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Valkyrie Helm Quest Guide


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Valkyrie Helm Quest

Quest Reward:
• Valkyrie Helm [1]

Quest Item Requirements:
• 10,000,000 Zeny
• Argiope Card 4001.png
• Bongun Card 4001.png
• Dryad Card 4001.png
• Elder Card 4001.png
• Hode Card 4001.png
• Marduk Card 4001.png
• Nightmare Terror Card 4001.png
• Pirate Skeleton Card 4001.png
• Sage Worm Card 4001.png
• Wooden Golem Card 4001.png
• 1000 Bloody Rune 7563.png
• 1000 Rune of Darkness 7511.png

1. Go to hugel 146, 103 and you'll see a man who is only interested in rich people.
Ghenirhemin, 146 103


2. Talk to him. (You must have 10,000,000z on your pocket in order to start the quest. He will NOT take your money)

Without 10,000,000z in pocket

With 10,000,000z in pocket zeny.jpg

3. After you show him 10,000,000z, he's gonna ask you if you wanna listen to his long story.
Select "Listen"


4. After listening to his story, he will let you recreate his broken Valkyrie Helm.
Select "Sure"


5. Gather the items, and get 1000 Darkness Rune 7511.png and 1000 Bloody Rune 7563.png.

7511.png Darkness Runes are dropped 100% by Skeggiolds, which are found a lot in odin_tem03.

7563.png Bloody Runes are dropped by Atroce, Seeker, Isilla, Vanberk, Hodremlin, which are found in ra_san01, ra_san02, ra_san03, ra_san04, ra_san05

To get Bloody Runes faster, use a Wizard/High Wizard and use Storm Gust in ra_san01, ra_san02, where you'll see many Isilla, and Vanberks, and some Hodremlins.
Getting 1000 Darkness Runes will take about 6-12 hours or more, depends. Yes, they're painful to get..

6. When you have all the items, talk to him and he should say this.


7. Just talk to him a couple of times to pass this dialog.

8. After passing that he should say that the helm started to fuse.

9. Then you'll have to talk to him a couple of times again to pass this dialog.

10. Then after that, he is now finished and a light will shine.

11. You'll recieve your Valkyrie Helm [1], and enjoy it. /wowViewValkyrieHelm.jpg


12. And for the most of you following this guide, this may be your next step. Blessed Valkyrie Helm


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