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Nameless Island Entrance Quest


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¤* Nameless Island Entrance Quest *¤

Quest Item Requirements:

• 3,000 zeny zeny.jpg

Quest Prerequisite: Rachel Sanctuary Quest, Curse of Gaebolg , and Veins Siblings Quest

Quest Base Level Requirements: 80

Quest Rewards:

• 1,500,000 base experience

• 4 assortedseafud.gif Assorted Seafood

• Access to map nameless_n, Cursed Monastery (abbey01, abbey02, abbey03)

• 1 Cqp.gif Quest coupon point


♦ 1. Find the activation of the quest at airplane_01 90 63.

Just walk around at that spot. An agent will pop up somewhere.




♦ 2. Proceed to prt_church 185 106 to find Father Bamph,

he will order you to go Comodo and meet Larjes.

Father Bamph, prt_church 185 106



♦ 3. Talk to Larjes at cmd_in02 174 89 and he moves to a silent place.

Talk to him again. He says he is suspecting that the kidnapper is from Arunafeltz.

Larjes, cmd_in02 174 89



♦ 4. Go back find Father Bamph in prt_church 185 106.

He wants a bit of time to think. Talk to him many times until he decides.


Of course, I'll help.

Father Bamph, prt_church 185 106



♦ 5. Find the Waiter at ra_in01 308 59,

He will bring you to your seat.


I'd like to order.

Waiter, ra_in01 308 59



♦ 6. After moving to a seat, automatically conversation occurs.

If you have 3000 Zeny zeny.jpg, the Waiter gives you 4 assortedseafud.gifVit Dish (+2).



♦ 7. Find Magistrate at veins 86, 170.

Go inside and walk forward, you'll see him.

You'll wonder what happened, but Magistrate will say not to bother him and go away.

Magistrate at veins 86, 170



♦ 8. Talk to the Soldier that you saw near the entrance.

He tells you the reason why he is so sharp now.




♦ 9. Go back and talk to Magistrate about suspicious persons,

but he answers not to bother him again and bring a written order from a higher ranking officer if want to know more.


I want to know about the smugglers.




♦ 10. Find High Priest Zhed at ra_temin 277 159 ask about Veins, he tells you to meet Niren.


Ask About Veins Incident.

Type: any name :)

High Priest Zhed, ra_temin 277 159



♦ 11. Talk to Niren at ra_temple 165 57 ask about the arrested men,

she gives some information and she says she'll talk to Magistrate.


Ask About Veins Smugglers.


Niren at ra_temple 165 57



♦ 12. Talk to Magistrate again

about the kidnapper but he doesn't know well enough and tells you to investigate yourself.

Magistrate at veins 86, 170



♦ 13. Find Drunkard at ve_in 239 115.

He says he saw a ghost in the ocean.

Drunkard at ve_in 239 115



♦ 14. Talk to Kid at veins 327 185 about the Boat,

then he allows to use the Boat

Kid at veins 327 185



♦ 15. At the Boatin ve_fild07 125 128, Larjes appears and he gives some information to you.

He suggests moving together. From here, you can now move to Monastery with this boat.


Yes, I'm ready

Boat, ve_fild07 127 131



♦ 16. Examining the Dead Crow in nameless_i 127 207,

you will find snake-scalelike mark. After that you will get teleported to somewhere.



Dead Crow, nameless_i 127 207



♦ 17. Once you wake up, you'll find yourself inside a house with Larjes.

:excl: Watchout! When you attempt to leave the house, you'll be attacked by a Zombie Slaughter.

The monster must be killed before the house can be exited.

After you leave the house, you will be able to freely enter and leave Nameless Island night map.

Zombie Slaughter



♦ 18. Following up with your investigation, you will have to make your way to 2nd floor of the Monastery.

Investigate the Books on a desk in Hibram's quarters.


Examine book.

Entrance of Abbey, @jump 159 183


First floor of Abbey, @jump 322 99


Second floor of Abbey, @jump 223,68



♦ 19. Continue to floor 3 of the Monastery.

Click the collapsed Man. Then he will turn to a monster. You have to kill him.

After killing him, you will gain the Saviors Pendant


Touch Him

Second floor of Abbey, @jump 148 287


Third floor of Abbey, @jump 232 231




♦ 20. Return to Larjes at the docks on Nameless Island.

Give him the Token of King. You will be rewarded with 1,000,000 base experience.

Larjes, nameless_i 258 218



♦ 21. Visit Father Bamph in Prontera again, and report your findings to him.

Father Bamph, prt_church 185 106



♦ 22. Return to Niren. You will be rewarded with 500,000 base experience.


Ask About Veins Smugglers

Niren at ra_temple 165 57



Now you got a cqp.gif coupon point~!!

How to get to Abbey?

Warp at ve_fild07 127 131 and click the boat. ^___^




Okaii later guys. If u hav any suggestions or problems.. just comment..

i'll try to reply.. :3



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^Now I know who to blame when everyone's camping FBH :P


Nice guide.

I admit it must be hard to do all the quest before able to unlock this one.

Yest you've still got those pict and step by step.

Lemme congratz you for all your effort, Preia :)


Sorry dude not camping FBH :P

Im camping my favorite MVP :P

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