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Commands List
Last Update: 26.05.2018

Ragnarok Basic Commands:[LINK]

Command Colors:
green = official emulator commands (well known)
blue = GatheringRO custom commands
violet = Unlockables
orange = Account Plus exclusive


Public Commands:

// Displays a list of all @ commands available to the player.

// Sends a request to all connected GMs (via the gm whisper system)

// Shows online Game Masters (GMs)

// Displays your current Login Rewards progress and tells you how much time is left until you will recieve the next one.

// Set security password and options for a character. Allow password protected trades and storage per account.

// Channel System commands (To write inside a Channel, simply "PM" the Channel Name (for Example: #global))

@channel create
@channel join
@channel exit
@channel list


Server Information Commands:

// Give server time. (6 same commands)

// Show server uptime since last maintenance/restart

// Displays the server rates.


Battleground Commands:

// Spawns you in the battleground waiting room (same 2 command).
@go bg
@go battleground

// Join or leave the Battleground queue. The Battlegrounds will automatically start ones there are enough players in the queue.

// Top 10 of Battleground rankings. Ranked counts only during Happy Hours.(Top 10 players recieve a custom Aura)

// Battle Information Display ON/OFF - Kill/Death

// Commands only usable by Guild/Team Leaders in Battlegrounds.


Trading Commands:

// Allows you continue vending offline. (2 same commands)

// Show who is selling an item and the position on your minimap.


Guild Commands:

// Spawns you in the WoE map.
@go woe

// Create a guild
@guild <guild name>

// Change Guild Master of your Guild


Homunculus Commands:
// Displays Homunculus Information

// Enables you to speak through your Homunculus



Database Commands:

// Show Item info (type, price, etc) (2 same commands)

// Show Monster info (rates, stats, drops, MVP stuff) (3 same commands)

// Prints out in which maps a monster normally spawns at (does not count script-invoked mobs)

// Show who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rate)

// Shows what skills are required to get a specific skill

// look up a skill by name



Character Commands:

// Brings up your personal storage wherever you are.

// Allows to autoloot per rate, type or up to 20 specific items.
@aloottype reset

// Shows Skill Cast time information [on/off] 

// Shows Skill Cast delay information [on/off]

// Displays remaining jail time

// Autorejecting Deals/Invites

// Sets an away message (3 same commands)

// Shows/Hides the "there is a delay after a skill" message.

// Displays current levels and % progress.

// Displays/Hides Experience gained

// Displays/Hides Zeny gained

// Refreshes your screen by re-syncronizing all data with the server. Certain cooldowns apply which affect your character to prevent abuse and spam.



Styling Commands:

// Changes clothes color (2 same commands)

// Changes hair color (2 same commands)

// Changes hair style (2 same commands)



Party Commands:
// Create a party

// Change the party item share rules.

// Change the leader of your party.


Pet Commands:

// Enables you to speak through your pet.

// Hatches an egg




Warp Commands:

// Spawns you to set points in major cities.

// Spawns you inside the adventure guild building.
@go adv
@go adventure

// Spawns you on the WoE core plateau.
@go woe

// Spawns you in the battlegrounds main arena.
@go bg
@go battleground

// Spawns you in the PvP Arena.
@go pvp

// Warp yourself to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates (3 same commands)
@warp <map> <coords x y>
@rura <map> <coords x y>
@mapmove <coords map> <x y>

// Enables you to to jump randomly on a map (that you are already on) or to a specific coordinate (x, y).
@jump <x y> *enter coords only if you need to go back to that specific spot

// Warps you to your last save point (2 same commands).




Unlockable Commands:

// Account bound, unlockable additional storage upon purchase in cash shop.

// Character bound, unlockable outfit upon purchase in cash shop.


Account Plus Exclusive Commands:

//Allows you to activate a variety of custom auraswhich can be seen by other players.

//Lets you ride your regular mount (swordsman classes and Ranger)

//Lets you ride the secondary mount (faster walk speed but no attacking possible)


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