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Donating & The Kafra Shop


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Donating & the Cash Shop


The instructions on how to donate to GatheringRO can be found here. You can also start the donation process on this page. All instructions are given.

Additional Information

  • Donation points are account bound - they cannot be traded
  • The points will not physically appear in your inventory
  • You can view your point balance in the Cash Shop when buying items
  • A lot of donation items are account bound, always check the item description in the first place

Cash Shop



The Cash Shop can be accessed at anytime from anywhere by clicking onto the Cash Shop icon at the top right corner of your screen. image.png

Here you can buy items for your cash points and view your point balance.
Please note that some items in the selection may vary over time. To view the information on each of the items available, click the links below.

Mini Boss Cards

900 Points

Sealed MvP Cards

1900 Points

MvP Cards

900 Points

1,000 Points

1,200 Points

1,600 Points

1,850 Points


300 Points

  • Cheesy Snack in Mouth
  • Watermelon Slice

350 Points

  • Nut Donut in Mouth

400 Points

  • Carrot in Mouth
  • Dark Age
  • Dragon General Helm
  • Handkerchief in Mouth
  • Skull Hood
  • Stem in Mouth
  • Sunglasses Baseball Hat
  • Wunderkammer

450 Points

  • Abacus in Mouth
  • Cherry Twig in Mouth
  • Leek in Mouth

500 Points

  • Asgard Blessing
  • CD in Mouth
  • Death Corsage
  • Injured Eyepatch
  • Rockabily Hair
  • Shaving Cream
  • Showy High Cap
  • Sloth Hat
  • Sweetheart Gum of Mouth
  • Yggdrasil Crown

550 Points

  • 24 Bolt
  • Teardrop

600 Points

  • Bouncing Skeggiold
  • Frog Prince Hat
  • Gozarian Hat
  • Hexagon Spectacles
  • Ignis Cap
  • Neko Mimi Kafra
  • Pussy Cat Bell
  • Rabbit Magic Hat
  • Shark Hat
  • White Feather
  • Yin Yang Earrings

650 Points

  • Ashura Fairy Hat
  • Devil's Bone Helm
  • Gigantic Majestic Goat
  • Lord of Death Helm
  • Necromancer's Hood
  • Power of Thor
  • Raven Cap
  • Red Beret
  • Sting Hat
  • Tear Drop
  • Wandering Wolf Hat
  • Wings of Victory

700 Points

  • 3D Glasses
  • Aries Diadem
  • Dark Knight Mask
  • Elephant Model Hat
  • Gorilla Model Hat
  • Lion Model Hat
  • Mercury Riser
  • Rhino Model Hat
  • Sigrun's Wings
  • Taurus Crown

750 Points

  • Black Devil's Mask

800 Points

  • Circlet of Kriemhild
  • Diadem of Brynhild
  • Helmet of Siegfried
  • Yggdrasil Herald Crown


There are a lot of costumes available.

The Costume category itself features costumes which stay for either a long period of time, or they're permanent.
Some of them are being moved into quests or other reward places where you can get them without donating later on.


The Limited Time section always features themed time limited costumes.
Once they're gone, you will have to wait at least for a full year before they will appear again.
Some of them have never appeared ever again since they've been featured in the time limited section!

Permanent Costumes

600 Points

800 Points Sorcerer Set

800 Points Sura Set

Forging Items

400 Points

  • Silvervine (10pcs)

500 Points

600 Points



50 Points

150 Points

250 Points

300 Points

    350 Points

    500 Points

    600 Points


    VIP Account

    Deluxe Upgrades


    If you have questions about donating and the Cash Shop which really aren't answered by anything above or any thread in the forum after having searched for the answer, leave the questions below. However, before asking questions, please really make sure that you have clearly read everything, it's common that people don't bother to read everything and skip to ask the question right away.

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    Awesome guide Mirri! I think you're missing High Wizard though on the 1850 points.

    Oh yeah, sorry. @[email protected]

    Earlier while writing the list I also noticed that I missed out Lord of Death and had to add it. I also wrote Grand Pedo Hairband at one point. >_>; That must have been my most epic typo of the day.

    Trust me, I never want to search our database for so many things again. It took hours.

    Added High Wizard.

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    Hi there, the instructions say we input the account name... does that refer to our gatheringro account name / game ID? or does it refer to name of charater? i know this might sound stupid but im just making sure coz it says no refunds.

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    • 4 months later...

    Question about donating....

    I read alot of it and it said 'Verfied' Paypal account. I went to paypal to check this verfied and we are required to enter our bank account.

    Does this mean I can't use a prepaid visa card to donate?

    Any GM answer will be appreciated


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