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I need your agreement to use it ingame, please post it here.

The Skeggiold one is bouncing by the way, it's cute XD


PS: The mask will be a new slotted mid-headgear d:


This is your chance! The first Winner with the best Sprite(s) will gain a GM Box of his/her choice.

You can make as many sprites as you wish. If our team decides that your sprite is so good that we want it ingame, we would like to use it with your permission.

Without a doubt you'd get a neat extra reward for that.

Newbies are adviced to look for a guide on the internet.

Deadline: 25-05-2009

  • If you don't know how to work with the palette/sprites, leave the background WHITE and/or use a already existing sprite to work with.
  • Palette:
    <image no longer available>
  • Please check if the headgear fits on the head of a character. <image no longer available>
  • Make sure to have all views of the sprite. A headgear has a minimum of 5 pictures. Front, diagonal, side, diagonal-back, back.
    <image no longer available>
  • To get all sprites of the official Servers use the GRF Tool [Download Here] and extract the sdata.grf
  • To see and/or convert all sprites of the official Servers use the SPR Conview [Download Here] (You have to look in the data folder you got from the sdata.grf around to find the sprites.)
  • In order to have a chance to win you have to provide all views.
  • No customation of any existing headgear, please. Example other colour, a tiny added detail or so. COMPLETE REMAKE drawn only by your own hand is allowed.
  • Make sure to have the picture saved as .BMP with 8 BITS
  • Do not steal other's work. You may be disqualified.
  • Send the pictures via PM to me.
  • Write a post here if you wish to participate with
    IGN: <name here>
  • If you have successfully sent me the sprite pictures edit your post here and add:
    I sent you a PM with the sprite-pictures containing.

Successfully got the Sprite Pictures of...



-m s L

-Ziezie #2 Sprites




I doubt there is anything else to say /wink Good luck!

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