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Pose Event

Holly Enix

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Pose Event

Deadline: 1st November

Take your character, choose any animation it can do, whether it is a sitting pose, standing, stance, attack, whatever. Be creative.

Get a sprite picture of that pose and take a photo of yourself doing that pose.

You can do 1 pose, not more.

You have to provide the sprite picture of the character. (or at least an ingame screenshot of the pose..)

There is a few stuff which can get you some + points, for example...

Special Creativity - wearing the same Headgear and/or Clothes like your character.

Special Creativity#2 - same environment as the screenshot is taken (if there is one), or a very special environment, other than your house probably ^_^

IMPORTANT: It is not all about cosplaying, it's more about the pose. Creativity on the same look can give you + points. But if someone has a better pose and the other one just sits but has the same headgear, the better pose wins.



The prize for the most creative pose will be...

1x Holly Enix' Surprise Box

1x Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas notebook [inclusive a Holly Enix signature ;D]

The notebook will be sent VIA Mail, so if you win, I will ask you for your mail adress. If you don't want the notebook, a random person who participated will get it.


PS: You can always use my signature to whether burn it if you hate me, or leave it in the notebook, or whatever.

Post here.

Don't forget to post your Character Name you want to have the prize on as well.

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*---* I would love to get my hands on that notebook ... T^T

But I doubt I'd win such a contest x D No special environments, etc, and I'm not costume maker >:L!

Might try anyway... somehow.

A surprise box would also be great .. ! QwQ;;

As I said, the most important thing is a creative pose, copyied from a sprite ^_^

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Here's a really, horribly silly question.

Does it have to be a photo of us, particularly?

What I mean is...

Could I use my little sister to do the pose? She would make such an awesome baby character. .-.

Well, I can't actually PROVE that it's not you xP so i guess.. why not.

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the pose i can try.........

hmm....i think ill do the shadow chaser pose...its the easiest

or maybe Champ

Sure but each class has different poses :P you gotta do something "unique", and not just sit ^_^ well you can sit, but people who will do a special pose will be prefered.

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