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The Uber-Awesome-Pose-In-A-Symbol Event!


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The Uber Awesome Pose in a Symbol Event!

What the heck?

The idea of the event is very simple. Players have to band together and create some sort of pattern on the ground, by standing, sitting or using skills to adjust your character's look.

If you don't know what I mean, the idea is you move around and position yourselves, that when viewed from above you make some form of shape or symbol on the ground :)


The judges will be 3 GMs (including myself), and I will be selecting 5 Judges based off how awesome they are :)

All 8 Judges will adjust their camera angles in preperation, and will proceed to judge based off how epic your symbols are :D


The following rules apply for this event:

  • All players must be in the same party, so the judges and GMs do not get confused between entrants.
  • The parties must consist of atleast a minimum of 5 players.
  • The symbols do not have to be joined at every single line, as long as they can be easily recognisable.
  • Skills may be used to adjust your position and to also add colors and effects to the symbol.
  • You may use skills to fill in areas of the symbol (such as Demonstration and Safety Wall) however the skills cannot be too large that is obscures the vision of the symbol.
  • Other teams may not interrupt or disrupt the other teams when they are displaying their symbols (doing so disqualifies the team that does so, and will earn a 1 hour mute).
  • When creating your symbol, please refrain from talking so that we may screenshot the symbols.
  • The symbols cannot exceed the view range of a 1024x768 screen (see below details to check this).


I am offering the following prizes to the party leaders of the winning teams. Unfortunately I can't provide rewards for all players in the teams.

  • 1st Place: 1x GatheringRO Surprise Box
  • 2nd Place: 10x Convex Mirror
  • 3rd Place: 5x Convex Mirror

Additionally the 1st Place winner of the event will have the chance of their symbol being added to the client as a wallpaper!

This will be decided by GM Everade :)

How to check the screen-size

  1. Close any Ragnarok clients, and open your Ragnarok Setup.
  2. Set the client screen-size to 1024 x 768.
  3. Re-log into GatheringRO and practise making the symbol without it overflowing the sides of the client window.


I will be hosting this event at 11PM server time, on Monday 28th September, 2009.

To check the time, login and use @time to find out the time on the server. The event will be hosted at 23:00:00 :P

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I had practically no entrants for the event, if I know we'll be having entrants i'll schedule it for next week at a reasonable time.

If all those interested could post up to say you'll definately do it, and your timezones i'll resched the event :)

I also need to ensure the new prizes with Everade.

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I'd love to enter, but I'm not sure about the time though. I think before or after WoE is a good time. Since it seems to be the server's peak. It's a little hard to gather that many people though. There were heaps of people for Key's event yesterday after WoE.

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