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How To Play Sinx With No Mvp's


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Will add color later.

Table Of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Basics

III. Pro/Cons

IV. Build goes into detail

V. Weapons goes into detail

VI. Armour and Accessories

VII. How-to-Play!

I. Introduction

This is basically a person versus-person guide that allows an Assassin how to play sinx with out mvp's

[ such a hypocrite i have mvps ] and still own most noob assassin cross' with some mvps.

II. Basics

Readers of this guide please note you cant take hits like a bitch with this build you gotta avoid hits.

try to annoy them no trash talking thats bad. This is a straight forward guide I will only go into detail with the weapons.

III. Pros and Cons

Pros you can own people with this guide. Cons weapons are a bitch to make. Using them is a pain. Might have over


IV. Build!

First you need to get max an assassin I am not going to teach you how to level a character this is only for maxed

assassin crosses.

STR: 200

DEX: 200

AGI: May vary just get 195 attack speed get 200 dex though.

Luk: 1

VIT: Last i check it'd be around 11x but the rest goes here.

V. Weapon"S"

A LOT of HUNTING IS INVOLVED. Back to the point this is when the guide gets boring you can use as many left handed weapons mainly main gauche orcish axe or blades. BUT IF YOU PLAN TO CONTINUE USING THIS GUIDE GET THE SAME KIND OF WEAPON.

You must have HIT! have Howard Alt-Eisen Card x 6 one for each weapon

1st Combo Savage Babe Card x3 + Howard Alt-Eisen Card

2nd Combo Magnolia Card x3 + Howard Alt-Eisen Card

3rd Combo Familiar Card x3 + Howard Alt-Eisen Card

4th Combo Plankton Card x3 + Howard Alt-Eisen Card

5th Combo Requiem Card x3 + Howard Alt-Eisen Card

6th Combo Marina Card x3 + Howard Alt-Eisen Card

VI. Accessories & Armour

Yet again I say YOU MUST HAVE HIT. Get Cursed Hands[1]x2 from The vagina bleeders in moc_fild22(0.3% of drop) Good Luck ^^. Use a Marine Sphere and a Owl Baron or a Wikibine Tres Card whatever suits you i personally refuse to strip now since people get mad for stripping and its easily bypassed by full chemical protection.

Marine Sphere: pushes enemy back deals 300% damage with magnum break and it gives +30 HIT

Owl Baron: 3% chance of casting lex aterna which cause the next hit to do double the damage.

WikibineTres: Basically allows a person to use strip armor

Now the armor get Unfrozen(marc) or Deadly (Evil Druid). try putting them on something decent like Divine Clothes[1] or Glittering Jacket[1] or even Cotton shirt [1] for lower defense

VII. Aha How-To-Play.

I admit I am not the best assassin cross out there but I can play the game. First is attitude your using guide to train learn how to play pathetic meaning don't get cocky. Second stay focus get in real close to the Opponent so its hard for them to click on you. Stripping is for Foobs you should gang them. Just keep trying unless you know your out of your league.

I bet you guys are probably thinking 6 weapons Wtf?! how do you use 6 weapons ?! this guy is full of bull shit! making me hunt those damn cards. Well the 6 weapons arent necessary cause you can exclude the ones your to lazy to find like requiem but they all have to be on a +10 Main Gauche. Ever wanted 15% stun 15% Blind 15% Sleep 15% confusion 15% Freeze. Well try this out put one Main Gauche on a hot key make sure assassin damascus is on the Right

Hand press the main gauche key and it will switch them! I put mine on F9 and used /quickspell so i can right click to switch weapons. once you obtain the stun lock start switching weapons.

Will have pictures soon. :D Thank me if it Helps :P

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A good started for double dagger starters.

It seems you're used to double daggers so far so I won't bother to ask you about the other build's guide :P

Some suggestions:

---> Add the choices of weapons for right hands.

---> Garment and Boots and headgears help alot, give them starter choice also.

---> Add the section vs other classes.

---> Explain skills of Sin X that useful on PvP.

I could add some details, but I won't telling for now.

Sorry, I'm curious about how far this guide gonna growth :P

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