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Core Box Promotion Event!


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Remember this event? https://gatheringro.com/community/index.php?showtopic=26782

Well, this event is the exact duplicate of that one! The event will be on September 19, 2009 ; 00:00:00 - September 20, 2009 ; 23:59:59.

This event is to promote the use of Core Box because Everade removed the Play Pen just for you guys to make a level 99 PvP room..AND YOU GUYS NEVER USE IT. Jeez. Seriously. Well...

The goal is the same with a few rules.

You must have @time on at your screen when you take a screen shot.

There must be at least 4 people in the room including yourself at the time of the screen shot.

Highest time wins!

Prize: Laurel Crown [1]

Good luck everyone!

New Update:

@rasdori - You forgot the @time.

@D o r - You forgot its a PROMOTION event. Not a ooh I'm gonna sit around with trick dead and fool everyone event.

@FForsaken - You forgot the @time.

So in my eyes. NO ONE WON.

Only way to be fair.

The event will go on again for a second round this coming Saturday and Sunday. Same server times. Sept 26-27.

More prizes given to random participants. Such as Emperor's Laurel Crown, Elephant Hat, Dowry, Fox Hat, AND MORE.

This is my final decision. And this time for the first half of the event, I will be around to exact my vengeance on the unruly people.

And btw. D o r is disqualified. I guess it doesn't pay to cheat :P

Update on the rules:

I didn't want to do this...but remember those two magic rules in almost every pvp event I've done?

GTB and Hopping Filir is banned from this event.

Also. If a skill can be abused to gain a winning time with almost no effort at all. (Without actively fighting) That skill is banned as well. Don't make me ban a bunch of things that'll make me seem like a cruel person. I want this event to be fun for everyone.

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This would be an awesome event =D. But I got a question how will you (the Judges/GMs) know if we're #1, the gatheringRO logo blocks the ranking. Unless you expect windows screenshots.

If you are ranked #1 a 00:00:00 appears on top of your screen. Screen shot it at your peak time :)

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If it's Siege Blue Potion, they're hella expensive (16k each), in order to last long you'd have to spend hundreds of million zeny.

Even if so, they're enabled everywhere. Whether WoE, Hellsbox or there.

And I've watched a bit, and I can see to kill the champ by reflect or even survive the asura.

If yohan against it, he would have posted it, right?

Soo. I don't know, let's wait for his response.

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Yah you can reflect but that kills you too unless you get massive vit, it's different asides from WoE, it's PVP, meaning unlimited kills and super heals hence the Lvl 10 healing. SP pots matter differently in Low Rate witout the health bonus cuz' they aren't that bad, even with a GR or other counters, the champ like never died x( And I was a Paladin. The only way I won was by changing to full on reflect, 100 + Vit. And you could've used those for WoE?! With the mass HP boosts? x_x Fighting one is SO hard on our high rate, it's almost as cheap as the Filir hat thing. x(

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Lol this event was fun. I was in it for a very long time but i wasnt fighting. I only wanted to see the action. Even if i had decided to fight i would lose to to a huge time zone diff. While im sleep some one can clearly get 6+ hours on me. Either way the event was very fun. Best team wins.

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