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You can Post Here or PM me the IGN's and Forum Names of the people who are to participate.

Players are encouraged to use headgears to "disguise" their character. If you are intent on adding some monster to the story, I'll disguise you with the monster of your choice.

This event may incorporate any ideas given by you as players or by fellow Game Masters, after all the event is made by you, for you.


-- Can it be "naughty" or contain "explicit" scenes?


-- Can it have battles?


-- Where's the Stage gonna be?


-- What kind of GM Boxes?

1 of each.

-- Does it necessarily have to be 5 People?

At least 5 People, Max 10.

-- Who'll be the Judges?

Depends on who in the Staff wants to judge with me, and who in the community would like to join me.

But for now: Mahrze, Zie, Abril♥, [Fire_Dragon is yet to confirm].

++ Pirre: If it's 10 people, does it mean they all get one GM box?


++ Pirre: Oh oh, also. For example, if there was 7 players doing it, could one person have more than 1 char? Or only 1 char per a person?

1 char per person, it's supposed to be a play, and it should go smoothly, not wait till you alt tab, sides, I'll be monitoring everything.

++ William: Uhm do u know by chance at what time it will be held?

Same time as WoE 1.0 unless there are enough objections to change it.

++ Alexaa: Can we portray people from the server, make it kind of.. comedic? XD


++ Pirre: Sorry if I'm asking so much... But... Do we record it and send the video to you, or do you watch it like... Live? XD I'm really sorry. D:

I thought it was quite clear, the play is to be live. It'll be recorded and edited, with musical arrangements by a professional (not me).

Will add more FAQ's soon...

1st Place -

1)Michiyuki as Princess Aurora

2)Shizuku as The Narrator

3)Kizuka as Wizard Maleficent

4)iHack as Prince Philip

5)Accursed as Fairy Flora

6)Rikka as Fairy Merryfeather

7)Albino Pikachu as King Stefan Was asleep >:

8)Mitsuno as Fairy Fauna

9)Katon as Queen Leah

2nd Place -

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

2. Yuzuki

3. CyberShooter

4. Mookie

5. D e c e m b e r

3rd Place -

Alexaa's last moment team it seems, need more update

Prizes will be available tomorrow, same time as the event was held.

Thank you for Participating.

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