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Sea-Otter Cap, Smokie Leaf & Raccoon Hat


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Sea-Otter Cap, Smokie Leaf & Raccoon Hat!

A guide by Tama Chan


Required items:


Smokie Leaf:

600x Raccoon Leaf

1x Claw of Desert Wolf


Raccoon Hat:


20x Dragon Scale

1x Kitty Band

300x Sea-Otter Fur

200x Tough Scalelike Stem

Sea-Otter Cap:


1x Raccoon Hat

1x Smokie Leaf


Smokie Leaf walk-through:


1. Smokie Leaf can be made from taking the quest from Educated Traveller (273, 79 Morocc). To start the quest you need 1x Claw of Desert Wolf.


2. After that you need to hunt the required items.

Raccoon leaves are dropped by Smokie (100%). They can be found at pay_fild09. NB! They drop Kitty Band too (1%) so make sure to @autoloot 1 to get it! You'll need it later in the guide.

Claw of Desert Wolf is dropped by Desert Wolf (100%). They can be found at ve_fild04 (60).


3. Go back to Educated Traveller (273, 79 Morocc) and you'll receive the Smokie Leaf.

Raccoon Hat walk-through:


1. Raccoon can be made from talking to the Vending Machine (xmas 117, 295).


2. Now you get to the annoying part. Getting the required items.

Dragon Scale drops by Ferus (100%) and Acidus (100%). They can be found in Abyss_01.

Kitty Band is dropped by Smokie (1%). If you did the Smokie Leaf quest already, then you should have a Kitty Band as well.

Sea-Otter Fur is dropped by Sea Otter (100%). They can be found at cmd_fild04 at the beach.

Tough Scalelike Stem is dropped by Stem Worm (100%). They can be found at various places, but I recommend lhz_fild03 (50) and cmd_fild08 (20).


3. When you've gotten all the items, return to the Vending Machine (xmas 117, 295) and you'll receive the Raccoon Hat.

Sea-Otter Cap walk-through:


1. Sea-Otter Cap can be made by talking to Pretty Lindsay (xmas 183, 267)

2. Now you need the required items to make it.

Smokie Leaf is made from the quest mentioned.

Raccoon Hat is made from the quest mentioned.


3. After you've made the two headgears Pretty Lindsay will make you a Sea-Otter Cap.


Hope it was helpful. :3

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Colorful Guide <33. Images for the requirements not showing. Your screenies are fine. :D. Just wanted to point out that requirements are listed in Everade's list of official headgears. But this is an in depth guide to show you the simple way to make it :D.

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