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Find The Mistake #2

Holly Enix

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Link to Picture

If it tells you "No suitable nodes are available to serve your request.", just try it again. It'll work.

PS: Long loading time. Size: 3MB

Find the *edited 7 mistakes edited* on this picture. Copy the picture in a painting software (paint, adobe photoshop, ...) and mark the ones you find RED.

//EDIT - Sorry the image was not uploaded completely for some unknown reason and one mistake was in the unshown part. So only 7 mistakes are needed.

Missing / extra NPCs or warp portals are no mistakes. Only mistakes in the geography itself count. Shadow & light differences do not count. Only geography.

Hint: You can compare with ingame ;D

Hint#2: Also look at details :3

The first one to find all, upload the picture with the red marks [imageshack, photobucket, tinypic, ...) and post the link here.

Do not post if you haven't found all mistakes. Only one winner.

Winner gets a GATHERINGRO COUPON ^_^

(Coupon is used for example dating quest for a custom mid headgear with a slot, bapho horns, evolved headgears, ...)

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