What is the best skill of Royal Guard?

I dont see a skill which can kill MVP's easily. D:

Any guides for Royal Guard?

Nice guide. :)

It's more about Team Work.

Royal Guard has been designed to "pull" MVP's to absorb the most damage.

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does this mean sac was purposely scraped off?

That is a bug, but you can't solo MVP's like you used to, Trust me, I have more HP than the average Pally. and Drake kills me with one Water Ball which does idk how many hits of 7k each.

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