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gRO Tour Guide + Guide To Boredom[Updated]


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Things You Must Do In gRO

by : iKayren

Things To Do :

1. Endless Tower With Your Friends

~ This is the obvious answer since gRO is one of the few servers who have Endless Tower,

Don't care about the drops just have fun inside the tower...like chatting while killing beezlebub...xD

2. Batllegrounds

~ BG is fun but less people do it now cause they got the items from it..but Well I dd 5clients to play it with my friends

3. Marry, Marry, Marry, Married[must do]

~ It's fun if you marry someone cool and someone you can relate to

4. SOLO WoE 1.0 and WoE 2.0[must try]

~ You must atleast solo woe once...To experience the awesome feeling of accomplishment,

I remember I WoE-D once using a linker and just random High Jump on Kriem...xD

5. WoE Using Baby Character

~ This one is definitely on my top list..It's really fun and well awesome when you pawned some "normal" characters

6. Bloody Branches And Dead Braches[must try]

~ Oh..How I miss doing this thing...I did it once with some of my friends and it was fun..

7. The Dice Event by GMs

~ You must and I mean must do this...this Event is happening more frequently these days~

8. Hide And Sick

~ Do this with your friends...I remember doing this and it took as like 30minutes to find one of our friend

9. Soccer and Turbo Track

~ LMAO...This things are fun but people take them lightly..But this is a must do with your friend..But unluckily I suck at them

10. Dropping Mithrils and Food Boxes on Prontera

~ This are fun like someone did it once in prontera and thier like 10people following him..xDD

[ More Things Coming Soon ]



Thanks stargaze for the awesome screeny

[ Other Screeny Coming Soon ]


I Dedicate this Guide To All gRo Players

This Is A Good Bye To All My Friends

ILU <3 Guys

It Was Really Fun


Thanks To Mirri For This Awesome Guide

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oh noes, i remembered that screenie again <_<

what a shame those MvPs didn't drop anything

btw nice guide...i have decided to quit too, but atleast i have all the screenies of last year(2008) here in gRO which is the best.

more power to this server and to everyone, goodbye

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These are the types of guides in the forum that make people wanna stay ;) Not much of a guide tho, but it kips da humor goin. Great job Cass. Even u did accomplish this tings, Please stay awhile longer ?

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  • 2 weeks later...

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