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Lutie Vending Machine


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Lutie Vending Machine

•There are 2 Npc's located here;

the Vending Machine and Vending Machine Man.

These Npc's are located in Lutie

@warp xmas 116 296


Talk to the Vending Machine Man

and click on 'Items in the Vending Machine'.


He will give you a list of all the headgears available in the Vending Machine.


You can choose between 8 different hats;

1. Raccoon Hat

•1x Kitty Band (dropped by; Smokie→ @warp pay_fild09 )

•20x Dragon Scale (dropped by; Petite→ @warp hu_fild07 )

•200x Tough Scalelike Stem (dropped by; Stem Worm→ @warp lhz_fild03 )

•300x Sea-otter Fur (dropped by; Sea Otter→ @warp cmd_fild04 )


2. Spore Hat

•850x Poison Spore (dropped by; Poison Spore→ @warp pay_fild05 )

•300x Burnt Tree (dropped by; Waste Stove→ @warp ein_dun02 )

•1x Tongue (dropped by; Rybio→@warp gl_prison )

*Poison Spore can also be bought from the Alchemist Tool Dealer in Althea.

!!!*Spore Hat is now also dropped by Guiana → @warp alt_fild01 / 05 *!!!


3. Wonder Nutshell

•1x Nut Shell (dropped by; Wild Rose→ @warp gef_fild05)

•500x Wing of Dragonfly (dropped by; Dragon Tail→ @warp pay_fild11 )

*The Wild Rose drops a 'Headgear', use a Magnifier to get the Nut Shell.


4. Rainbow Eggshell

(the Vending Machine Man says "Ranbow Eggshell.)

•1x Egg Shell (dropped by; Picky→ @warp moc_fild12 )

•1x Cobaltblue Dyestuff (Dyestuff Quest or buy it on the Market.)

•50x Claw of Desert Wolf (dropped by; Desert Wolf→ @warp ve_fild04 )


5. Blush

•100x Alice's Apron (dropped by; Alice→ @warp kh_dun01 )


6. Chef Hat

•120x Piece of Cake (dropped by; Myst Case→ @warp xmas_dun02 )

•1x White Dyestuff (Dyestuff Quest or buy it on the Market.)

•330x Feather (dropped by; Lunatic→@warp prt_fild01 )

•450x Dragon Scale (dropped by; Petite→ @warp hu_fild07 )


7. Candle

•1x Bomb Wick (dropped by; Horong→ @warp pay_dun04 )

•50x Matchstick (dropped by; Chepet→ @warp xmas_dun01 )

•100 Royal Jelly (dropped by; Live Peach Tree→ @warp gon_dun01)

*Zipper Bear, who spawns at the same map as Live Peach Tree, also drops Royal Jelly.)


8. Cake Hat

•10x Candy (dropped by; Cookie→ @warp xmas_dun01 )

•5x Candy Cane (dropped by; Cookie→ @warp xmas_dun01 )

•15x Well-baked Cookie (dropped by; Cookie→ @warp xmas_dun01 )

•20x Piece of Cake (dropped by; Myst Case→ @warp xmas_dun02 )

•10x Steel (dropped by; Apocalypse→ @warp juperos_02 )


After you've collected the items for your hat, go back to Lutie ( @warp xmas 116 296 )

and talk to the Vending Machine and select the headgear you wanted once again.


After some hard work of the machine you will get your new hat!


Thanks for reading♥


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