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Curse Of Gaebolg


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¤* Curse of Gaebolg *¤

Not sure if this quest gives quest coupon point. I tried but it didn't gave me any point.. ]:

Please tell me if it does give u.. tnx. :)

This quest is quite long ~_____~ It requires patience a lot.. ^^. Hav fun questing.. x))

Quest Item Requirements:

• 1 greenpotion.gifGreen Potion - Tool Dealer npc (prt_in 126 75 )

• 1 yellowgem.gifYellow Gemstone - dropped by Driller (ein_fild02)

Quest Base Level Requirements: 60

Quest Rewards:

• 1,600,000 Base Experience

• Able to do Nameless Island Entrance Quest and Thor Volcano Base

♦ 1. Warp at prontera 248, 212. You will help Busy-Looking Boy to pick up the books.

Then you will be asked to send them to the Historian, Mr. Karlomoff in Yuno.


Help him pile the books.

Are these all yours?

Help him.

Busy-Looking Boy, prontera 248, 212


♦ 2. Warp at yuno 311 195. Talk to Historian, Mr. Karlomoff.

Talk to him until you receive a File Folder.


Are you alright?

Excuse me, but what's your name?

Right, I brought your books.

Rekenber Historical Research Group?

Several royal families?

Historian, Mr. Karlomoff, yuno 311 195


♦ 3. Proceed to morocc_in 44 127 to find the Historian, Rodafrian.

Tell her the rhyme you previously heard, but you will be asked to find someone in Mjolnir to verify it.


Mr. Karlomoff has sent me.

Ask her about her research

Yes, I have.


Then the eagle built its nest.

Historian, Rodafrian, morocc_in 44 127


♦ 4. Warp at mjolnir_01 135 168 and talk to the Historian, Mondo.

Tell him the version you heard:

:excl: Note: Copy every words and periods.

The great serpent swallowed the sea.

The eagle of the rainbow swallowed the serpent.

Then the eagle built its nest.

A nest upon the swallowed sea.

You will then be asked to find a child who sang the rhyme.

Historian, Mondo, mjolnir_01 135 168


♦ 5. Find the Absent-Minded Boy in mjolnir_01 313, 269 to hear the rhyme,

but you will be interrupted by the Exhausted-Looking Woman.

Talk to the Exhausted-Looking Woman and you will be requested to send herbs to Father Bamph in Prontera Church.


What did you just sing?

Why are you here?


Absent-Minded Boy, mjolnir_01 313, 269


Exhausted-Looking Woman


♦ 6. Talk to Father Bamph 4 times in prt_church 185, 106 to learn about the Jormungand Curse.

He will request you to inquire about the rhyme from the woman.

Father Bamph, prt_church 185, 106


♦ 7. Return to Exhausted-Looking Woman named Bonnie Imbullea mjolnir_01 316, 268.

Then go back to Father Bamph to inform him about it.

Bonnie Imbullea, mjolnir_01 316, 268


♦ 8. You will be asked to investigate the bodies of the Dead Princes in the mausoleum, through the secret path in the cabinet.

Secret Path in Cabinet, prt_church 178 112


♦ 9. Talk to Father Bamph first.

Then examine the bodies from left to right and you find something suspicious.

Answer "Poison!"

Father Bamph


Dead Princes


♦ 10. Return to the church by talking to Father Biscuss.

Talk to Father Bamph will ask to search for information in the Assassin Guild.

Father Biscuss


Father Bamph


♦ 11. Proceed to moc_fild16 201, 295 and talk to the Assassin Guildsman.

You will be asked to investigate at the Assassin's Secret Inn.



Assassin Guildsman, moc_fild16 201, 295


♦ 12. Enter the building at morocc 43, 108.


♦ 13. Find Marjana in que_job01 52 50 in the room to understand

the method of using a yellowgem.gifYellow Gemstone and greenpotion.gifGreen Potion to identify poison.

:excl: Note: Players will only have 4 minutes to remain in the room.



♦ 14. Go out to Assassin's Secret Inn and return to Morroc city.

:excl: Note: you must leave the building normally, using teleport or butterfly wing will cause problems!.

Talk to the Sharp-Looking Kid.

Sharp-Looking Kid


You will reflect on what you now know, and have to decide on one of the following:

A. Go to Rodafrian.

B. Go to Father Bamph

:excl: Note: I recommend you to pick A. Go to Rodafrian because there's an exp. bonus.

Please don't be reckless to your answers. You must follow what I instructed to you.

Option A : Go To Historian Rodafrian First

♦ 15. Go to Historian, Rodafrian in morocc_in 44 127 and tell her the last verse of the rhyme.


Tell her about Jormungand's case

Historian, Rodafrian, morocc_in 44 127


♦ 16. Go back to Father Bamph.

He will ask you to verify if the princes are poisoned or not.

Father Bamph, prt_church 185, 106


♦ 17. Go to the mausoleum. Check on the 3rd prince first to 2nd to 1st.

:excl: Note: Must have 1 greenpotion.gifGreen Potion and 1 yellowgem.gifYellow Gemstone.

Secret Path in Cabinet, prt_church 178 112


Dead Princes


♦ 18. Talk to Father Bamph inside the mausoleum.

Father Bamph


♦ 19. Go back to the church office to discuss further.

Father Bamph will ask you not to reveal the results to anyone yet due to the impact of the matter.

Father Bamph


♦ 20. Talk to Father Biscuss next to Father Bamph

and he will thank you for your trouble.

Father Biscuss


You received EXP, and may now talk to Bonnie in mjolnir_01 316, 268




Okaii later guys. If u hav any suggestions or problems.. just comment..

i'll try to reply.. :3



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