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Professor Guide: Pvp Tactics


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This guide is currently incomplete.

Upcoming updates:


* Stalker tactics

* Miscellaneous tactics

* More pictures

* Videos

* Proof read, final version (Lol I got lazy to read over it >.<)

Aim: The aim of this guide is to share the secrets that many professors either don't know or hide from their fellow players.

Introduction: Professors are one of the deadliest classes in PvP. At first look it seems that they are mainly for support, however they are quite the opposite. From my experience they are probably the only class that can successfully defeat any other class if you play correctly. Professors come with a huge skill set consisting of both offensive and defensive spells. Professors can defend themselves from any class as well as deal powerful damage to anyone that dare challenge them. I have spent countless hours on PvP with a professor and here I will list precise tactics for handling a specific situation in PvP; whether it be an assassin using soul breaker or a sniper spamming charge arrow. Note however that these tactics are what I came up with throughout playing the game, there are of course alternative tactics in each situation but every player is different so you may experiment a little and see which one suits you best.

Before we get started, this guide may not be for someone who is just starting out as a professor. So I'm assuming that you know the basics of professor such as builds and basic equipment. However I will list builds and equipment changes if required for a tactic.

How To Use The Professor Skills:

spacer.png Cold Bolt

Comments: Some professors prefer cold bolt. This is a perfect alternative to fire bolt for those players using Pasana card.

When to use:

1. When you see your fire bolt damage reduced, immediately cast this spell. If the damage increases then continue to use until the opponent switches elements. It is very important to watch your damage on the opponent.
2. Some professors also use this as an alternative to fire bolt.
3. When you use spider web, but want to keep the enemy trapped this is a good alternative to fire bolt as fire damage breaks spider web.

Combo: Deluge, Wall of Fog, Spider Web, alternate bolt spells


spacer.png Deluge

Comments: Make this one of your primary AoE boosting spells (this one is my primary). IT IS THE ONLY ONE of the three AoE boosting skills that stacks with wall of fog. Don't be fooled by the camera angle if you cast wall of fog first then either deluge, volcano or violent gale, both effects WILL NOT stack. If you twist your camera to a bird's eye view you will see that the wall of fog area does not have the AoE effect on it. You must cast Deluge first and then wall of fog in order for them to stack. This skill also provides wizards with a catalyst for their Waterball skill.

When to use:

1. Whenever you wish to double the duration of wall of fog
2. Boosting cold bolt damage
3. Providing the water catalyst for a wizard's water ball
4. Assisting an ally wearing water armour. Deluge increases their maximum HP

Combo: Wall of Fog, Cold Bolt

Correct Stacking: Deluge was cast first followed by wall of fog, thus allowing them to stack.

Incorrect Stacking: Wall of fog was cast first followed by deluge, you can see that there is a "hole" in the deluge highlighted by the red line. The wall of fog will not get the x2 duration bonus from Deluge.


spacer.png Dispell

Comments: One of the most useful and unique spells for professors. Dispell is absolutely essential in almost all PvP situations. Who doesn't want to remove the enemy's buffs at 100% success rate?

When to use:

1. Whenever possible, use on players that usually rely on buffs to win the battle: Linked Priests, Linked SB Sinx, Linked Creators, CT Whitesmith, Knights, Paladins, Professors, Snipers, Clown/Gypsy
2. When players are devoted.

Combo: All other skills, dispell can be used as a starting spell at a duel.


spacer.png Double Casting

Comments: It is vital to have this buff active at all times. This is the only skill that makes it possible for a GRB professor to kill a 200 Vit linked, GTB, pitch spamming creator.

When to use:

1. ALL THE TIME. Recast it before big battles and when you are waiting for your enemy to return to PvP. Always have this skill active.

Combo: All bolt skills


spacer.png Fire Bolt

Comments: The primary damaging skill for professors. Fire bolt is chosen because of the higher damage output it is capable of.

When to use:

1. When the enemy is wearing undead armour or is stone cursed or is wearing a Sandman card, spider web, cast volcano and cast away!
2. This should be your primary damaging spell. Coupled with the combo above and the correct boosting equipment your damage can reach 60k+ per bolt. Yes, that's PER BOLT.

Combo: Stone Curse, Spider Web, Volcano


Fire_Wall.png Fire Wall

Comments: One of the forgotten mage spells. Most players don't realize the effectiveness of fire wall in a PvP situation and how much this skill can save your life.

When to use:

1. When a fighting a hidden player, by walking through your firewalls they cannot reach you. This also stalls them giving you enough time to destroy them with fire bolt.
2. When a paladin is chasing you trying to use Sacrifice. This will push them away and you can bolt them safely from behind the fire wall.
3. When you're inside Wall of Fog and want to push your enemy out of Wall of Fog. If the enemy is in wall of fog it will prevent you from casting single target spells (such as bolts) at 75% fail rate, so push them out with fire wall when necessary!
4. This can be used to trap your enemy in a corner.

Combo: Wall of Fog, Volcano

1. Firewall can be used to push other professors out of Wall of Fog

2. Firewall can be used to trap opponents in a corner

3. Firewall can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. To place horizontally cast firewall below you. To place vertically cast firewall beside you. To place diagonally cast firewall on your upper left/right or lower left/right.


1. Cast firewall on cloaking players chasing you

2. If cast at the right time the hidden player will get knocked off and revealed. This will be your chance to spam fire/cold/lightning bolt.


Indulge.pngHealth Conversion

Comments: This ensures you never run out of SP, by converting some of your health to SP. Be careful when using it though it is preferred to just soul change enemies to conserve some of your HP.

When to use:

1. When there is no one around to soul change and Sp has reached a dangerously low level. <100 SP

Combo: N/A


Heaven's_Drive.png Heaven's Drive

Comments: The professor's primary area of effect spell. This is a great way of stalling sinx's or pallies chasing you and a great way to damage multiple players attacking you at once. This skill is necessary for Maya users

When to use:

1. When your enemy is using Maya.
2. When you are getting ganged by multiple players
3. A great earth element spell if the enemy is using wind armour
4. Use this to reveal cloaking players from a distance or stalkers at chase walk.
5. Used to stall players chasing you. By stalling them you give yourself a few seconds to switch equipment or use another spell.

Combo: Thunderstorm


Magnetic_Earth.png Land Protector

Comments: The only skill that safely eliminates AoE spells.

When to use:

1. When a wizard is spamming AoE spells on you.
2. To cancel another professor's Land Protector.
3. To remove other AoE buffs and defenses such as fire wall, fire pillar, volcano, deluge, violent gale, wall of fog, spider web, basillica etc.
4. When you have 2 wall of fog active or multiple spider webs, use land protector to clear em out so that you can cast fresh ones.

Combo: N/A


Lightning_Bolt.pngLightning Bolt

Comments: Another alternative bolt to fire and cold. This bolt is a little more effective because if your enemy is smart they will use Aqua Armour to eliminate both Fire and Cold bolt damage. Most professors only have fire and cold bolt. So enemies don't worry about Lightning. This skill will be a nice surprise for them /gg.

When to use:

1. When the enemy switches to a water elemental armour.
2. When under violent gale

Combo: Violent Gale, other bolt spells


Magic_Rod.pngMagic Rod

Comments: One of the most important professor skills. This skill makes you COMPLETELY invincible against single target spells. This includes all professor and wizard single target spells AS WELL AS ALL NINJA SPELLS. This doesn't work for stone curse though.

When to use:

1. When you are being attacked by single target spells. Casting Land Protector and spamming Magic Rod makes you completely immune to all wizard spells (except magic crasher). That is if they are dumb enough not to cast ganbantein
2. USE ONLY WHEN YOU ARE NOT WEARING GTB. Magic Rod stacks with Maya card, meaning no single target spells will hit you BUT it still has a 50% chance of reflecting. This DOES NOT WORK IF YOU ARE WEARING GTB, so be careful for opponents with GRB.
3. This skill also stacks with wall of fog. So you can spam this inside wall of fog if you want to nullify single target spells further.

Combo: Wall of Fog, Maya Card, Frus Card, Orlean's Server, Cat'O'Nine Tails Card, Land Protector

Magic Rod stacking with Maya card


Soul_Siphon.pngSoul Burn

Comments: Burns the enemy's entire SP! This is quite risky however so use it with caution. Ensure that your Soul Burn is at level 4, level 5 damages the enemy as well and it may sound like a good thing but if your enemy is frozen, a lvl 5 soulburn will burn their SP and break them free from the ice! (or stone). Level 4 soul burn will only burn their SP thus preventing the ice/stone from being broken.

When to use:

1. Use it if you feel that your HP is higher than your enemy's therefore if it does fail you can just sit and recover some SP back and soul change.
2. Use only if you are not occupied with multiple enemies. It is very risky if you fail and with no SP and 5 people chasing after you, it is very hard to win.
3. Use against priests or creators especially. These classes are usually heal spammers and you simply CANNOT win if you don't delay their healing by burning their SP.

Combo: Soul Change


Soul_Exhale.pngSoul Change

Comments: An extremely useful skill that switches your SP with your target. If you have low SP drain your enemy's entire SP! WARNING: This skill is getting changed in renewal. The drained SP will be divided in half among the two participants. So you only gain half of the SP.

When to use:

1. When you are low on SP, such as after soul burn
2. When you want to drain some of your enemy's SP

Combo: Soul Burn


Fiber_Lock.pngSpider Web

Comments: A very useful skill for trapping enemies and doubling firebolt damage

When to use:

1. To trap Paladins, WARNING: Gospel removes the spider web trap so watch out for that!
2. Use on an stone cursed player to double fire bolt damage
3. Use in conjunction with cold bolt to keep enemies trapped and damage them without breaking the web. You can also use Lightning bolt but DO NOT USE fire if you intend on keeping them trap. Fire damage will burn the spider web.

Combo: All bolt spells


Stone_Curse.pngStone Curse

Comments: A very useful skill for delaying an enemy and adding to your fire bolt damage

When to use:

1. This is part of the fire bolt combo. Stone Curse > Wait for them to turn black (element changes to earth 1) > Use spider web > Volcano > Cast Fire Bolt
2. Against creators and priests who spam heal and are wearing Maya. This is one of the most crucial spells for defeating a Maya, heal spamming priest. This coupled with soul burn will delay their heal enough for you to overtake their spam.
3. Use ONLY when the enemy is not already stone cursed. Using stone curse again will cure them ...
4. You can also use stone curse to check what your opponent is wearing. If stone curse fails they could be wearing Evil Druid or Medusa Card. If evil druid use yggdrasil leaf to end their life or spam firebolt, If Medusa, spam fire bolt, since they wouldn't be wearing maya if they are wearing Medusa. However watch out for Frus, Cat'O'Nine Tails, and Orleans server users.

Combo: Fire bolt, Volcano



Comments: An alternative to Heaven's Drive it deals slightly higher damage and uses a different element. The reason why this skill is important is because some enemies are smart enough to switch elemental armours it is better to have multiple AoE elements at your hand, especially if they are also using maya ...

When to use:

1. When under violent gale this can be used for maximum damage.
2. If the enemy is using water armour and maya this would be a safe skill to use.

Combo: Heaven's Drive


Whirlwind.pngViolent Gale

Comments: Useful for boosting lightning elemental damage. This is probably the least important AoE boosting skill.

When to use:

1. When you want to deal extra damage with lightning bolt or thunder storm
2. This also increases flee if wearing wind armour, perfect for those using a flee build.

Combo: Lightning Bolt, Thunderstorm



Comments: Essential for boosting fire bolt damage. It's not as useful as Deluge IMO, but it is important for the fire bolt combo, when dealing maximum damage.

When to use:

1. During the fire bolt combo: Stone Curse > Spider Web > Volcano > Fire Bolt

Combo: Fire bolt, Stone Curse, Spider Web


Blinding_Mist.pngWall of Fog

Comments: The most useful skill from the Professor's skill set. I usually always have this skill on me especially when fighting multiple people at once. It makes ALL non ground target skills fail (including DS, SB, SBK) at 75% chance, reduces ranged damage by 75%, reduces ranged HIT by 50 and causes blind status to enemies inside. This also stacks with Safety wall AND Deluge AS WELL AS FIRE WALL!!

When to use:

1. When fighting a sniper. This skill becomes crucial. Their damage will be severely reduced and their attempt to cast attack skills such as DS and Sharshooting will fail a LOT
2. When fighting clowns using GTB, if you have GRB this will make you vulnerable to the Death card, YOU MUST cast wall of fog on yourself to delay their casting by making their tarot fail. This should give you enough time to kill them.
3. When fighting Paladins using the shield boomerang freeze and sacrifice tactic, cast WoF and safety all over the wall of fog area. This way you can move around the wall of fog area freely without worrying about sacrifice. This will also delay their shield techniques giving you enough time to kill them.
4. When fighting soul breaker sinxs. There are various techniques soul breaker sinx's use this will be covered in detail in the next section
5. When fighting professors that spam bolts
6. When getting ganged. Cast: Deluge > Wall of Fog > Safety Wall and Firewall on yourself. The fire wall will push some enemies away. The Wall of fog will protect against ranged and single target spells. The safety wall will protect from melee close range attackers. Use your extra fire walls to push those close ranged attackers away!

Combo: Deluge, Safety wall, Fire Wall


1. Cast deluge

2. Cast wall of fog

3. Cast safety wall

4. Cast firewall on the cell you are standing on

5. Cast two firewalls on your left and right side

This should protect you from most players. You can also remain cloaked inside this "fortress".

The Tactics

This section will illustrate certain situations in PvP that a professor may find themselves in. I will provide some tactics that can be used to combat the enemy. In depth strategies will be given so if you don't like reading WALLS OF TEXT this may not be for you. I will be as user friendly as I can and provide pictures wherever necessary.

This section will be divided by classes and the situations that each class may present to us (the professor).

Note: I'm assuming that you have GRB if you are fighting against a GTB user.

The following is based on a professor with the following stats and equipment:

STR: 50-70

AGI: 120-150

VIT: 100-120

INT: 180-200

DEX: 150

LUK: 120-160

Headgear: BVH [Kiel Card]

Middle headgear: Sunnies [Kiel Card/Maya Purple Card]

Lower headgear: Sagering [High Wizard card]

Armour: Diablos Robe [Marc Card/Ghostring Card]

Weapon: Warlock Battle Wand/Speedy Recovery Wand

Shield: Valkyrie Shield [GRB/Maya/Thara Frog/GTB]

Garment: Valkyrie Manteau [Assassin Cross Card]

Shoes: Tidal Shoes [Fallen Bishop Hibram Card]

Accessory L: Expert Ring [imp Card]

Accessory R: Expert Ring [imp Card].

Usual equipment I have on upon entering PvP.

The specifications above are the base professor that I will be using in this scenario. Different builds can react differently to each situation. There are also various equipment requirements that is needed for a specific tactic.



Before the fight CAST WALL OF FOG and Safety wall on yourself. Wear a STRONG SHIELD. This should prevent the knight from knocking you out of Wall of Fog with magnum break, charge attack and bowling bash. Don't be too scared of their Bowling Bash damage. Wall of Fog will make their skill fail most of the time, enough for you to destroy them. If you're getting too much damage cast Fire Wall on yourself and push the knight out with fire wall.

Lord Knights may use one of the following shields against you: GTB, Maya, Cranial.

If GTB: Wear GRB and spam fire bolt. Don't be afraid most knights don't wear extra reflect equipment. If you don't have GRB this battle is over.

If Maya: Spam heaven's drive and stay inside wall of fog! Dispel them whenever necessary to remove extra buffs and soul burn them when you get the chance.

If wearing Cranial: this should be an easy battle just spam fire bolt combo and win.


If during the battle the knight uses berserk you have two options:

  • 1. Don't Dispell the knight: If you choose this option I suggest you have a cloaking card and cloak yourself away from danger whenever the knight tries and attacks. Just spam firebolt/heaven's drive on them until they die and push them away with fire wall. Without dispelling them you have to kill a higher HP knight but one that will die easily.
    2. Dispell the knight: Dispelling the knight will recover their HP back fully. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. If you think you can kill them fast enough before their SP recovers then dispel them, however if not they will surely berserk again and repeat the process until your HP has depleted. In such a case just stick to option 1.


In my point of view there are two types of Paladins.

Type A: Sacrifice everything in my path!

This paladin is usually one of those that just COMPLETELY relies on Sacrifice to kill their opponent.

If you are fighting a Type A paladin just chuck on Ghost, Deviant and Cranial to win. If you don't have such luxuries use Safety Wall, and spam till they die.

Make sure you have Energy Coat active!

Most of these paladins are dumb enough not to realize safety wall protects from Sacrifice. For an even better tactic: Cast safety wall first and then cast Volcano over it. This will hide safety wall and they will think you don't have safety wall on! [Credits to: Holly Enix for this tactic]

Be warned though some of these mass produced paladins have learnt to use Marina/Stormy Knight card. If that's the case it is better for you to just wear unfrozen instead of ghost.

Type B: Reserve Sacrifice until absolutely necessary!

These paladins are those that tend to rely on other skills such as pressure, shield chain and shield boomerang and use Sacrifice only when necessary.

Because such skills can be a pain it is vital to use Wall of Fog. There are various scenarios that can occur. Here's a few:

  • > Paladin uses shield charge to knock you out of wall of fog: Use Strong shield whilst in wall of fog to prevent being knocked out.
    > Paladin spams shield chain/boomerang: soul burn them and spam attack spells, use Erendee Ebecee card if possible, be careful with this card though if it casts pneuma you won't be able to cast safety wall
    > Paladin spams pressure: wall of fog will reduce the number of hits you get receive from pressure, cloak > firebolt, cloak > firebolt repeat.
    > Paladin walks away from you to lure you out of wall of fog: DO NOT FOLLOW THE PALADIN. Instead hide/cloak whilst in safety wall and wall of fog and he will eventually come back to sight you.
    > Paladin hits you normally until your safety wall runs out: push them away with fire wall, until they are out of wall of fog and spam fire bolt or HD.
    > Paladin uses LoD to try to coma you: wear GTB or if you don't have one stay inside SW and WoF at ALL TIMES. If he does get coma, use panacea straight away, sit down to recover some SP and go on full defensive mode (cloak and run away from the opponent).


It seems like it's the end but it really isn't. Just maintain safety wall and MAKE SURE THEY DON'T HIT YOU. They will eventually slip up and hit you while your in safety wall wasting their sacrifice. Just cloak and delay them with heaven's drive if they get close and push them away with fire wall.

Alternatively, you can switch to PD equipment and watch them miss.


I have a separate build for duelling paladins that use this strategy. Because LUK reduces the amount of time you are frozen switch your stats to 200 LUK and you can safely wear ghost. Maintain your distance from the paladin and watch your ice break just as they are about to sac you. This gives you enough time to recast safety wall.


Apart from finding someone to help, you can still do pretty decent damage against them. Simply push the creator away from the paladin with fire wall to break devotion. Dispell will not work if they are wearing GTB.

Your first target should be the Creator, if he doesn't switch to maya, spamming Fire Bolt will overtake his pitch and kill him. Now in order for your fire bolt to overtake his pitch you MUST have: 2 kiels, diablos robe, 2 expert rings, 1 speedy recovery wand: total -95% delay reduction. Double Casting must also be active.

This is not an easy battle if you are alone. You will need a LOT of fire walling to keep the paladin away while you deal with the creator. Once one of them dies it's only a matter of dealing with the other via normal attack spells.

If the creator does switch to maya dispell ASAP, and cast stone curse. Kill the paladin and deal with the creator after. Creators may also use other reflect equipment in conjunction with GTB so beware.


For a perfect dodge build you must have enough Luck in order to achieve 100PD. For me I can usually achieve 100PD with the following set up:


LUK: 115


Weapon: Fortune Sword

Garment: +8 Valkyrie Manteau

Accessory: Expert Ring [Yoyo Card] x2



Without whistle it should be around 65 PD, if you switch to 200 LUK it would be around 75 depending on your equips.



A typical fight with a wizard should be very easy. Simply cast Land Protector and spam magic rod. But what you can do is tap both your fire bolt/HD button and your magic rod button. This allows you to cast and absorb at the same time. Here's a few scenarios:

> Wizard uses Ganbantein: simply cast land protector again and you should be fine
> Wizard uses maya and uses your own LP to protect from AoE spells: stone curse them, remove LP and spam Heaven's Drive. move LP away before you break them so that they are susceptible to AoE spells. Repeat this process.
> Wizard uses Ice Wall to protect themselves: DO NOT GET CAUGHT INSIDE ICE WALL. Cast LP on the wizard to prevent him from casting on himself. Stone curse and firebolt spam. If he is already in the ice wall fortress. Stay away from him and let him come out of there. Firebolting the thing is useless.
> Wizard casts quagmire on you: immediately walk out of the quagmire area of effect and cast LP straight away. While walking out cast Magic Rod, the wizard may want to push you back into quagmire.

Wizards are one of the easiest classes to beat with a professor. Professors have anti wizard skills. You don't need GTB to win, in fact you might even lose if you have GTB and they have GRB. Remember Magic Rod DOES NOT STACK WITH GTB!



Fighting a professor is fun because it's sort of like fighting yourself. Some may be skilled enough to kill you if they know the same tactics so watch out. Before we begin HP is a huge factor in determining the winner of this battle so make sure you have as much HP as possible. This may mean switching to a VIT build, for HP. HP is not the only factor though, so even if the professor is wearing Tao Gunka you can still beat them. The key to success is how fast you can switch equipment. I highly recommend you keep at least all your armours and shields the same and have it in one shortcut.

For equipment I suggest the following during the fight:

Headgear: True sight for Cloacking profs
Body: Diablos Robe [Frus Card, Pasana Card, Marc Card, Agav Card, Swordfish Card, Dokebi Card]
Shields: Valkyrie's Shield/Orlean's Server [Reflect and Plasterer (Medusa Card)], you can use GTB but what's the fun on using that >.<
Garment: Naght Sieger Flame Manteau/Wool Scarf [Dustiness Card, Jakk Card, Hode Card, Sinx Card] or Asprika
Shoes: Tidal Shoes [FBH]
Accessory: Expert Ring [imp Card]

Depending on the situation you should be switching between Reflect and Medusa. If the professor comes closer it means they are about to use stone curse, switch to Medusa and spam magic rod. If they are further away they will likely use fire bolt or heavens drive. Switch to maya, cast LP and spam magic rod.

Here are a few situations:

> Professor soul burns you: sit down immediately, to recover some SP. Cloak away. Soul Change and proceed to stone curse them
> Professor stone cursed you: they will likely use fire bolt or spam heaven's drive if they think you have reflect. To protect yourself from heaven's drive wear Hode Card and Pasana to reduce the damage. Quickly switch out of Pasana card as soon as you are out of stone curse. Cloak away if you need time to switch.
> Professor casts LP to counter your HD: spam LP to cancel theirs until they stop and stone curse them.
> Professor casts magic rod to counter your single target spells: soul burn them and immediately stone curse if successful, if you fail refer to soul burn strategy above. You can also cast HD if they are out of LP.
> Professor casts Wall of Fog to protect from your bolts: Use fire wall to push them out or just spam HD. You can just cast LP too if you wish, but it may restrict you from following up with an AoE spell.

Always dispell the professor. If you are dispelled and you need to reactive your double casting, do so ONLY when they are stone cursed.


If the other professor chose to wear GTB, wear your GRB, this will make you susceptible to all single target spell and they have an advantage since their spells will hit 100%. To counter this wear Frus Card with Orlean's Server some of their FB will be reflected. You can also spam both Magic Rod and Fire Bolt. Magic Rod does stack with GRB.



Snipers will either use DS, Sharpshooting or Normal Ranged Attack. Firstly wear an erendee ebecee card for protection. Wear strong shield to prevent them from pushing you away if you choose to get closer. Finally once you get close cast WoF and simply fire bolt them to death.

Strong shield is crucial here because Arrow Shower is a quick way to push you out of Wall of Fog it is a ground based spell meaning it never fails. Snipers may also push traps towards you if you get too close. Here are a few scenarios:

> Sniper uses charge arrow/arrow shower: wear strong shield and approach them.
> Sniper uses Maya Card and spam falcon assault: dispell them, soul burn, wear ghost, cast WoF on yourself, spam HD. Spider web them if they try to run away.

It is quite easy to switch elements for sniper so guessing which element he's using is useless. For extra protection you can also wear Horn Card and alligator cards if possible. Watch out for snipers with Thana, if you are a vit build immediately wear Grimtooth and use Aloe Vera to reduce your defense. Wall of Fog will always help.


This strategy involves using stone arrows and using shockwave traps after to drain your SP. To counter this simply wear a Medusa card on a strong shield and you should be fine. Also make sure to wear unfrozen all the time since most snipers also use SK card in conjunction with stone arrows.



A typical Clown/Gypsy simply gets a link, spams tarot and hopes for Coma card. There are other cards you need to watch out for though: more specifically the Joker card, it drains all of your SP and that split moment you don't have SP could mean your death.

Wear GTB when fighting Clown/Gypsys to prevent cheap kills. If you don't have GTB or if they are wearing GTB (but you have GRB), simply cast wall of fog on yourself. Make sure you also have a strong shield handy. There are weapons that will push you out of wall of fog and arrow shower as well.

It is essential for you to stay inside Wall of fog to reduce the number of tarots on you. Whenever possible cloak after casting a spell to reduce the number of successful tarots further. It's only a matter of spamming fire bolt until they die.

They may eventually switch to maya, in that case dispell immediately and stone curse them. The rest should be easy.


Wall of Fog, Erendee Ebecee Card, Strong shield.



A priest will more than likely spam Heal, giving them an infinite amount of HP. In order to defeat them your damage output must be higher than their heal. Before beginning each fight dispell the priest to remove their link. They won't be using GTB since they won't be able to heal if they do. To prepare for the fight you may also want to wear Angeling Armour. Here are a few scenarios:

> Priest uses maya: soul burn the priest, stone curse them, spam HD. This will give you an advantage since they won't have SP and they are stone cursed. Priests usually cast Magnificat after so make sure you keep them stone cursed!
> Priest is immune to stone curse: priests would usually use Medusa since they are using one it means they don't have maya equipped therefore just spam fire bolt and they should be dead in no time. You need to have -95% delay reduction for this to be successful and also double casting active.
> Priest has recovered some of its SP back: use soul burn again, stone curse and repeat until you win. You MUST use stone curse or else the damage output is simply not enough to kill them. Unless you have mind breaker.


There are very few around, I've only seen one. There's not really any problem with this enemy just stay inside WoF and Safety wall. Push them away with fire wall and keep them stone cursed.



Whether they use Asura or FO, always keep WoF and Safety wall active. They will more than likely push you out of WoF or safety wall with palm push strike. Counter that with a Strong Shield and watch their skills fail.

Sometimes it's hard to target these champs as they are either out of reach for firebolt/HD or they constantly body relocate all over the place. A good trick to get the champ near you is to cloak. They will cast Ruwach, body relocate towards you to reveal you and body relocate out of Wall of fog.

This is your chance to attack. If your timing is correct spam HD at the exact moment they reveal you and cloak back. Repeat this process until the champ gives up from running or they die. It will likely be the latter.

Here are some common scenarios:

> Champ spams finger offensive: WoF and Erendee Ebecee card if necessary
> Champ uses Palm Push Strike to push you out of wall of fog: wear a strong shield and firewall them if they continue to spam the skill. They won't be able to spam anyway since you should be inside wall of fog.
> Champ uses Asura Strike: wall of fog will make asura fail often and if it does succeed you should be on safety wall so it's a failed attempt either way.

It is also important to dispel champs when necessary. This removes their spheres meaning they can't Asura you or spam FO. You can also soul burn them as usual.



Whitesmith in PvP mainly use cart termination. Always keep them dispelled. Cart Termination requires cart boost to be active, since dispell gets rid of Cart Boost they won't be able to use Cart termination. If they have GTB, use spider web to keep them away, put on GRB and fire bolt spam from afar.

Be careful of their hammer fall if you don't have enough VIT you will likely get stunned. Those few seconds stunned could mean death if you're not properly prepared. Stay inside SW and keep WoF active to counter this scenario. You can also equip Orc Hero card to prevent stun, or get 200 VIT.

Getting 200 VIT may be risky though since most whitesmiths either have an Ice Pick or a Thana card. Also be careful of meltdown. It will break your armour so wear Valkyrie Armor for this fight or just get FCP.



Creators almost always wear GTB. Therefore you cannot win this battle unless you have GRB. If the creator wants to play with you and not wear GTB, dispell them, stone curse, fire bolt/HD and repeat.

It is important to note that a 200 VIT creator with a link, GTB and proper equips cannot be killed unless you are using maximum delay reduction and double cast. Therefore it is important to wear: 2x Kiel, Diablos Robe, Speedy Recovery Wand, 2x Expert Ring.

You must also keep a very close eye on your damage. If your damage falls below normal use a different bolt. Switching bolts is necessary to win.

There are various scenarios to watch out for:

> Creator spams Acid Demonstration: This skill will break your Diablos Robe so make sure you carry a spare Ghost Valkyrie Armour or get FCP before the match. To reduce the likeliness of this happening, cast Deluge, Wall of Fog and spam at the creator. If you are spamming fire bolt on him he will be busy pitching and not using Acid Demo
> Creator uses Acid Terror to freeze you: stay inside wall of fog, i've said this about 100 times in this guide. It is vital. Distract him to get him to stop using acid terror. This involves spamming fire bolt; use fire wall and whatever is necessary.
> Creator uses meteor storm from the Red NS blade to damage you: DO NOT CAST LAND PROTECTOR. This is their attempt to get you to remove your wall of fog. Instead just remove deviant or quickly switch to GTB or quickly wear swordfish card until they stop.


There are some creators that use plant cultivation to distract you from targetting them thus giving a quick time for recovery. It is more difficult to defeat these creators because you must be constantly spamming on them to overtake their potion pitch. To deal with this DO NOT kill the plants. Simply push them away with fire wall and wait for the creator to step away from them.

If that doesn't work spam Thunder storm, since those plants are immune to wind element. It will damage the creator but not the plants. This is a difficult battle and involves careful targetting.



Despite the type of sinx most don't wear a shield so it's easy to spam fire bolt. However there are a few that use a blade and a shield or a dagger and a shield. These are some to watch out for.

Dual Dagger Type

Do NOT let these sinx's get close to you. If they can stun lock you it may be the end. However if they do manage to start attacking you it's not the end. There are various ways to deal with them:

1. If you are wearing the -95% reduction equipment, your fire bolt speed/damage should be fast enough to kill them before they kill you.
2. Use firewall to continually block them away from you. They will use backslide to get "through" firewall. In this case just cloak and let them use meteor assault. Once they use meteor assault it's your chance to spam fire bolt from afar.
3. Some might decide to wear undead or RSX to prevent fire wall push back. You can still delay them by using heaven's drive. A good tactic is to cast heaven's drive slighty behind you but in front of the sinx so it appears in between you two. You'll almost never miss and it delays the sinx and possibly kill him before he reaches you.
4. Keep wall of fog and safety wall active if they get close. Push them out of wall of fog if they are inside.
5. If they do manage to start attacking you, try to get away with cloaking and spam HD>Fire Bolt
6. If you are stun locked, switch to pest card armour or demon pungus armour to stone curse them or put them to sleep. This will give you time to recuperate if you need to
7. If all else fails and you are still stun locked just spam fire bolt like crazy and they should die before you if you can spam fast enough.


1. Be careful with wall of fog. If you use it and the sinx is inside it all your single target spells have a chance of failing as well.

2. You can see my fire bolts failed.

3. To counter this cast firewall on the cell the sinx is standing on and spam fire bolt after he/she has been fully pushed out of wall of fog.

Sonic Blow Type

Dispell straight away. This will remove their link and severly reduce their damage. If somehow you didn't manage to dispell them just use safety wall, wall of fog and fire wall tactic to keep them away. Follow it with fire bolt spam and they will go down easily.

Soul Breaker Type

Cast WoF. Wear Erendee Ebecee card if possible. DO NOT STEP OUT OF WALL OF FOG. This will give the SBK sinx an advantage. Let them come near you and spam fire bolt or HD. If they are in the wall of fog they may use meteor assault and kill you that way. Push them out with fire wall. If they cannot be pushbacked cloak out of wall of fog and setup another wall of fog.

Make sure you walk far enough to ensure they are out of first wall of fog. Fire bolt them from afar once the second wall of fog has been set.

It's likely that they will use venom dust to drain some of your HP. WoF does NOT protect you from this. DO NOT CAST LAND PROTECTOR either. This is just one of their tactics to get you to remove wall of fog. Simply counter the poison with detoxify via poporing card.







Dark Priest Card Users:

Soul Linker/Kaite Users:

Thanks to: Holly Enix (for guide insipiration =p), iroWiki (for the icons), ratemyserver (various information)

Finally I welcome all comments, criticisms and suggestions. Thanks and hope this will help other professors out there ^^

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nice guide i forgot about strong shield.. :P


what if i dont have the same equipment like you have there... what if i dont even have a single mvp card in my pocket how can i defend my self to those harmful warriors...

and if i do not posses the grb card on my shield what can i do instead? to those gtb users...

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Thanks for the reply guys!

@ kronz

Fighting a GTB user is close to impossible without GRB. Especially if the player you are fighting is skilled. Your best option is to team up with another player and try to get them to remove GTB. For example if you are fighting a SBK GTB user, you can stay inside WoF and try to strip his/her weapon but what will that do if they have FCP (which most players will do)? You can try to switch to a semi-melee professor but their damage output would still be higher than yours, not to mention they will almost certainly have more HP than you. I'm not saying you can't beat a GTB user, I'm just saying their chances of winning is significantly greater than yours. Here are some specific things you can try per class:

Knights: If they berserk just hide and wait till they die. If not this battle is again close to impossible. Their HP would be almost triple yours and your melee damage would be just pitiful. One use of Tension Relax will heal that damage right off.

Pallies: Switch to a perfect dodge build (200 LUK, Fortune Sword, Refined Vmant (possibly with Choco Card), Yoyo Cards: You should have around 70 PD which is enough to kill the pally (if they use sacrifice) before you die. You can also get whistle for around 90-100 PD for even greater success. The problem is not all pallies nowadays just use sacrifice. The battle is pretty much over if you fight a smart(er) paladin.

High Wizard: They will probably have around the same HP as you, so you can probably kill them off with melee and Reflect via: Cat O NineTails, Frus Card, Orlean's Server. Magic Rod and LP whenever you can and melee them when they are distracted. There are better wizards out there that use Ganbantein. You just have to recast LP and hope reflect kicks in. Another alternative you could use is to grab a linked soul linker and continously cast Kaite on yourself for full reflect. Also make sure your Orlean's server has Medusa Card slotted in it to ensure you are not stone cursed

Professor: Use the same reflect tactic as the wizard, with medusa card. Melee and try to strip their weapon/armour. It is also possible to get around 50-60% resistance for each element but you'll need Asprika for that.

High Priest: Wear holy armour and attempt to strip her. Although this is pretty much a hopeless battle. Priests can easily spam KE and heal whenever necessary, whereas you can't do that ...

Champion: equip strong shield. Remain inside wall of fog and safety wall and wait for them to come to your first. When they do this will be your chance to strip them. Again these champs can also heal so your damage output would be close to 0.

Assassin Cross: Again an almost impossible fight. SBK will have a huge advantage on you. So will grimtooth and meteor assault. You can try a flee/PD build but even that requires you to use outside buffs and consumable items to ensure your flee/PD is high enough to dodge all skills. SBK will still hit anyway because of the INT part.

Stalkers: Get FCP. They will probably have magic as a preserved skill (LSI, North Wind, Storm Gust). If LSI and North Wind stay inside wall of fog and spam magic rod, if storm gust cast land protector. These classes will be back sliding all over the place so it would be nearly impossible to damage them with melee attacks. Put on the reflect equipment I mentioned above and just hope they are dumb enough to kill themselves with reflect.

Creator: Impossible to defeat. Don't even try without GRB. Most creators will heal back the damage you've done with one pitch. Creators here with GTB have no mercy.

Whitesmith: Almost impossible. Your best bet is probably a flee/PD build to ensure he doesn't hit you. You may get stunned though. However unlike the creator he won't be able to recover his HP back. Make sure you slot a Golem card in your weapon!

Sniper: If they're using GTB just stay inside wall of fog because they will probably use Falcon Assault. Since you won't have ghost just equip Raydric and Thara and melee them. Snipers are sort of in the same position as you if they are using GTB. They won't be able to access their bow, so make sure you keep that in mind. If they start using a bow it means they don't have a shield on! To ensure he doesn't get to charge arrow you back put on strong shield with a Medusa Card.

Clown/Gypsy: Remain inside wall of fog with strong shield. You can't damage them due to their perfect dodge. Tarot/Arrow Vulcan/Musical Strike will kill you if you decide to leave wall of fog. Actually it will kill you eventually ... This battle is also hopeless.

If you want to make the most out of your professor's power then I definitely suggest you invest time/zeny/effort in getting a GRB card before any other card. Because GTB is meant to be a counter for Magic classes so you can't expect to defeat most players that possess them without being properly equipped.

You don't really need ANY MVP cards to play professor. I've played professor with no MVP cards. The tactics remain the same. If you want specific equipment suggestions for non-MVP cards you can try the following:

Headgear: Skeggiold Hat [Marduk Card]/Beret/Poo Poo Hat/Feather Beret

Middle headgear: Sunnies [Marduk Card]

Lower headgear: Sagering [Gemini-S58 Card]

Armour: Diablos Robe [Marc Card/Agav Card/Pest Card/Frus Card]

Weapon: Warlock Battle Wand/Speedy Recovery Wand

Shield: Valkyrie Shield [Thara Frog/Horn Card/Medusa Card]/Strong Shield/Orlean's Server

Garment: Valkyrie Manteau [Raydric Card/Noxious Card]

Shoes: Tidal Shoes [Green Ferus Card]/Variant Shoes

Accessory L: Expert Ring [imp Card]

Accessory R: Expert Ring [imp Card]

As you can see even with non-mvp equipment nothing changes about the play style. Of course it will take you slightly longer to kill the opponent but again you don't need any MVP at all to win. I simply used a professor with them for the purpose of this guide. The only exception would probably be GTB users. You DEFINITELY need a GRB for that situation.

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thats all i can say tho.

anyways.. i never said that i cannot afford mvp's i just wanna challenge my self as a professor without mvp


those suggestion are indeed awesome but when it comes to pvp room it will never be the same like the prof i fought yesterday, she doesn't use gtb but but still i cannot beat her T_T its like she was born to be a professor! :P

thanks again for the reply/suggestion

i really appreciate it..

keep it up..

Oh.. one more thing

im currently using ignite orleans glove for maximum damage

should i replace it to expert rings for 10% after cast delay?

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thats all i can say tho.

anyways.. i never said that i cannot afford mvp's i just wanna challenge my self as a professor without mvp


those suggestion are indeed awesome but when it comes to pvp room it will never be the same like the prof i fought yesterday, she doesn't use gtb but but still i cannot beat her T_T its like she was born to be a professor! :P

thanks again for the reply/suggestion

i really appreciate it..

keep it up..

Oh.. one more thing

im currently using ignite orleans glove for maximum damage

should i replace it to expert rings for 10% after cast delay?

You can do it! Heh. Try wearing an Aqua Diabolus Robe, if the professor is smart they'll use (and have) Lightning Bolt. If not then your damage output should be greater than him/her. Another thing you can try is a +5(or more)Lucious Volcano Armour with Frus card on it. Wear that with Orlean's server and cat o'nine tails. You should have some decent reflect there. If the professor uses firebolt the damage is reduced significantly (and reflected at times), if the prof uses cold bolt spam magic rod and reflect 1.5x the damage (because you're fire property), if the prof spams HD it would still be lower damage since you're Fire property. Thunder Storm is probably their best option, but even that can be reduced using a Dustiness card or even better Asprika. And most professors don't even have Thunder Storm maxed. To further your resistances wear Giearth cards. Your damage should now be significantly greater than your opponent even though they have all these flashy cards =p. You can also try elemental resist potions. Oh and for maximum protection choose a Medusa card for that orleans server :P they'll surely stone curse you when all other offensive options fail.

To be honest the after cast delay doesn't really matter that much. I only use it because #1: my connection sucks, so I don't have the advantage of having almost 0ms ping delay. and #2 because to kill some classes before they kill you, you must outdamage them, especially because a profs HP is quite low and a high VIT prof can be dangerous. Examples include a DD sinx. If they get you stun locked and you have no cloaking card/firewall it could be the end. Your only option is to fight back and outdamage them. Creators can spam heal as well as priests, they can recover back FULLY unless you deal more damage. Some creators (the better ones) are hard to kill with 95% reduction.

Damn I have a bad habit of writing walls of text lol hope you can be bothered to read all that xD

Btw what is your professor's name?

Wow, i didnt know my lesbian was so smart.


Your guide is so flash~

Heh you inspired me lesbian I was checking out your guides while making it haha

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Nice ^_^ I'm glad I could inspire people to play the professor class.

Unfortunately I am not going to finish my guide, because I rarely play professor anymore :P

I now prefer to stick with Stalker. :3

Maybe you'd also want to add a little sub-guide in your guide on how to hunt Goldring Boss ^_^ Not everyone knows and will really go desperate while trying to hunt it.

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Nice ^_^ I'm glad I could inspire people to play the professor class.

Unfortunately I am not going to finish my guide, because I rarely play professor anymore :P

I now prefer to stick with Stalker. :3

Maybe you'd also want to add a little sub-guide in your guide on how to hunt Goldring Boss ^_^ Not everyone knows and will really go desperate while trying to hunt it.

my friend so that goldring boss in BM but he cant kill it.

that freak keeps on teleporting and heals a lot while hes damage is 1

and the BM is so darn big to hunt down the grb...

it is boss right? so silence wont work?

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Nice ^_^ I'm glad I could inspire people to play the professor class.

Unfortunately I am not going to finish my guide, because I rarely play professor anymore :P

I now prefer to stick with Stalker. :3

Maybe you'd also want to add a little sub-guide in your guide on how to hunt Goldring Boss ^_^ Not everyone knows and will really go desperate while trying to hunt it.

Good idea Renee heh I'll add it to my updates. When I get the time xD

my friend so that goldring boss in BM but he cant kill it.

that freak keeps on teleporting and heals a lot while hes damage is 1

and the BM is so darn big to hunt down the grb...

it is boss right? so silence wont work?

Basically you just have to use Tarot cards to kill it. There are DEF-ignoring damage cards: 1000, 4444, 6666. GRB only has 10,000 HP so if you get lucky and spam fast enough you can kill it in 2 tarots!!

To help you in your hunt; invest some time in voting for Convex mirrors. This will tell you where GRB is on the map for 10 minutes and after it's killed, it will also show the next respawn time (which is 6:01), assuming you killed it within the 10 minutes it is active for.

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convex mirror? where to vote, and how can i have this mirror you mentioned is it usable? or equip? you see im new in gRo, i start playing just last month

so i dont know that much, unless i read it in some topics

hope you can give me some info. :P

infernez suplada ka sa personal

i mean sa mismong game...

last time n nagkita tau sobrang lagg


angel ears mo w/ hwiz no :P

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Lol sorry a lot of people were PMing me that time, there was also guild chat, party chat and people talking to me on MSN and my brother annoying me.

On the main website you can log in. And when you vote for the server on various private server charts you will get 1 point. 90 points I believe will get you 5 convex mirrors. Convex Mirrors are official items, they reveal the exact location of the MVP on the map you are currently in, with the exceptions of LoD and the Bio labs monsters etc.

Nah the high wizard is in the sage ring not angel ears :P

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