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Eleionomai's Events




¤ You got punk'd event ¤

I consider this a mini event that can be done everyday.

The whole concept of the event is to pull a punk on a friend.

This event is only done when I'm bored, or a specific player(s) wants to have a little bit of fun.

An example:

x: I want to say that xxxxxx is giving out his/her items for free

xxxxxx is giving out his items in (town) because he's quitting!

The event works just like that. A small and fun event where you want to send noobs after one of your friends.


¤ Duel Dice Event ¤

Duel dice event, one of my favorite events, and a lot of players likes it.

The event itself is extremely easy to participate in, but it's based on pure luck.

The rules are simple:

You form two lines facing each other.

When a GM steps between you and the player on the opposite side, you dice (/dice).

Normally it's the highest who wins, but I like my events tricky.

Suddenly I could switch to lowest wins.

The final round is a best out of 3 round, but how it's done is a secret.


¤ Fashion Event ¤

Ah, the good old fashion event. Dress up as the theme says.

It's quiet easy and amusing too, you can work on the creative side of yourself.

The rules are simple.

There'll be three themes, and for each theme I pick a random player to decide.

I have a judge with me (secret player), who gets to pick who he/she thinks is the best.

Mark my words, if they pick someone to win because they like the person, I interfere and choose another person to avoid favouritism.

¤ The Bloody Maze Event ¤

Sounds bloody eh?

Well it is, your goal in this event is to find the GM in one of the four corners.

Sounds easy right?

Did I mention that my deadly clones are wandering around in the maze, ready to slaughter you?

Wasn't a surprise huh?

The rules are:

You have to be a 1/1 novice (NO SUPER NOVICES)

Speed potions and other speed boosting items/cards are forbidden

Soul linker skills are forbidden

Trick Dead is forbidden

¤ Gallery ¤


Got screenshots of an event that you think is remarkable?

Feel free to PM me the picture and I'll add it to our gallery!

*Under constructions*

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Since I'm back as a GM I might as well open the topic again. :3

I'm downloading the client at the moment and I might might do an event tonight.

Only maybe. <3

If Marc would lvl my GM character to 20 and not 0 *cough*

Wut the hell.. I missed you, Tama! ;)

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