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Pizza Quest


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<~*~. Notice Start .~*~>

Hi, welcome to Pizza Quest Guide page! I've made this to help those who might need help doing the quest and to help them make it a bit easier by adding details. Please, kindly READ the whole guide very very CAREFULLY and make sure you FULLY UNDERSTAND it. So that if ever you have a question about the quest that I might have answered already, it will save you time typing the same question that has already been asked. But if you still have questions that I haven't answered yet, please post your reply to this topic or PM me. Thank you! ❤️

<~*~. Notice End .~*~>


Required Base Level/Job Level:






Other Quest(s) Required:

Cooking Quest


Required for:

Making Coppola and Domino's Cap Quest.



1 piece 589.gif Pizza




~Go to the Royal Pizza Maker, Trisha. She is inside the Prontera Castle (prt_castle 55 35.) Talk to her and ask her to help you make a Pizza.


~She will help you but there's a problem. She'll tell you that they ran out of stocks for making one. So she'll ask you to gather the neccessary ingredients.


~Here are the items (with the amount) you need to gather and where to get them:

· 30 pieces 577.gif Bag of Grain - Available at Chef Assistant in Ayothaya (ayothaya 203 178)

· 30 pieces 548.gif Cheese - Dropped by Evil Cloud Hermit which spawns in Gonryun Dungeon: Arcadia (gon_dun03)

· 30 pieces 580.gif Bread - Available at Chef Assistant in Al De baran (aldebaran 165 107)

· 30 pieces 581.gif Edible Mushroom - Available at Chef Assistant in Nifflheim, Realm of the Dead (niflheim 209 180)

· 30 pieces 7455.gif Spicy Sauce - Available at Chef Assistant in Ayothaya (ayothaya 203 178)

· 30 pieces 517.gif Meat - Available at Butcher in Prontera City, Capitol of Rune-Midgart (prontera 64 125)

· 30 pieces 12044.gif Herb Marinade Beef- Level 4* food from Cooking Quest

· 30 pieces 12079.gif Tristan XII - Level 9* food from Cooking Quest


~Once you gather all of the ingredients needed, go back to the Royal Pizza Maker inside the Prontera Castle (prt_castle 55 35) and talk to her again. Once she's done, she'll give you 1 piece of freshly baked 589.gif Pizza.



The following Cookbooks can be rented from Charles Orleans. He can be found inside the Prontera Castle (prt_castle 43 30). He will let you borrow a certain Cookbook in exchange of some items. Please note that you can only borrow one Cookbook at a time:

* Lv1 Cookbook: 10 pieces Pumpkin - Available at Hugel Fruit Shop (hugel 77 67)

* Lv2 Cookbook: 5 pieces Well-baked Cookie - Dropped by Christmas Cookie in Toy Monitoring Room (xmas_dun01)

* Lv3 Cookbook: 5 pieces Sushi - Available at Amatsu Sushi Master Magumagu (ama_in01 162 17)

* Lv4 Cookbook: 5 pieces Bao - Dropped by Evil Cloud Hermit in Gonryun Dungeon: Arcadia (gon_dun03)

* Lv5 Cookbook: 10 pieces Shoot - Available at Prontera Mall Pet Shop (You must use the Market Warper to be able to go the Mall)


Also, there are monsters that drop high level Cookbooks:

* Lv6 Cookbook: Dropped by Orc Lady in Orc Village (gef_fild10), Pirate Skeleton in Treasure Dungeon (treasure01), Requiem in Pyramid (in_sphinx2)

* Lv7 Cookbook: Dropped by Evil Druid in Glast Heim(gl_church)

* Lv8 Cookbook: Dropped by Deathword (tha_t03 - Use Warper Agent to go to Thanatos Tower), Gemini-S58 in Somatology Labs (lhz_dun02 - You must


have a Laboratory Permit to enter the Biolabs Dungeon)

* Lv9 Cookbook: Dropped by Deathword (tha_t03 - Use Warper Agent to go to Thanatos Tower), Turtle General in Turtle Dungeon (tur_dun04)

* Lv10 Cookbook: Dropped by Maya Purple in Anthell (anthell01)


Sources and Credits:

~RO Cards

~Chef Assistant Shops List by me

~Cooking Quest by GM Argatlahm



December 12, 2008 ~ Started to modify this guide.

December 20, 2008 ~ Finished fixing this guide.

January 06, 2009 ~ Fixed the coordinates for Butcher. Special thanks to Narcissus. ❤️



Thanks for using this guide! ^3^

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Omg, I've provided all of the links and some people still ask questions that are already answered above. Hmm proof that lots of people are lazy to read or don't really read.

Alright, I'll edit the topic so that it won't be hard for some people who are lazy to click the link and read that topic I linked.

You have to finish the cooking quest and have fifty baos to trade your cookbook for the level four cookbook. Level nine cookbooks are dropped from deathwords found in the Thanatos Tower.

50 pieces of Bao? Whoah, how's that? 'Cause GM Argatlahm already says you only need 5 pieces of it to be able to borrow the Level 4 Cookbook? Hmm.

[EDIT]Its alright, I know you know that. ^^,[/EDIT]

Is it really delicious?^_^

What's the effect?:blink:

Yeah its really delicious, I think it really is 'cause it contains the Heavenly Fruit Juice (aka Tristan XII) ^^,

Referring from the topic above, it is required to make a Coppola (Please see Tweedle's Guide) and Domino's Cap (Well I might make that one too).

[EDIT]There, I edited my post above with the answers for some questions you asked here. Let's not argue and confuse the newbies, okay? If there will still be some questions you might ask here, I'll edit that again if I know the answer and put it there. Hope it'll help you now with ease.[/EDIT]

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Woops, sorry for giving you such a hard time.

I just thought this pizza was a usable item that CAN be eaten.

Oohh, don't worry 'cause you didn't.

Anyway, the Pizza is also a usable item. Well I bet you will not eat/use it 'cause its a bit hard to make isn't it?

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any1 noes wher to get sweet sauce?? ^^

there are many places where you can buy the items and such, but try left of the tool dealer and the warp agent in morocc. in teh chef assistant, they offer all three types of hte sauce i think. if i am wrong about this then check the cooking tutorial and such.

also, is the pizza droped by the headgear after the thing compared to the pizza quest for this diffrent? they look diffrent i think.... if it is the same i am willing to help any1 who needs it.

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