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Way of the Linker ~a Soul Linker guide [Updated]

SL Vince

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Well, this is actually my first guide, so don't blame me for the crookedness of this one.^^


Soul Linkers ~one of the most underestimated jobs. Most people only use them as dual characters for linking and buffing. But Soul Linkers really do have potentials pawning others! And below is where I explain the rest~~

a Soul Linker has two builds.. The INT~type linker which is effective against monsters and the other would be the Offensive build which which I will later explain.

Leveling up

Leveling a Taekwon up to job level 50 is pretty easy, just kill anything you see within anthell01. Just try to avoid Maya Purple. And you get your Soul Linker then.

Leveling a Soul Linker, I recommend you use the INT~build since Esma deals a really whooping damage.

But!!, if you wanna go rough, the offensive build(below) can also be! with the skills Eske, Eska and Eswoo wit'cha~you also deal whooping damages.

Int: 200

Dex: 150

Agi: 150

Vit: the rest

Str: (optional) only for carrying your items

~I used that amount of Agi for you to cast Estun and Esma faster.

~Remember to put each level of Warm Wind on 2nd skill bar as it is really handy to change your attack's element.

and for a PVP~offensive Linker

After leveling up, it's either you switch to this build if you want you linker to pawn others^^



Upper Headgear: You can either use, GDH, VH, DLH, and etc.. that boosts your stats up

Middle Headgear: Sunnies[1], Dark Blinder, Robo Eyes, Mischevous Fairy

Lower Headgear: Gpipe can be, but you can also go for Neb

Cards you would likely choose for you headgear: Maya Purple, Deviruchi, Marduk, Gemini~S58, Evil Snake Lord, Ungoliant, Lord Knight or Stalactic Golem

Armor: You can either go for Glittering Jacket or Silkrobe(since Linkers can only equip a few selection of armors) with Evil Druid or Venatu for extra dodge (Evil Druid, great for reflecting Resurrection, Heal and stuffs. Also for Sinx with Enchant Poison)

Weapon: For Mid-Zeny like me (:3), go for a weapon that pierces an enemies defence, Ice pick or Assassin Damascus

For the Rich and Famous(~XD) go for Maine Gauche with cards like: Thanatos, Lord of Death, Turtle General, Valkyrie Randgris, Whitesmith or Phreonee ~ (I prefer main gauch with thana, lod, 2x tgen anyway) or Ice Pick[1] with the card of your choice(Turtle General, Hydra, etc..)

Shield: Valkyrie Shield with Flame Skull, Horn(for long range attacks) or Tirfing

Garment: Skin of Ventos, Morrigane's Manteau(no slot), Commander's Manteau with Choco or Kavach Icarus (Yeah! you really need that life~essential flee and dodge)

Shoes: Combat Boots(I recommend it because this is the best shoes for you) with card of you choice or +10 Shoes with Thanatos Odium(for more flee)

Accesories: Rosaries with Yoyo, Gallion or Whikebine Tres. Again, if you have the money ~ go for Ifrit *gg*

..and the battle begins

First and foremost.. ALWAYS have your KAITE and KAIZEL on, I mean ALWAYS!

you can also casts optional buffs like Kaahi, Kaupe and Break Fall


And while wandering around the PVP room.. some pesky spell caster tried to kill me T.T


And that's how KAITE works.. It reflects ANY magic attack back to the caster. KAITE then disappears when the caster have already casted 2 magic attacks on you.. so better spam Kaite on yourself and see how he has a taste of his own medicine *gg*

And it's a professor that attacked me. He'll then use Dispell on you but not to worry because Ka-skills cannot be dispelled!!


And now it's payback time!! Just do normal attacks on him.. He may beg for mercy which is you win and or kill him which is.. you also win!


..another story is

You were quietly sitting in the PVP room chit~chatting with someone until..

A pesky champion did Asura on you!! *bzz*


And since you have Kaizel on, you'll automatically resurrect.

Stay away from him, either through High Jump or Running (but I prefer High Jump since it's quite hard for you to be located where you went.) and cast the necessary buffs *Kaite and Kaizel* and go back to him.

**BUT BUT BUT!! if there's no way out or you can't even cast Kaizel, then use Kaupe. Kaupe evades an incoming attack 100% at level 3 including Sacrifice, Asura Strike, Final Strike, ETC.. *grin*^^

And it's payback time!! Just do normal attacks on him and he'll drop down in no time since he can't even do a thing with his SP gone. *heh*



Thanks to:

SL Vince ~ Soul Linker

ll Suffering ll ~ Professor

Busted ~ Champion

No offense is intended to:

Bolpen =)

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Well since my linker is one of my main chars. I just wanna ask a question. What was the weapon you used to deal about 8k damage??... and does that enemy u used have proper equips.?? ... Ü

thx. ;)

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This guide is really nice. <3

I'm so glad that people actually know how to use job classes which most people underestimate. x_x Then again, I'd never have thought of using an Ice Pick or such weapon on a Soul Linker. Now I want to test it myself, because the job class does have some interesting skills. X3

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Very nice.

First time I see linker isn't used as a link slave :lol:

Btw you forgot to highlight [Kaupe], a real Ashura Strike and Final Strike killer :P

Good luck on playing battle linker :)

Btw how about Shield?

I recommend using Orleans Plate (for magic reflect) or Strong Shield (anti-knock-back) or Thorny Shield (for reflect wit Horn of Buffalo), with choices of card:

Thara Frog, Flame Skull, GTB :)

And got any recommended accessories, garment, shoes, etc? :)

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