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Clown Guide V01

S i l h o u e t t e

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Very Basic Solo Clown Guide in WoE

•Aryt everyone I’ll keep this as simple, as short, and as basic as I can•

•Criticisms are allowed•

•Suggestions are allowed•

•I’m aiming for noobs to learn here, not for the pros since the pros know all of these already:D•

WARNING: As what I have entitled this guide, this guide focuses only on WoE.

Quick leveling Guide: (optional)


•Use Double Strafe all the way

•Counter monsters with elemental arrows to level faster

•Always use Attention Concentrate

•Avoid using Arrow Vulcan unless you have the equips to spam fast for it

•Avoid using Tarot Card

•Yggdrasils can help

•Just level up just like how Snipers do

•Use a Kkakkung Bow (castle drop) all the way, if not , then use any other bows you would like to try

Stat build for leveling:

Max out Dex

Agi around 160~just enough to get 195 atkspd

Luk all the way


Lvl 01~50 – porings and mukas (use fire arrows and any cheap bow)


Lvl 50~80 – monsters from @warp christmas_dun02 or @warp ice_dun01 (use wind arrows with a gakkung bow, panacaea)


Lvl 80~120 – ice_dun02 (use wind arrows with a gakkung bow or Kkakkung bow, panacaea)


Lvl 120+ – thor_dun01 (use crystal arrows with a +4gakkung bow with 2 vadon cards or kakkung bow, and use a pasana card for armor)


150+ - Once you can handle salamanders, quickly transfer to thor_dun03 with the same equips til you’re maxed out.


WoE Stat Build:



-Can control WoE pace using the linked skill Please Don’t Forget Me

-Despite having a Pure Defensive Status Build, you still have your best attack skill.

-Immune to almost all Negative Statuses

-Can still do serious effects, even when facing with GTB users

-Can do decent Ecalls for the guild

-You don’t need to be very rich

-Pallies can’t kill you that easily even w/o a GR or Devi

-Has a hax Flee-PD build

-Can be a good tanker and a good front liner

-Party independent


-Can inflict freeze status on party members when using the Frost Joke skill

-Needs Link

-Can be very vulnerable

-Flee-PD build is counterable

Str: 1

Agi: 200

Vit: all the way

Dex: *150* instant cast (includes attention concentrate, and bonuses)

Int: 1

Luk: 200

Build Justification:

-LOW STR, just make sure you don’t get overweight

-preferable build for WoE is the flee-dodge that’s why you MAX OUT AGI AND LUK

-with much LUCK, you can wear GR. Incase you get frozen, your time being frozen will be at the least period with high luk. Poisons won’t affect you much

-HIGH VIT bcoz its WoE. Best way to fight woe is how to survive 1st. Don’t worry about the icepicks, you can outrun them. Smart sinx who can’t hit you might do decent SBK, MA, and VD on you. Sinx who doesn’t have kiels might use Meteor Assault on you, they may still miss but once they have stun status in theyr weapons, stun status can bypass you. Stun Status will make clowns very vulnerable. Getting high vit will give you immunity or resistance to stun status.

-LOW DEX, your main attack will be Tarot Card of Fate, you won’t be needing much dex in woe.

Skill Build:

-Clown skill build ain’t that complicated to start with. Just don’t max out Mr Kim A Rich Man and you can get all the the skills you need for a Solo Clown.

Skills to Use During WoE (Active):

mn_tarot.gif Tarot Card of Fate= this will be your main offensive skill

br_frostjoke.gif Frost Joker= counters GR and Tao users

br_melodystrike.gif Musical Strike= last hitting coma-d enemies (w/o GTBs)

br_strings.gif Poem of Bragi = supports you (if linked) and your allies

br_tablature.gif A Whistle= supports you (if linked) and your allies

br_serenade.gif Dissonance= to reveal Stalkers using Chasewalk, and enemies using Hide

ar_concentrate.gif Attention Concentrate= your build depends on this skill, and to reveal hidden enemies

br_lutie.gif Apple of Idun= nice for sacing pallies and Tank LKs

Linked Skills:

dn_slowgrace.gif Please don’t Forget me= Yes, we can slow down enemy pace!

dn_gypsykiss.gif Service for You= strongly recommended for GTB users

dn_focusballet.gif Humming= just extra hit because of low dex

Item Build:

5308.gif Head [Top]: Brazil Hat or Helm of Hermes A.K.A Pikoy Helm! LOL

2201.gif?nocache=1553407499 Head[Mid]: Sunnies or any slotted headgear / nebula aura

2270.gif Head [bot]: Romantic Leaf / nebula aura

2387.gif Armor: Sprint Set (Mail)

2440.gif Boots: Sprint Set (Boots)

2524.gif?nocache=703751105Robe: +4vmant (the higher refinement, the better)

2744.gif Accessory 1: Sprint Set (Ring)

2703.gif?nocache=2136315242Accessory 2: Expert Ring

1901.gif Weapon: Violin [4] –Constant Switch—1223.gif?nocache=183126907 fortune sword

2115.gif?nocache=1272387386Shield: V. Shield

1179.gif Pet: Whisper

Item Build Justification:

-Why not neither the godly helms nor GDH? You need maximum speed to control the game. And yes, you can live w/o them!

-Sprint Set will really help you spam Tarot Card of Fate Skill

-+4 vmant is really enough for me

-Expert Ring to help spam Tarot Card of Fate Skill

-Violin is self explainable

-Fortune sword is a must! This is what you’ll wear when you’re on tarot mode

-V. Shield to have resistance on certain elements

-Whisper pet will help because there is a deduction of flee during WoE

Item Card Build:

Head [Top]: 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Kiel D-01, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Maya purple, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Gemini, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Grand Pecopeco

Head [Mid]: 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Kiel D-01, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Maya purple, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Gemini, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Grand Pecopeco

Head [bot]: [if using neb]: 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Kiel D-01, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Maya purple, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Gemini, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Grand Pecopeco

Armor: 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Marc, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Ghostring

Boots: 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Moonie (Must Have), 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Verit

Robe: 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Choco, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Raydric, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Deviling, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Assassin Cross

Accesorry1: N/A

Accesorry2: 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Horong, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Yoyo, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Smokie

Weapon: 4168.gif?nocache=1979830893 Seal, 4168.gif?nocache=1979830891 golem OR 4168.gif?nocache=1979830892 seal, 4168.gif?nocache=1979830891 Howard Stern, 4168.gif?nocache=1979830891 Golem

Shield: 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Flame Skull, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089 Thara Frog, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089GTB, 4168.gif?nocache=197983089Maya

Item Card Build Justification:

-Use 2 kiels for spamming Tarot Card of Fate

-I recommend putting mayapurple in an extra sunnies if you are using 2 kiels. Just to switch faster when cloaking enemies are around.

-Marc card is your 1st priority; GR is just the second one

-Use Choco to have extra PD and Flee, this will be your 1st priority for it will make normal attack and Sacrifice miss. Use devi when a champ comes near you or when a pally comes near you and you are unlinked. Assassin Cross card is very handy! This is self explanatory.

-Moonie is a MUST! Speed Speed Speed to control the game pace, to survive and to do whatever you can with that maximum speed!

-Horong is to reveal hidden enemies. Yoyo is to add extra PD and Flee. Smokie card is highly recommended when you don’t have much luxurious items and cards. Smokie card’s Hide is very handy during gangs, Storm Gusts, Meteor Assault, and many more. Or spam Hide when you are getting ganged badly!

-3 or 2 seal cards to add flee when you are slowing down enemies using Please don’t forget me skill. 1 howard stern to add hit because of low dex. 1 golem card for anti AD, WS card, and WS skills.

-GTB is Highly Recommended to save your link from getting dispelled. Anathema Statuses will still bypass enemies who will try to hit you despite the hax miss. Cranial and Maya card is for my anti- GRB. Cranial is obviously also for anti normal,anti-magic, and i think anti-all kinds of attacks, the -30% does not only mean for physical attacks.

To Sum up everything:

Affordable? Yes!


-I am giving you the cheapest alternatives I can think of.

-2 kiels + sprint set+ expert ring stack with Tarot Card of Fate

-The only MVP that I am requiring is Moonie- I’m very sure you can afford

-Only use GR and Devi when a champ comes near you. No need to worry about Sacrifice unless you are unlinked.

Main Roles in WoE:

-When your GL will do an Ecall, quickly do a 1 round song of everything to give your allies buffs.

-Who to tarot 1st: High Priests, GRB users, Linked Creos with GTBs, Breakers, LKs with parry builds. Basically you can tarot everyone but these are the ones you need to tarot 1st.

-Try your best to cast a whistle skill on emperium to support your breakers

-Slow enemies down using Please don’t forget me skill

-Clowns are Anti-Clowns and Anti-Gypsies

-Kill, Support, Defend

-Force GR and Tao users to use unfrozen by using Frost Joker Skill

-Entertain your guildXD

mn_tarot.gifTarot Card of Fate: Your Main Trump

1st, Learn your Tarot Cards: Don't be a Tarot noob by not knowing what your card does

“The Fool”


Reduces target's SP to 0

“The Magician”


Cuts target's MATK in half for 30 seconds.

“The High Priestess”


Removes all buffs on target

“The Chariot”


Deals 1000 DEF-ignoring damage to target. Randomly breaks one of target's armors.



Cuts target's ATK in half for 30 seconds.

“The Lovers”


Randomly teleports the target (on maps that allow teleport) and heals 2000 HP.

“Wheel of Fortune”


Randomly causes the effects of two other tarot cards.

“The Hanged Man” – Bypasses Marc, Detale, and Evil Druid Cards


Target is Frozen/Stone Cursed/Stop at 100% chance.



Target has Chaos effect for 30 seconds.

“The Devil”


Deals 6666 DEF-ignoring damage to the target, halves ATK and MATK for 30 seconds, and causes Curse.



Target gets Cursed, Coma'd, andPoisoned.

“The Tower”


Deals 4444 DEF-ignoring damage to the target.

“The Star”


Target is Stunned for 5 seconds

“The Sun”


Cuts target's ATK, MATK, Flee rate, HIT, and DEF by 20% for 30 seconds

Why use Tarot Card of Fate?

-Tarot dispel can bypass GTBs

-It can bypass unfrozens and Evil Druids (Theory)

-It can Burn up SP

-Coma ^^

-Despite facing GTB users, there are still a lot of statuses that you can effectively inflict on enemies.

-It can jerk you enemies on a single spot for a couple of seconds

-you can go pure defensive build because of this killing attack

-Can break random enemy equips

-Can break destructible shoes and robe even with FCP on

-Can instantly kill support HPs

-Can instantly kill enemies with no GTBs on

-Will force enemy to use GTB

-And many many more that I forgot to mention:D

Simple Tips:

Song changing:

-Instead of using bragi+adapt+apple+adapt+whistle+…pattern…

Use: bragi+fortune sword+instrument+apple+fortune sword+ instrument+whistle.. and so on…so the 3 seconds delay of adaptation won’t bother you much.


Easier Version and Recommended

(carry 2 violins): bragi+violin+apple+violin+whistle+...fortune sword -->make sure after the last song , fortune sword is the one equipped. -dreamerz

Battle Mode:

-Use the most comfortable Battle Mode.

-Relate Battle Mode to things familiar to you like… Example: I put my Cloak or Hide skill in (W) key which I can relate to wind walk, doppel walk, and etc..IN DOTA.LOL

-Align all your songs in a single bar to hasten your song switch


Spamming Tarot Card of Fate with 2kiels+bragi+Spint Set:

-1 single key isn’t enough for me to spam fast

-Try using 2 keys with 2 fingers spamming. (Needs Battlemode)

Example: I put Tarot on the 2nd Bar on (S) key and another on the 3rd bar (X) key. So when I spam tarot, I use (S) key and (X) key over and over again to get my maximum spam.

Note: this is just my way of getting the fast momentum! Hahaha you can have yours too!

br_frostjoke.gifUse Silent Frost Joker: Silhouette StyleXD

-Why use this?

1st-it will not give your guild a hard time to communicate

2nd-it won’t let enemies know you are casting Frost Joker.

Example: by the time enemies will be able to read your Jokes, they can quickly switch to unfrozen. That’s why you need to be silent ^^

How to do Silent Frost Joker:


This is how I format my Frost Joker:


1223.gif?nocache=183126907Fortune Sword: Your greatest attack mode

Always wear fortune sword when you have completed a round of your songs and when you are in tarot mode. The more defensive you are, the more you can do decent Tarot Cards.

Luck Issue on Tarot Card of Fate:

•Question: does putting 200luck on build affect the chance on casting Coma Card?

•Answer: No

To be continued…

Coming Soon:

•More images

•Will add missing sprites


•More colors

•Edit typos

•And many many more:D

•Clown Guide v02 [PvP]

Special Thanks to:

Pink Guild

Holly Enix- got some images from youXD

Helping Hands Guild



Hope you enjoyed my guide:D

~rock nd roll

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to make life more simple with ur switching weapons..

get 2 instruments of the same type.. eg. 2 violins.


Bragu>Violin>Apple>violin>Whistle>Fortune Sword.. see my point?

i also suggest using a lute, if u arent too into "weapon slots"

Reason~ it weights less than a violin.. can carry more, i dunno... panacea?

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to make life more simple with ur switching weapons..

get 2 instruments of the same type.. eg. 2 violins.


Bragu>Violin>Apple>violin>Whistle>Fortune Sword.. see my point?

i also suggest using a lute, if u arent too into "weapon slots"

Reason~ it weights less than a violin.. can carry more, i dunno... panacea?

i'm sure i tried this like months ago. the song still continued if the instrument was of the same kind. anyways, i tried it again, and yeah it worked:D thanks for this.


thank you for taking the time to read

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nice guide Dis... ehhe

haha Augustos Morrie!

nice guide^^

how about for gypsy??

are they just the same???

i have a link for you. il find it 1st. it was a guide long time ago. and uhm gypsy and clown got its differences. hehe

What do you mean 'Nice Guide' ?


It's complete and everything. xD

Three thumbs up! (yes, I have three. :()


hahaha lol.thanks vaughn

Hey Diston your guide comes when I stopped playing clown xD thanks man!

Anyway AWESOME!! Ya I read it :P


Yours Noil ~

Noil! lemme see you play clown.

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