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Gersemi - The daughter of Freya

Holly Enix

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G e r s e m i

Freya's Daughter


Freya's daughter, Gersemi, was a beautiful goddess. She used to be kind and strong at the same time.

Feminine yet fierce much like her mother. When she grew up she started to disagree with the way her

mother uses to go. She disagreed with her mother's choices quite often, mainly not out of rebelry

but of aversion to the people who dwelled in Midgdard. Freya did not appeal to this, and in that,

Freya sent her daughter on a quest, a quest to find a rare rune. Her mother's plan was barbarous.

While her daughter was searching she intended to find a way to seal away her daughter's soul for

the greater good. Ignorantly she let her daughter go. Gersemi's purpose was not to find the rune,

she felt free for the first time. She was allowed to wander around Midgard. Gersemi started to enjoy her might.

Judging people whether they shall live or not. Freya lost control of her daughter, so she sent a message

to whole Midgard:

Warriors out in Midgard are requested to oppose Gersemi. Help together and with the power of me, Freya,

you will be able to stop her wiping out humanity.


Aim: Collect 3 Skulls of Gersemi in order to exchange them at <GM> Holly Enix only for a prize.

Gersemi's Details: Green High Priest in a GM Dress, Lv 250

How to find Gersemi: Gersemi appears in Hellsbox randomly anyday between 14.00 and 20.00 Servertime for about 30-60 minutes.

How to know she's there: Freya will send a message to every warrior out in Midgard when she has been seen in Hellsbox.

How to contact Holly Enix: Send the 3 Skulls via Mail to me or just try to PM me if I'm online.

Prize: You will see when you won. c:

A Thank You for the idea of the Storyline goes to Mahrze Admenti

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