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-no code-


Whisper me the answer to win your prize!

( whisper <GM> Yohan )

Prizes will depend on the difficulty of the code. I will pre-announce what the prize will be. So you could have some idea as to how hard the code might be. :)

August 28 Winner: mEpoque

August 28 Code: Jngpu bhg sbe gur arj rirag gb or uryq fbzr qhevat zvq-Frcgrzore! Rirag Urnqtrne cevmrf tnyber!

August 31 Winner: Sancta Mater Dolorosa

August 31 Code: 11422522 24424253 5121 4412511144 2212 3442 42244211 453315414215!

September 7 Winner: Thalus

September 7 Code: decodethiseasy.jpg

Decode this.wav

Decode this2.wav

September 14 Winner: Street Cross

September 14 Code: .-- -... ...- .- / --. ..- .-. / .--. -... . .-. / --- -... -.- / -.-. . -... --.. -... --. ...- -... .- / .-. .. .-. .- --.

September 22 Winner: Cauliflower/Epoque

September 22 Code: Code33.jpg

September 29 Winner: VeNomStiKe


Clue: Julius Caesar conquered 7 different places! ZOMG.

December 09 Winner: Father Katon

December 09 Code:

Dear gRO-ians. I need a code to a chest holding many treasures. If you help me open this chest, I will share one of it's many treasures with you.

To the left there is a group of guards that know the code in the room over there. It would be great if you could go there, and solve their puzzle for me.

You head on over to the room on the left, and are met with 4 guards sitting around playing cards. You notice that they are arranged like a Compass

"Hello," says the guard playing North.

"Er, hi," you say. "Um, don't mind me, I just wanted to ask something."

The guard playing South says, "I suppose you want the combination to that chest of headgears, then? I'm getting really tired of that guy asking about that."

"He's so lying," says North.

"No," says East, "you're the one that is lying."

"Graaaaagh," says West.

"What is his problem?" you ask.

South replies, "He was dropped on his head as a child."

"No, he's lying," said the North, "He is part werewolf and can't speak human tongue!"

"Great," you sigh. "What's the code, then?"

"Well," says South, "the first digit is definitely a 3."

"No it isn't," says the Eastern Guard. "It's 8."

North shakes his head and sighs "They're both lying -- it's 9."

"The second digit now -- that's 4," says South.

"Graaaaagh," says West.

"It's 1, in fact," says North.

East grumbles, "It's definitely more than that, idiot."

"Sorry, what I really meant to say was 6," replies North. "And the last digit is 5."

"Don't listen to him," says East. "It's 2."

"No, it is 5, I'm sure of it," says South.

"Graaaaagh," says West.

You roll your eyes. "Great. Thanks a lot, guys."

Next: Prize: Holy Marcher Hat [1]

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