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How to make a Bonnet


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Red Bonnet~ It makes you look like either a pretty lady or a cross-dressing hot fag. <3



1. First, find the Rich Girl who makes the Bonnet. (lighthalzen 182, 89).


Red Bonnet:

10015.png 1x Green Lace < Wormtail (pay_fild06).

10007.png 1x Silk Ribbon < Sting (gl_sew03).

975.png 1x Scarlet Dyestuff < Dye Making Quest by Amour<3

5032.png 1x Sunday Hat < Tempestra, the pretty hatmaker.

Zeny fee: 50,000.


A bonnet favored by women of nobility.

Wearing it supposedly causes inexplicable cravings for tea, but that might just be an aristocratic thing.

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